Don't laugh too hard...It's my first attempt!

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Nazgul, Jan 31, 2006.


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    He said, "train" LOL :)
  2. holdenburg

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    Yeah, 2nd Request...

    Wow, the scale and size of this span!. Yes, it needs a train... :)
    I was wondering if you are running Digitrax and the horn goes off while on the bridge, did you allow for vibration and harmonic distortion? That span is Awsome!

  3. viperman

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    The bridge looks great! Look forward to some overall shots of the area
  4. Nazgul

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    thank you all for the kind words:thumb:
    Deano...glad you still can enjoy the water after so many pics:rolleyes: nobody was more surprised than me at how it came out....
    this is my favorite pic of the water:
    Viaduct 049 small.jpg

    when I finally get around to adding the bridge and some plant-life and debris it should really enhance it.

    Herb...a belated welcome to The Gauge and thanks for stopping by :thumb:
    If you want a quick overview of the rock "technique" check out page 32 of this thread.:)
    The 3 colors I used were in order:
    "Crafter's Edition" (available at craft stores) black (airbrush) camel 72030 (airbrush) and Au Natural 72129 (dabbed on with sponge).
    I will be doing a more in depth step by step soon.....I hope:oops:
    I took 2 more blurry videos of trains going over the Viaduct. Although the video quality isn't too does give a little perspective of how it all looks in person
    Here's the link: (click "next" to see the 2nd one:thumb:)

    Take care:wave:

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    Thanks! Looks like a winner!
  6. wickman

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    Water looks great. You'll be amazed at how vegetation is going to bring your layout to full life :wave:
  7. tetters

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    That via-duct really ROCKS!aussie
  8. viperman

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    Nice video clips Steve! How high up is that viaduct? Looks like plenty of room under it there
  9. Nazgul

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    lynn...Thanks, I agree that vegetation will help tremendously...I want to do it all at the same time to help me blend it all together...we shall see

    cyclingshane73...thank you for the "bottoms up":thumb:

    Speaking of bottoms up...Steven: the distance from the bottom of the scene (where the boulders are piled up) to the top of the track on the bridge is 15". That equates to just under 109'. I'm glad I went farther down than I originally planned...kind of "justifies" having a bridge like that.....sorta:D
  10. cnw1961

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    Steve, nice little video clips :thumb: . Could you do some with sound? I’d love to hear your F-units.
    If I was you, I’d start to add vegetation to the parts you finished. It may help you to decide what you like if you only start with a small portion, leave it alone for a few days and then have a second look at it. And if you use the same materials, it won’t be a problem to blend it all in, even if you do it in stages. I think your layout is too big to do it all at the same time (day) anyway. I hope you don’t mind – just some thoughts on how I would do it :wave: .
    BTW, no need to justify to have a bridge like this. Just look at it and you don’t need any further justification – announce1 it’s awesome.
  11. Nazgul

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    Kurt...I always welcome suggestions by others, especially those who's work I admire greatly (like yours);). I always just figured I would get the terrain done on the whole layout (with the exception of the yard) and then over a period of time (I was thinking months) do all the ground cover and greenery, followed by all the little details people take years to do. It never occurred to me to do it any other way:oops: but now you have me thinking.......
    As far as adding sound to the videos...I have to get a new camcorder (ours was dropped):cry:. I'm shooting the video on my camera and it can't record sound:cry:

    Steven....Here you go, as promised:
    All of these pics were taken at eye-level so this is the way an adult would see it as they went around the room.

    This is what you see as you get to the bottom of the stairs and enter the room:
    Twin River RR 010 small.jpg

    A little closer:
    Twin River RR 011 small.jpg

    About 5' away (as far away as possible)
    Twin River RR 012 small.jpg

    Twin River RR 013 small.jpg

    I just felt like adding this one::D

    Viaduct 095 small.jpg

    That's the best I could do....shrinking the size of the pics really hurts the quality:cry:

    I didn't do anything on the layout today except.........Play with the trains! I ran 2 trains at once for a couple of hours and it all ran smooth as silk (keep your fingers crossed)
  12. COMBAT

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    OK, time for a dumb question... What scale is this?
  13. viperman

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    Steve, thank you for those pictures. It does really put it in perspective just how big that bridge is, you know, the one you don't need to justify having ;). That is tall/deep/whatever. I like it.

    I happen to agree with Kurt here. I think you should add some greenery little by little. Scenes could always be blended together.
  14. Nazgul

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    This layout is Ho scale
  15. viperman

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    combat, its ho
  16. UP SD40-2

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    Hmmm...i have heard this from someone else i know;)tooth1. i feel for you Steve, you have walked in my shoes now;).

    FANTASTIC SHOTS!!:thumb: i really get the feel for how your layout is now. THANKS for posting these pics STEVE!!!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:. :D -Deano
  17. wickman

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    Those pics really tell alot , like just how much plaster you went through. I know I used no less than 150 pounds myself you must be right up there. When your ready to start doing ground foam here's a link that explains how to make your own I already invested a whole $4 at our local second hand store for an old blender and my chum saved the back seat foam from the seat for me , so I'll be making some real soon. :wave:
  18. sumpter250

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    The quality of the pictures does not diminish the quality of your work. :thumb: :thumb:
  19. ocalicreek

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    If I can offer unasked advice, I'd go about the greenery in layers from the soil up. And leave a bit of each layer exposed around the contiguous edges (not the layout edges) of each area so that it'll be easier to blend in adjoining areas as you feel up to it. In other words, cover 12" with dirt then 11" with grass/turf then 10" with coarse turf, etc. in whatever order you determine works best for you.

    Also, I can't recommend it enough, go with a VARIETY of textures! Too many MR (sorry guys) project layouts use just layers of ground foam and it looks, well, too uniform. It's virtually impossible, technically, for a human to create a truly random expression. Even when we try to be random, it's well, a seemingly random smattering of dark green foliage OVER HERE (vs. over there), see, we've already taken one variable out of it. But let's not to get too mathematical about it...

    Try a layer of fine 'burnt' turf, followed by a layer of dark green sawdust, then a bit of medium grind basic green foam then maybe some light green fine foam, etc. to read my son "Henry and the Elephant" (a Thomas the Tank Engine story)before his nap...

  20. wickman

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    Galen thats some top notch advice and I will be using it :wave:

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