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    DOUBLEJK Member

    Well as a newbie here this looked like a good place ta get goin'....

    I'm a Farmer Rancher by day n a H.E.O. by evenin's n night's....been werkin' at a rotary coal dumper here since 1978.....bout ready ta retire....hense my ambition ta build a model RR....:wave:
  2. storm

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    well i am a Golf Pro in toronto canada. durning the winter i work at my LHS panther hobbies. if anyone in toronto needs golf lessons let me know.
  3. steamhead

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    Great thread! From the farm to University professors, truck drivers, boat Captains (with built-in RR's), IT techs, and on and on...Goes to show the widely varied kind of people who love trains!!

    I've been in furniture manufacturing all my "economically active" life, going on some 30+ years now. Love the work-the smell of sawn wood everywhere. Though stuck in an office most of the day, a trip to the mill gets my spirits back up. Been thinking of going into home construction (more wood...).

    Gus (LC&P).
  4. lester perry

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    Yard Jockey (shunt driver to you Canadians)at Chrysler plant in Newark Delaware. They won't let me out the gate with the truck. Been doing this for almost 20 years, need 10 more. No desperatly need 10 more. Been driveing truck for most of my life.
  5. babydot94513

    babydot94513 Member in training

    As for work, I conduct insurance fraud investigations which is a never-ending battle.

    Weekends are for field trialing, hunting, railfanning and model railroading or doing what my wife tells me to do.

  6. liven_letdie

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    The job that pays for my trains is Banking. I am a personal banker with a business specialty, which means I do home loans, business loans, and new accounts. I am currently in a supervisor training program so by this time next year I am guaranteed to be a manager of a branch in our area. That means more trains! I would like to have it set up so there is a wooden train layout for the kiddies and adult kiddies to play with =]. I have train photos and paraphanalia all around my office and it starts a lot of neat conversations. I would eventually like to teach part time too and perhaps do historical research. Anyway, neat to see the variation of what we do to get trains =].

  7. jimmybeersa

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    I spent most of my working life underground in some of the deepest Gold mines in the world for The Otis Elevator Co. Trained as an underground Electician
    I changed to Elevator Engineering and once again found myself going down the mine. The elevator pit on one mine was the deepest spot a man can stand in , almost 3 miles below sea level, Hot !!! had to wear a iced vest to keep cool When being lower than Hell got to me
    I Started a Mining Supply Company and worked at that for 13 years. then retired and was asked to rejoin Otis where I worked for another few years adding up to 42 years for one Company and a total working life of 55 years
    I have had a good life, my wife of 52 years and I have traveled extensively our score so far have been in 31 countries
    For my health except for a Cancer scare, I thank The Lord
  8. DWeiler

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    25 years at the Postal Service and getting out this year
  9. kmorris

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    Computer geek that runs an IT Department.
  10. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Thought I'd bump this and move it the the caboose. I'm sure there are some here that would like to add to this thread.:wave: :wave:
  11. BrianK

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  12. cnw1961

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    I am running my own small business as a graphic designer.
  13. emt49

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    for me the name tell's it

    i am a E.M.T/E.M.D Dispatcher i work for a Ambulance service in NY state :wave:
  14. I am one of the most imprtant people in the Cincinnati public library...I supply the toilet papersign1 You may all call me...The JANITOR!:D
  15. dcf56

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    I am a nurse on a psych unit
  16. webmaster

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    My trade used to be a coach driver but I became disabled a few years ago with osteoarthritis in both my knees and my back.

    Being house bound most of the time I started my own business as a website designer. I now run a successful worldwide business at http://www.budgetwebsiteservices.co.uk
  17. TrainNut

    TrainNut Ditat Deus

    My main occupation is being a dad to two of the cutest little boys you have ever seen (of course I may be prejudiced towards that statement). The first is four and the second is one year old. My wife works from home and I help her on the side as a graphics technician. Mostly we do government consulting for the military. Before those two, I worked as an AutoCAD tech in the fields of architecture, structural engineering and civil engineering. Architecture was definitely my favorite except for them darn clients:D .
  18. hobokid

    hobokid thebull

    i was homeless till about six months ago, then i got offered a really good job painting in baltimore and ive been here since.i was riding trains for the past six years and they are my life.ho scale donations welcome. thanks -dan
  19. MadModeler

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    I'm currently working as a Security Guard at an office building. I'm looking to get into a better trade (ie locksmithing) and need to find a company that would be willing to hire me on as an apprentice. I worked in a tape library (Computers) for over 13 years and then was laid off after the company I worked for took over another company.
  20. I've been retired since 10-01-2003, after 42 years in the glass industry, 28 of which as a journeyman glazier ( Aluminum storefront fabrication and installation ) as well as glazing the same ! It was a great and rewarding career ! Would do it again !

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