To Build A Ship: HMS Cleopatra

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by larrymax, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. Alfred

    Alfred Member

    Hello Max,

    You make a very wonderfull Ship HMS Cleopatra, I see yours Pictures alltime me Eyes aotside from me Head.

  2. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    How's it going, Max?
    Looking forward to seeing more of Cleo, but you have probably been so very busy, working around the house, if I recall.
    I'm prepping for a trial that starts next Thursday, so I'm not sure I will be able to get any serious modeling done on Mexico Victory until mid-May. But I am still very much enjoying checking in and seeing what everyone is doing in their shipyards. Gives me a very nice break, with gads of enjoyable viewing pleasure!! Thanks, folks!! :D
  3. larrymax

    larrymax Member

    Hello Gang!

    Bet you're all wondering where I got off to, eh! Well, I've been very busy, as I'm sure you all are! and haven't had much if any time to work on poor Cleo! But, now, with the SMA Convention coming up next weekend (last wknd in April) on the Queen Mary, I've been more motivated to find some time to work on her to get her all dressed up for the show. I REALLY wanted to get the inner half of the bowsprit and at least the lower mast section installed before the show. I'm not sure I'll be able to get that far, but I'm getting a little farther along, anyway.
    I've added the pinrails and the ships bell at the edge of the fordeck:
    Here's a close up:
    I know what you're going to ask....Yes, the bell is made of paper. I wadded up a little chunk of tissue paper with a few drops of white glue spread around on it, then just pushed, prodded, rolled, pinched and generally coaxed it into a bell-like shape. The rest is just a fun little paint job!
    I managed to get the first section of the Bowsprit rolled, too.
    It wasn't too difficult, I just rolled up about a quarter sheet of bond paper, cut to a little longer than the finish size of the part. The toughest part was to get the proper taper as called out for in the instructions. I had to re-roll it several times to continually tighten up the roll, and to adjust the taper, once I was satisfied, a little glue to hold it all together, then a final jacket of a nice clean layer of paper and it was finished.
    I'm not satisfied with the color just yet...still a little too white....I want to get it closer to the color of the deck, but that shouldn't bee too much of a problem.
    Here's a parting shot from the aft/starbord side. By the by, I also FINALLY build a small stand for her....wouldn't do to have her shown cradled in a chunk of foam!
    Well, hope you all remebered ole Cleo....she's been AWOL for a little while, but definitely NOT forsaken....I'll be posting more pics soon! I'll try to get some shots from the SMA (Ship Modelers Assoc.) Convention, too...I'm SURE there will be some AWESOME ships there!

    P.S. Just got and watched the DVD of Master and Commander! The ship could BE Cleopatra, there are THAT MANY similarities! WAY cool! :D

    See you all soon!
    Master and Commander, HMS Cleopatra
    Paper Navy of the Bear Flag Republic
  4. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Oh, Max, how we missed ye...and Cleo!! :D
    She's looking as great as ever, and filling out nicely as you go along.

    Now, why would you want to have the bowsprit off-white like the deck? Most times the bowsprit, when painted, was usually a nice white, if not left natural with a bit of pitch for protection from the seas, being in such an exposed location. I don't recall what the kit calls for, but the color she is now is quite least to my tired eyes. :wink:

    Glad you posted some new photos, Max!
    She is an extraordinarily beautiful sight to behold!!
  5. barry

    barry Active Member

    I'm sure it will be a show stopper however far you get. Wonderful photographs.

  6. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    It's been rather quiet on the Cleo is she coming along?
  7. larrymax

    larrymax Member


    Yea, been pretty quiet. Sorry. The latest news.......First Mate Marty seems to have taken a liking to Cleo.....she pretty well chewed off the capstan and tore up some of the other stuff on the deck.....Looks like Cleo needs to make her way to dry dock for a few repairs! More to come!

    P.S. Cleo now docks on top of the refridgerator, HOPEFULLY out of Marty's reach! Damn Cat!
  8. Texman

    Texman Guest

    I had a cat did that once. ONLY ONCE.

  9. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Max, hope Cleo has been repaired and moored in a port of refuge to prevent further damage! :(
    As much as you may love your pet, that's pushing the envelope! :x
    Well, as soon as you get to patching things up a bit we would all love to she her again.
    Cleo, how we miss ya!! :)

    (Admitted Admirer of Max's Cleo) :wink:
  10. Jim Nunn

    Jim Nunn Member


    I assume that you removed the paper cathead and installed a real one.

    Jim Nunn
  11. rickstef

    rickstef Guest




  12. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    What? WhaddidIsay? :wink:
    I have a cat and I thought Jim Nunn's joke was funny! :lol:
  13. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    :D :D

    Warn the cat that you will use CAT GUT for the rigging :evil:
    Or you will show it a cat with nine tails

    look forward to seeing the up dates


  14. JRSeese

    JRSeese Member

    I don't think I can top Mr. Nunn

    ...but maybe Marty is telling you she prefers a catamaran
  15. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    I'd get a catapult.....

    Tim P

    PS I wouldn't really, I think cats are cool....
  16. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    It's quite obvious that you were giving an inanimate object too much attention and Marty, realizing this, decided to put a stop to this endless diversion that you were falling into....,

    Pretty smart cat.

    Best regards, Gil
  17. larrymax

    larrymax Member

    Guys! Thanks for the cat humor! I take solace in the fact that I have an 18 year old son with a sense of humor (however misplaced) and Marty in now sporting a "Mohawk" courtesy of my sons latest hair dye treatment!

    Beware Marty, Karma's a bit@#!!!

    Haven't even had a chance to think about Cleo over the last week or much going on that requires my the time I get home with a bit of time...I'm too pooped to pop! Oh well, maybe Monday, Memorial Day....I'll be nursing a bit of a hangover I think, but I may be able to get some work done on her! I do miss working on her!

  18. larrymax

    larrymax Member

    CLEO'S BACK!!!!

    Hi Gang!

    It's been so long I almost feel I need to re-introduce myself.....and my beloved HMS Cleopatra! OK, I won't!....just feels that way! I have Great News! My wife, Janine, and I have just booked a cruise (a little "fun trip" down the coast to Baja Mexico for 4 days with some friends...first time cruisers...) and so I've been GROUNDED until the cruise at the end of September! No more Vegas runs! No more shopping sprees! This is going to leave me LOTS AND LOTS of time for CLEO!!!! YIPPEE!
    So, here we go! Let's get back to building Cleo!!

    Last night and this morning have been spent repairing the damage (had to almost totally rebuild the capstan!) that First Mate Marty (or maybe it was the Powder Boy, "Rizzo" - one of Marty's kittens we decided to keep!)had done to the deck fittings. I've also built and installed the "Running Boards" (I only call them that because I don't know what they're really called!......Jim, buddy...?) the narrow rows of planking on the port and starbord sides that hang over the cannons on the main deck. These will support the transverse beams that hold the ships' boats. Ok, so, there's not actually any "building" for these two parts.....just cutting out and installing! Everything else on this ship has had 47 parts to put together to make the smallest little thing, so these were kind of a nice break! :wink:


    Next, I've tackled my first ladder (back to lots of little parts to make one assembly!). They included parts for two ladders in the kit, but on consideration, and careful examination of the few photos included in the kit, I've determined I need it was off to the scanner before I hacked out all the ladder I've got plenty of parts for 4 ladders.


    This first ladder took about 2 1/2 hours. Hopefully the remaining three will go a little quicker!

    I think, after the ladders, I'm going to need to build the rest of the cannon for the fore and aft decks. I want to get all the deck parts installed before I move on to the masting and rigging.

    Well, It sure feels good to be back! I hope there are one or two of you out there who remember good ole Cleo and will jump back on board as I continue with her build!

    I missed you guys, man!
    Captain, HMS Cleopatra
    Paper Navy of the Bear Flag Republic
  19. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    :D :D

    Do us all a favour ask the other half to ground you more offten :lol:

    Great to see Cleo back, hope the cat head isn't to much of a problem mounted on the wall :lol:

    Look forward to MORE updates Soon as she looks so good

    Welcome back


  20. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Oh, Cleo, how we all MISSED you!! :D
    I don't know, I can't see anything worse for wear...she's outstanding, as usual.
    I believe those "running boards" are actually "gangways". Sometimes they ran from the forecastle back to the quarterdeck. They eventually extended out toward midships until you get what the Constitution had, which on occassion was still referred to as "gangways" in her log books, but essentially were built as part of the spar deck, giving her a flush deck fore and aft.
    Really, I have missed Cleo so much, it's great to see her again. I too am looking forward to your grounding (sorry, Buddy, but I have to admit I'm selfish in that respect :wink: ) and seeing you make more magic with her!
    Welcome back, Max!

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