Outland Shuttle Build

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Hot4Darmat, Feb 25, 2008.


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    Niiiice....glad to see you had some good weather in Ontario.
  2. Stev0

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    I would say you have achieved studio quality. Congrats on a finished product. You should take some night shots with dramatic lighting.
  3. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Thanks...but nowhere near finished yet.
  4. gippolot

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    STUNNING effort Hot4, balloon6

    And please post some more moody photos, the first one really highlighted your model's detail.

  5. DaDragon

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    It'll be a long thread!

    Hmmmmm! Well, I'm flattered you consider me to be more than an enthusiast, but the truth is not so glamorous! It’s been a few years since I completed a model of any kind and much longer since I tackled a card model though I do retain the enthusiasm!!!

    I was disabled in a traffic accident in January 1990 when my motorcycle wrote off (I kid you not!!) the car that pulled out of a side road and stopped right across my lane of the main road I was on. Given the option of going around back and hitting a brick wall, or going around front and into oncoming traffic, I picked the only other option and flew over the top . . .minus the bike!!!

    With a (well) fractured pelvis, smashed right forearm, wrist and right thumb, plus several cracked vertebra and a “shattered” left hip, I spent three months on my back in hospital, had five operations (three major) and spent the next six months learning to walk again . . .after a fashion! I did well with the help of a really great orthopaedic surgeon: most people thought I'd be stuck in a wheelchair!!

    I haven’t worked since: my hands are arthritic (along with most of my other joints) and have lost much of the fine motor and sensory skills necessary for really successful modelling.

    Sorry, but I might not be the best person to ‘pilot’ a build. Oh I will get there in the end, driven by enthusiasm, determination and sheer bloody mindedness, but it will take a while and possibly more than a year ‘cos there will be days when I can’t do anything!

    For what it's worth, I say again:

  6. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Thanks again Graham. Well, given your story of horrific injury, I'll let you off the hook....this time. I was just going by your level of enthusiasm, which is great. Hell its taking me a year to develop and build this, and I have no injuries to fall back on for explaining my progress. MVA victim work is, in fact my business, and how I make my living. I work with and assess folks who've been through serious accidents, so I hear those horrific stories all the time (...some even more horrific than yours if you can believe it). I'm glad you've recovered as well as you have, given the injuries sustained, so keep on keeping on, and start with something easy, see how that goes, then work your way up to the more challenging models. As I said, this one is hard mostly because there's so many parts. Alot of it involves building variations on little flat-ish boxes, though.
  7. FlareBaffled

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    Graham....what can I say but OUCH!

    I feel the pain too. Had a near one myself a few years back when some idiot opened a car door in the middle of traffic just as I went past. Hit the rear edge of the door and went down. Ended up with my right hand trapped under the bike with the bar end burrowing through the tendons on the back of my hand. 3 months of physio and hospital visits just to clench a fist....but keep fighting! I took a while to get the fine motor skills back, but it got there. Just don't give up!

    Oh yes...and I bought this with the compensation!:


    Take it slow, get a good toolset...found a lovely little thing you can clamp to a worktop with a magnifier and two little croc clips...and take your time.
  8. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    THAT is one beauticious bike. Wow!

    Glad to hear you recovered from your metal vs tendon and bone ordeal, too, Flare.
  9. DaDragon

    DaDragon New Member

    I promise it will be the last time I shirk my responsibilities: I do so purely on the amount of time it's likely to take! Most model-makers forget that "life/s*&t happens"! It takes time to build models and even longer to design them for others to build (unless your name is Alfred Wong!!! :inw::inw::inw:). And I really am looking forward to getting my teeth into the Outland Shuttle: my abilities may be impared, but I still retain the enthusiasm and awe for people like yourself who devote much time and energy into making the hobby more enjoyable for everyone else. :inw:

    And I really know what MVA work is all about: I was a hospital Charge Nurse for 20-odd years (some of them very odd!!!) working on general and coronary intensive care units. I know exactly how bad things can get, but its a nightmare when you're on the receiving end and know all the complications of every injury! I promise this will be the last time I mention all this, though it is surprisingly theraputic to share!!! :java1: Thanks for the good wishes.

    Thanks also to you for the good wishes and OUCH back! That's an awesome bike. It would've broken my heart to have a machine like that totalled. As it was, all I could think of when they were hauling my butt into the ambulance was "What about the bike? Is it OK?": it was written off! :sad:

  10. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    It's funny, Graham... but that's what we always think! I managed to push my bike over to the kerb, and was busily checking it over for damage when the cretin who took me out asked if I was OK. It was only then I realised that my hand looked like a inflated washing up glove, and none of the fingers moved....I have no idea how I even picked the bike up let alone got the glove off! Mind you, they were a rather fine and well worn in pair of Alpinestar gloves...no way were they cutting them off!

    anyway....enough of the 'injured biker' yarns, and lets get back to the papermodelling!
  11. DaDragon

    DaDragon New Member

    Oops: got lost for a bit!

    Amen to that! :agree1:

    Apologies to all for turning this thread morbid!!! :killer:

  12. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    No problem.....but really now, get back to cutting, scoring and folding!
  13. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    OK, since we're sharing images of beloved vehicles, here's my baby. My ride. My beautiful beast that got mothballed when the babies started coming, but now its getting back in shape for some summer cruising (just in time for record high gas prices, too...yay).

    1968 Dodge Monaco Convertible. Came with a 383, but I jammed a 440 in from a Chysler NYer of the same vintage (pre cat. conv.). It'll dance with a touch on the pedal, but she likes her gasoline, to be sure.

    I know its not a motorcycle, and I never crashed it, but it IS an obsession.....

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  14. DaDragon

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    (Time passing . . .)!

    Its been a few days since anyone posted, so speaking of hack and thrust . . .oops, wrong hobby!!! :twisted:

    Ehm, speaking of score and fold . . . :oops:

    Any news out there? :grin:

  15. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    I got real busy in RL again.....more stuff to come soon.
  16. Gearz

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    Maaaan.. this keeps getting better and better Duncan.. I don't think you'll have to worry about it being a lone ranger, I'm sure it's going to end up on many benches.. including mine!! I wish I had the time to build it concurrently for you.. and Yep, the assembly guide is going to be time consuming, at least the repeated sections will work in your favour.

    The model is BEGGING to be displayed in a Diorama ( lights, camera.. ACTION...lol) A landing platform or the sort perhaps. Was there any close-ups of the landing pad ( and/or mining machinery) in the movie..?

    I know its BIG, although I've sort of lost track of the scale now its assembled to final dimensions, can we have a 5cm cube in shot, in the next up-date..? + Most excellent update pics as usual, I wish I could produce great shots like that!. ~ A poster board in the background ( with a scene from the movie) and it'd be hard to tell the difference from the studio model.

    I say we kill him NOW !!sign1
  17. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Sorry there haven't been any updates in a while...I've been getting the crap kicked out of me with RL busy-ness. The project is still "on", just aside while I deal with a very busy work phase.

    The reason for this post is that I have been corresponding with Mr. Martin Bower a bit (he seems to like the model, but also felt the colour of the texture is too dark, so I'll be tweaking the textures before the final version gets released). Sadly he recently fell and broke his coccyx. He is in alot of pain, laid up on his back for 6-8 weeks for recovery, and is likely going out of his mind with boredom. If there are any other Bower model fans out there, or people who appreciate and respect his work (or anyone who has suffered the same kind of painful fate), now would be the time to send a brief message wishing him well, a speedy recovery, a warm thought, or what-have you.

    His contact email address can be obtained through his bowerhousemodels site:

    martin [at] martinbowersmodelworld.co.uk

    I will hopefully get some more progress on this paper model test build in the next week or two. Thanks for your patience.
  18. DaDragon

    DaDragon New Member

    Been there . . .

    Life happens (so does sh#t); if it didn't, we'd all get a hell of a lot more done!!! Don't worry about it. I've been waiting for Scott (Captain Cardboard) Alexander's half studio scale 2001 Aries 1b since 2002 and am proud to say I never lost the faith. :thumb: Sorry, but its not card: its resin (cries of "Heracy; string him up" . . .gulp!).

    Sorry to hear about Martin. He's one of the Gods of Sci-fi Miniatures and one of my heroes. :inw::inw::inw: I did a similar thing when I was a teenager . . .many centuries ago:killer:! I vaguely remember something about falling off the girl next door when her mum walked in unexpectedly! sign1

    People who laugh just don't know how painful a badly bruised tail-bone (thats your coccyx) really is, to say nothing of a fractured one. :( It really is OUCH time every time you try to move!!!

    I'll gladly drop him a line.

  19. jeff161

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    were or when can i down load this model this is beautiful
  20. Boba Frett

    Boba Frett Member


    This is a incredible build up. I hope to see more of this beauty soon :thumb:

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