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    1. Zathros
      This models were removed by "someone" who had the access and abused it. That is why they are not there. If someone gets hold of it, and is kind of enough to contact me, I will then upload it again. .PDF versions ca be found in ARMORMAN's WarHammer thread. Use the search function. The body and turret are separate files, and are not .PDO's but .PDF's.
    2. cptorres111071
      This is going to sound very ignorant but I am new to this site. I can't seem to find any of your models for download. Could you please help?
    3. terrinecold
    4. Sanginus
      cool razorback turrents, maybe they are in
      blood angels red texture possible ??
    5. Jbear
      please do more of these models thank for reading this note Jbear
    6. spartanx206
      very well down with the dreadnought
    7. juke1982
      sorry for interupting, could you maybe tell me in wich papersize you printed the templates.? i printed it as it was default, but it seems smaller???
    8. todd alen
      todd alen
      Pretty new here. How do I see your pictures of the Model? Can't find them. Lord Bless!!!
    9. Jef
      Great job ! How about PDF,not Pepakura,Please! Thanks again. You work is awesome!
    10. Darth Windius
      Darth Windius
      Hello from France, Flare, by a newcomer.

      I stumbled today on your Mega ISD thread, it seems terrific!!!! But no more posts on this thread for months, and Part 2 is no more downloadable (error 404) also for months. Did you give it away? Please say no, as so many fans of SW were looking for such a detailed ISD for very long time....
    11. Lord Manimal
      Lord Manimal
      Have you ever considered making marine standup's as well? I've been looking for a set for a while... considering just setting up a photograpy stand, and taking photos of the front and backs against a white backdrop, and making them that way... your stuff is amazing btw!
    12. BeastII
      part2 of your star destroyer will not download ...has it been pulled?? looks like an awesome build hope to get p2&3
    13. ajax228
      think you can make a paper land raider and vindacator when you get the chance
    14. skarface
      Hi! could you send me the how to buid your magnific valkyrie? please send me to anyustis@hotmail.com
    15. gogreer
      I downloaded your Baneblade model(awesome, btw) but for some reason Pepakura wants to "shrink" it. Is the model the same size as the FW version? If so, why can't I get it to print out that way. I have tried changing the paper to A4 and Legal size but it keeps printing out at about 2/3 actual size. I'm sure I'm missing something simple but for the life of me, I can't figure out what it is. Any suggestions?

    16. Anubyss
      Any chance you could do models of the other super heavy tanks from Warhammer 40K, like the Shadowsword and Stormsword?
    17. Calthan
      hello, i cant seem to find your valkyrie templates or any of your templates in general. I LOVE your models, can you PM them to me or tell me where i can find them? thanks
    18. the jimster
      the jimster
      hey can you send me the baneblae templates as i cannot access them

      thanx in adavnce

    19. Kjev

      Still getting my system back up after the explosion, but the Baneblade you gave me is the first thing on my list.

      But now I have a bunch of questions for you:
      Where did you get the Valkyrie? It looks incredible!

      I saw a screen pic for the newest Dawn of War and it looks like they showed a Thunderbolt Fighter in there somewhere. Do you have any plans for that one?

      Finally, you told me once where to find the programs needed to extract the 3D meshes from Dawn of War. What were they and where do I find them again?

      Thanks again. You work is awesome!

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