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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Hot4Darmat, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Hot4Darmat

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    Thanks Boba Frett, and welcome to the forum jeff161.

    Thanks for taking an interest in this build. It will be free for download, likely from this site, or perhaps another, but it will be clearly marked from where. The problems is that it just isn't ready yet. I need to finish the test build (what you've been seeing pictures of), then tweak the parts and layout, number everything, and make up some assembly instructions with pictures. Unfortunately that can be one of the most time consuming phases, but I'll try not to let it drag on too long. I've gotten insanely busy in my real life career lately, and seeing as I'm my own business....I can't really put stuff off if its what pays my bills. I will get back to this soon though. Promise.
  2. DaDragon

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    Long time no posts!

    Hi guys,

    Its really quiet here! :confused:

    (Tumbleweeds drifting past!)

    Ehm, anyone out there?

    Graham. :killer:
  3. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Hi Graham, and thanks for the interest.

    Yes, its gotten quiet dry and dusty in this thread hasn't it. The truth is this project hasn't advanced much for about four months. I got too busy in RL with work, we (the wife, kids and I) moved last month, and the kids keep me busy when they're awake, and exhausted and drained of hobby-motivation when they're not.

    This will change soon for a couple of reasons. One reason is I'm feeling the itch to build and finish this bad boy asap. I'm tired of looking at it in its ALMOST completed state. I want it done and ready for dl. The other reason is related to the original creator of the studio model. I've been fortunate enough to be corresponding more with Mr. Bower. He really suffered a nasty health setback and his recovery has been slow and painful. I offered to let him have the test build when its done, and he was delighted at this prospect. So now I REALLY have to finish it or look like a lame ass to one of the greats. Talk about giving oneself some serious pressure!!!

    Still it is my pleasure to do this, I just needed that little fire under my butt to get going again on it. Stay tuned.
  4. DaDragon

    DaDragon New Member

    Hi Hot4Darmat; good to hear from you again. :thumb:

    My 'kids' are the same, even though both are in their 20s and my daughter moved out last year to live with her boyfriend!! :wave7:

    I'm sorry to hear about MBower's slow and painful recovery. He obviously had some complications on top of the fracture. Reading back I said it was no joke and then recounted an incident from my past that was slightly inapropriate as it sounded like I was making a joke!!

    I apologise for that, though I swear the incident is true!! :oops:

    Awesome, though I agree about the serious pressure! Sooner you than me: I'm not that brave!!! :cry:

    I must confess that the only fire under my butt is probably due to the curry I had last night(!), sign1 but I know what you mean and have faith that the results will be very special. :thumb:

    And I am still in awe of those with talent who find pleasure in using their skills for the benefit of others.

    Staying tuned.

    Graham. :killer:
  5. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Here is one of the many reasons I haven't made progress on this model lately. Halloween means 'Daddy' has to sink about three weeks into the latest scratchbuilt cardboard costume effort. Here's a link to a few shots of the latest "HALO-ween" costumes.


    Now, I promise will return my focus onto the shuttle project.
  6. Kjev

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    OT, but that DEFINITELY ranks you in the "WAY COOL DAD" category!

    Did you design the armor yourself?
  7. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    I'm taking notes for when I have kids eventually. You've got to be a cool dad! :thumb:
  8. DaDragon

    DaDragon New Member

    I agree.

    I second that and wish I'd done something along the same lines for my kids now aged 27 and 22! At least I got to give them a good grounding in reality so they keep their heads when all around them are loosing theirs!

    To Hot4Darmat and all who read this: have a great holiday and the best of good wishes for 2009. :wave:

    Graham. :killer:
  9. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Things got real busy in RL, and I got a little discouraged after a child-related destruction incident. Fortunately the damage wasn't too bad, and most of the ripped off pieces were relatively intact or easily re-buildable. I guess its my own danged fault for leaving it to sit for so long, and it was stored below the 7 ft high level. Here's the damage that had this project on hold for awhile.

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  10. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    I finally made some progress on paneling and details that were missing, mostly on the ends and upper surface. This process of adding details could go on and on, but at this point I'm going to call the Shuttle "almost done". It needs 2 more antenna arrays, both on the upper surface then it truly is done. I've already started cleaning up the parts pages, and hopefully will have some rudimentary instructions ready. Hopefully this project will be ready for download and release before another year elapses. Here are some shots of the Outland Shuttle in its "almost done" form.

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  11. ltla9000311

    ltla9000311 Member

    Hot4Darmat, I am truly impressed with your work and dedication!:thumb: I've been following your thread since I became a member and have waited in anticipation for the finale! Very nicely done!
  12. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Thanks very much for the kind words and encouragement. It really means alot. Just so you all know how FAR from accurate this model is (I keep saying its "an interpretation" of the original, because I lack the skills, artistry and patience to make it more canon), here are a few of the shots I used for reference, from Mr. Bowers' site.

    Like I said, the studio model was INSANELY detailed with greeblies, and one could spend many many hours adding all the layers of detailing if motivated.

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  13. Gixergs

    Gixergs Well-Known Member

    I think Mr Bower will be very honoured by your " Interpretation " A stunning piece of artistic engineering.
  14. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    I concur. Plus, keep in mind that this model (when it is finally available) will be the first-ever model of this vehicle. So the fact that you've tackled something that nobody else has tried -- and in card, no less -- says something about your skill and determination. And the end result is pretty darn impressive.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Wait until he makes the Cygnus from Black Hole ;)
  16. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member


    After this I have about 5 design projects in varying states of incompletion that need to be finished, plus a dozen nice already-started models in my building cue (mostly sci-fi, armour and kitbash projects). I'd also love to build the big 3' Galactica, or Rukr's Sulaco, or uhu's Discovery, or build myself a rag tag fleet, or Gearz Nostromo, or.....

    The Cygnus, while very cool, will, most assuredly, not be one of these projects.:mrgreen:

    I'll leave that to some toothpick modeler with obsessive and perseverative tendencies and lots of time on their hands.
  17. samhain

    samhain New Member

    Oooh... yeah... I want that one!
  18. I`ld be happy with a nice PALOMINO from that movie already...
  19. WHAT?!? :eek:

    A Nostromo from Gearz?

    I know nothing about it. Is it available online somewhere?!?

    This would be a must-have, definitely.
  20. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Sorry. Didn't mean to send you into palpitations. Gearz' Nostromo is another project "in development" like his Betty that may be some time yet. I just check in on its progress, like I do those other ones, wishing and hoping.....

    The thread where it got discussed is here:


    Gearz? Where are you buddy? Chime in here and give us some happy news!

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