Macross/Robotech Destroids, and other mecha

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    I note your list... would it not be easy to design the other destroids that share the same lower half, first?
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    Calm down people and lets stay on topic here.

    Ohgodwhy and dadragon - it can be very hard to convey meaning in a post - dont take it personally even though it may have come across to you as such it likely wasnt intended that way.

    Everyone - if you see a link to a pirate model it would be preferable that rather than make a public announcement (which draws unwanted attention to the link in question before a mod or admin can get to it) how about we all agree to let the poster and a mod/admin know about it - if you can find one online at the time so much the better.

    As a secondary item if you happen across a site you have doubts about - ask a mod or admin, we can likely fill you in as to the validity of the site.


    ARMORMAN Guest

    Ah....a cooler head....perhaps a chance for sanity to prevail.....

    Now....what's going on with the other Macross mech designs....BTW, is there a Battroid (non-chibi) out there?
  4. ThunderChild

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    Nuts, this post has become way too long. Still in speech mode I guess... (You'll know why shortly...)

    Thanks Nothing, for the complement, as well as the fact that you said most of what's on my mind.

    My previous post was an attempt at getting the thread on topic again.
    NOT A SINGLE PERSON even responded!
    10 posts ago (i counted them)!
    Thankyou everyone who at least tried to get back on topic.

    I was typing a nice looong letter to state my point of view, but after a bit of private reflection, it seemed a little Hippocratic to post here what I was getting at. So I cut&pasted my speech, and started a new thread in the appropriate forum section here:

    Enough scolding, This is still the best forum on the net, and the members are people I would gladly call friends.

    I tend to agree. That was my original plan too, but such things always change... Even that list you quoted has already...
    I get a bit bored, or stuck with a design problem in a design and start to tinker with something else, or I get a brainwave for modeling another mech, and start research on it... (all designers should now be nodding in agreement and understanding...)

    So now I sit on top of several models, in various degrees of completion. Please don't hurt me....

    A hobby is something to be enjoyed, if possible, shared. Alas, you cannot keep everyone happy, so I bump the design of the model with the most queries up my list as time goes by. As the designer I still have the sadistic satisfaction of being able to choose what will come off my (slow moving) production line next, but in general I am more than happy to try and accommodate my friends. :wave:

    Thanks cgutzmer, I basically just repeated in my own words what you said, in my gripe thread posted above.

    Armorman, I think a few designers are busy with it, none available that I know of... Too lazy right now to double check previous posts in this thread... :eek:

    Take care guys, above all, have fun!

    PS- Just another sadistic comment from my side:
    SDF-1 (v.2) is printed out and ready for my initial (not even 'beta') test build...
    However, Please don't ask for it yet...
  5. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student


    Thunderchild, do you know if there's any more images of the VF-25? I'm sure it can be found just by Google, but knowing you guys who design, you know where to get your blueprints ;) I'd love to try making that one.

    The monster looks pretty sweet, I showed it to my little brother and he thought it was paper designed by you :p (Course, I told him that they were all paper....well....I'm sure they'll soon be ;) )

    Anyways, I'm waiting to see those SDF-1 v2 build pictures.
  6. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Hi Soaring! I follow your threads with interest.
    At present I don't know where to find any blueprints on the VF-25, It's too new I guess.

    Not much, but here's what I can provide though..:

    The monster is plastic, not paper, but who looks closely at the medium when it just looks that good?!? :p

    Build pics on SDF1 v.2 will come... eventually... wall1
    But I'm posting 2 design pics of v.3 in the SDF thread soon. :mrgreen:
  7. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Whoot! Thanks Thunderchild, I'll get started as soon as I find a bit more ;) Scratch that, these images are perfect! Thank you Thunderchild!

    I know it's plastic, actually I thought it was a Render :D But yeah, it does look good :p

    Yaya! Eventual build pictures are always great, takes some time, so the product will be assured quality.
    I'll keep a lookout on that SDF Thread, now time to zip over to those links. Thanks again :)
  8. cybrsqrl

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    Just some pics

    When I graduated from downloading and building card models to wanting to make my own, I scoured the web looking for models to practice with.
    I built these for my collection using meshes that someone made for a video game mod.I contacted the author to see if he is agreeable with releasing card models of them but I haven't heard back from him yet. I'm now more into making my own meshes or drafting my models from artwork (which takes a LONG time for me since I'm learning 3d software as I go). I thought I'd share some pics of what I've built from meshes I found. The meshes ARE out there for anyone who wants to pepakura them. It's great as a learning tool but as I've found out, if you want to share all the work you've put in, your better off starting from scratch than trying to track down authors.

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  9. Elliott

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    Nice work Cybrsqrl! I'm not a Mecha or Gundam fan (sorry) so I don't know what your works are, but I do know that your design and build abilities are quite good. Welcome and thanks for sharing!
  10. Vortex_4200

    Vortex_4200 Member

    Nice work :thumb:
    I look forward to seeing more work on the destroids, and that vf-25... wow very very nice!!!
  11. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    I remember you showing me those pics before cybrsqrl, As I recall, you had a few more builds... :twisted: Those are awesome builds, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Good job! :thumb:
  12. Janx

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    Hi Thunder, just to let you guys know I have not dropped off the edge of the planet, just real life eating up most of my spare time.

    The VF1 battroid is still on hold atm, been concentrating on a model of the VF2SS. Hopefully this will be modular and able to be made into the 3 modes, though fixed. It is still, despite my best efforts so far, to hi poly and too many parts. Will try to keep you posted.

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  13. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Man! That looks too sweet for words! Model looks great so far Janx!
    I know I'm not speaking only for myself when I say: Know how you feel. Real life takes waaay to much of my time!

    Thanks for checkin in buddy! ;)
  14. Vortex_4200

    Vortex_4200 Member

    looking nice!!
  15. Janx

    Janx Member

    Passed a copy of (VF2SS) this to Getter1, see what his expert eye and advice can do to improve it for release on here. I'll hold off making any alterations yet till he can give me a bit of feedback,(if any one can make sense of my 3d models it's getter1).

    Messing around with A VF2Ja and the New Alpha (new textures, new heads, and parts to make it into a guardian/gerwalk)
  16. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Awww Janx spilt the beans on my sceret build :p I certianly hope I can live up to such a wonderful compliment. Janx has once agian designed a beautiful model, VERY high quality ;)

    So far all is well. It is very partsy but IMO a design of this complexity it needs to be. The 3D model rivals if not surpasses the plastic kit I have :D

    I've only completed the chest plate and over half the nose cone so far. Also on the current model there's no tabs on the parts sheets but to me htat's a good thing. I'm using plain paper strips as butt style tabs just like on many aircraft models.

    I only have the shots I took for Janx last night ATM so I'll post em up below. I'll try to get more shots tonight when I get the nose section built.

    Here in the shots is the begining of the chest plate. I goofed up bad on the bottom section and the one in the pic was tossed for anew :p

    All my new posts on this model will be in a new thread so I don't bogg down and hijack TC's thread :p


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  17. Getter1

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  18. Janx

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    OK whilst Getter doing the honours on the VF2SS (please do look at the thread its an education to watch what a master can make of the mess I produce :p) I have been getting back into the swing of things on the Legioss AFC 01- or Alpha. A few pics follows..

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  19. Getter1

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    Janx is doing his magic once agian :D

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