Macross/Robotech Destroids, and other mecha

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    very nice indeed.
  2. Vortex_4200

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    Very cool will we see a download for it...
    mu$$t...t0p dr00ling oN KeyBOArd
  3. fruiz

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    Hi Cybrsqrl

    Really excellent model :thumb::thumb::thumb:, congratulations, great detail, I would now like to ask you a question, you upload the model for others to arm.

    Greetings :wave:

    Lima - Perú​
  4. cybrsqrl

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    I will eventually upload the SDF-1 for others to build. It took a long time, but showed me what I have to rework to make this acceptable for others to construct.

    In the mean time, I found this while surfing and built one. I can't tell you much about it because it was on a spanish web site. It's a petty cool little model of an armored battaroid. It was in pepakura format. should probably be reworked a little to make it easier to build.

    I might do a recolor for the urban camo version at some point. Going to make missles for it. right now they are just textured. Also, could use better hands.
    (Also, the cat ran off with the gun for it and I don't know where she hid it. It is rather large and should be scaled down a little.)

    I won't post the link to the site because it's my understanding that they have models on it that are reposts (possibly without the authors permission) however, if you google search gbp-1, you should be able to find it.

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  6. ltla9000311

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    Armored Valk....

    Hey thanks for the link to the armored valk, I have the p*****c version I built years ago. Another one to add to the stack!
  7. cuguel

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    hello my name is cuguel this he is my first post and these are my models of robotech







    I hope that they like


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  9. cybrsqrl

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    robotech models

    Very nice indeed. I very much like the stands for them too! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing more.
  10. Stormeagle

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    nice job. Where did you find the models for that Alpha fighter and the Spartan (I think that is the name for The missile poded mecha)?
  11. Vortex_4200

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    hey are some very nice models, and I too would be curious to know where you got the spartian model....
  12. cuguel

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  13. rapierdragon

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    Wants plans for the Beta fighter... mainly so I can shrink them and match them up to my tiny 4-inch Alpha fighter (toy)... or if that won't work (or doesn't look good) I'd do both Alpha and Betta in their joined fighter form (hardly care if they can transform so long as I can sit them as either seperate fighters or one combined fighter).

    Yeah, I know there's 3d plans for the Beta around, but Pepakura doesn't work for me. I'm on an old win98se system so trying to convert/extract .3D0 or whatever into nice "easy to print" pages is just something I've never been able to do.
  14. marcioship

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    how dowload the defender destroid???
  15. ustercluck

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    I love this stuff.
  16. Squirrel-

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    WING COMMANDER!? the dos game!? i thought i was the only one who cared about that sort of thing.
  17. gbwhitman

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    Very Nice

    I love the coomunity here, good clean entertainment and mad modeling skills on display.
  18. Dopedidu

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    Does anybody know if there is a actual model of the tomahawk available?

    Nice builds Cuguel!

  19. blaar

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    Don't think so. If only Thunderchild can make us one like the Defender he did :)

    There is always the MechWarrior WarHammer ....... lol :)
  20. Dopedidu

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    Yeah that would be nice :mrgreen:

    Already i have zecks warhammer and that one from czechia.

    I now wait that MonkeyRum get Punakettus Warhammer ready for pepakura

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