Greater Raleigh Railroad has begun

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  1. Xaniel

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    I got mine at a hardware store.
  2. Where to get foam

    You can get it at Hardware stores, and from 'Home improvement' stores, such as Home Depot ands Lowe's. I don't know what the Dutch versions of those stores might be, though. the foam I'm using is the styrofoam insulation that comes in blue, pink, or neon-green
  3. ezdays

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    Around here they use the "beaded" foam for stucco underlayment so the "extruded" stuff is hard to find. I had to call around to many lumber yards in the Phoenix area before I found someone that carried the stuff. I finally found one Lowe's store that had it. The rest of them, and all the Home Depots did not, they all had the beaded stuff.

    Believe me, the quest was worth it.

  4. SD90

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    Looks like your layout is off to a good start! Keep up with the pictures!
  5. mav_uk

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    Thanks, I guess a shopping trip is on the horizon this weekend then.

    Don, beaded and extruded - what should I be looking for?

    Thanks again

  6. foam types

    You need to get Extruded foam. Beaded is too fragile
  7. mav_uk

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    Sorry again....

    How do I tell thew diff?

  8. How to tell the difference

    well, 'beaded' styrofoam looks like the white stuff you see making up coolers, paper cups, cushioning in shipping boxes, and the like. Tends to make a squeeking noise badly affects people with sensitive hearing.

    The Extruded foam is used as insulation in walls, and has a much finer 'grain' than the beaded stuff.

    a couple pics

    Here is the white, 'beaded' styrofoam


    extruded styrofoam is the pink stuff you've seen all along in my layout. It can also come in blue and green

    Its comes in 4' x 8' sheets, from 1/2" to 2" thick
  9. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    It is interesting to read about foam. I have never used anything other than the beaded foam. It comes in white and the size that fits into my car and is cheap. It cuts well with a sharp knife and there isn't a whole lot of cleanup to be done. I have never even considered using the extruded stuff. To each his own.

  10. the Extruded is also easy to cut with a knife (I've been using 30-year old, worn out kitchen knives to cut mine)

    However, as it doesn't flake as easily as the white foam, it makes a better base
  11. SD90

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    I find it looks like a real rock cut when you carve it with a knife, paint it, and glue some sand on it, then paint it again.
  12. some more stuff

    well, after some rearranging the train is at least operational, though some roadbed needs to dtill be placed!

    Here it is against the wall now

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  13. some more stuff

    some roadbed down and a temporary bridge idea

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  14. first train underway

    the first train is underway

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  15. more tran movement

    more trains running

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  16. one more

    rounding the mountain curve!

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  17. SD90

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    It's fun when you finally get trains running on the layout! Good pictures, keep them coming! I like the Great Northern Switcher too!
  18. Drew1125

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    The layout is lookin' really nice, S.S.!
    :cool: :cool: :cool:
    Keep those pics coming!

  19. Enjoy it while you can. I intend to eventually paint it in Seaboard Coast Line black
  20. A 'finalized' trackwork

    heres a view of the industrial switching area and 'Bowl City'

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