Greater Raleigh Railroad has begun

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by screwysquirrel, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Hey

    SS,i was wonderin were ya been lately :p ,what!!! ur ganan paint that godly Great northern switcher !?!?!?!?!?! :( awww just messin i module great northern so.... hehe great pcitures though
  2. the other side

    this is the other side of the layout, kinda messy right now, but ther mine spur is here, and it will disappear into the mountain

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  3. some 'action' shots

    Set up a short train and ran it around for an hour or so today. heres some shots

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  4. next pic

    Inside the tunnel

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  5. pic 3

    Entering 'Bowl City'

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  6. last pic

    Exiting bowl city, entering '5 bridge pass'

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  7. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Looking good SS! :cool:
  8. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Looks like things are coming along nicely, S.S.!
    Keep those pictures coming!
    :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  9. Sir_Tainly

    Sir_Tainly Member

    Excellent Progress Mr Squirrel :)

    *weeps at the demise of the GN switcher
  10. SD90

    SD90 Active Member

    The other side of your layout, picture kind looks like my layout right now! Lots of small pieces of pink and blue foam!
  11. a little something new

    Made a foam 'cave' that will be a tunnel to the Mine shaft.

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  12. trainoob

    trainoob New Member

    SS, With your mine shaft, how long is it, and how do you know when your cars have reached the end. I have something simaliar.
  13. Mine Shaft

    the mine is 1 curve, 1 straight, and one bumper track.

    Its mostly 'dummy' but a can easily hold 3 or 4 open hoppers, a quick glance with a flashlight helps.
  14. a little landscaping!

    a little landscaping at the tunnel entrance

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  15. some more scenery

    this is at the entrance to the tunnel. plastered, painted in my muddy yellow base coat, then covered in slate gray. the previous ground foam. Its looking pretty good, I think

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  16. A little more scenery

    this is another little scenery bit

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  17. new Bridge

    A couple pics of the new Kato Bridge

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  18. a slightly different angle

    this slightly different angle shows all 4 bridges in the area

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  19. Painted the first layer of the river

    Bright blue for the river
    the back side

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  20. river pic 2

    and the front

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