Greater Raleigh Railroad has begun

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  1. Mountain Construction!

    heres the pics of the styrofoam mountain under construction.

    After this I'm going to figure out the viaducts and set up the upper loop.

    then we start placing roadbed & ballast!

    Heres the mountain area!

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  2. Closeups!

    this is a pic of the autorack I'm using for height testing!

    everything fits!

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  3. with the 'top' on

    this is with the piece I used for the 'top' of the tunnel, it won't be glued until after ballasting

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  4. the view down the track

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  5. the open 'access holes' to deal with derailments

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  6. Update!

    well, I haven't posted any new pics in several days, but there is an update underway:

    I'm dumping all but 1 of the Piers. Because it holds them together, 1 pier will be holdimg the double-length bridge together, but the rest are being replaced with a woodland scenics incline.

    I need to get the plaster cloth to cover the incline, some low-temp glue to fasten it down, and I should have that done by the end of the weekend.

    Once that's done, I can stay laying roadbed, and once that is done I can get the messy stuff out of the living room :)

    as it is, with the mountain and the long incline, the entire back side of the layout is not immediately visible, allowing break up of the racetrack.

    Meanwhile, I've got temporary names for places on the layout:

    'Bowl City' -- the city area

    'Five Bridge Pass' -- the spot where all those bridges meet

    'Spaghetti Junction' -- the switching area
  7. trainoob

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    your trackplan

    SS, I have been looking for a trackplan I liked for quite some time. When I saw yours, well, I liked it. I am making a layout similar to yours, but some changes. I am at the stage of glueing the inclines to the foam. What are you doing to glue them down, what type of glue? How are you holding them in place?
  8. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    I have done a bit using a latex contact cement (Lepage pres-tite Green) 100% solvent free.
    Major warning: There is no adjustment time available -- it sticks immediately. You can possibly separate the surfaces with wax paper or roll a pencil under them -- it needs to be on both surfaces to stick.
    It is foam friendly -- does not eat it. I have done a small area using Homasote, foam insulation, WS inclines, WS foam roadbed and track and it seems to be sticking.
  9. glue

    well, I've used a variety of glues:

    The foam is attached to the frame by Liquid Nails, which is deposited by Caulk gun. 1 tube just barely was enough to attach the foam in a zigzag pattern.

    The foam is glue to other foam for the mountain with ordinary Elmers Carpenters wood glue, though white glue will also work, those work best if you apply pressure with weights (books work great) and allow overnight to dry.

    I'm going to attach the woodland scenic foam with a low temp hot glue gun.
  10. More pics!

    Heres a pick of the industrial zone I've added.

    Note how every turnout curve connects to a straight, except at the entrance.

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  11. a view down the track

    The view down the entrance to the industrial zone

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  12. Five Bridge Pass

    the 5 Bridge pass. I'll have to bash together the curved bridge section you see here.

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  13. a view down the track, part 2

    a view from the other end of the industry trackage

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  14. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    That's good progress you are making SS. Thanks for the update.
  15. Slight adjustment

    after a talk in chat about how 'no-one would make that curve'' that entered the second turnbout, I made the industry section much straighter

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  16. Plaster!

    Gluing down the riser with some help from a friend

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  17. Placing Plaster

    Everything is glued in place!

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  18. Plaster added

    the first layer of plaster is in position

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  19. and the second!

    the second layer.

    The bit of track that has some stains on it are the two units that have a terminal joiner *inside* the 'bowl' -- they had to stay so the wire could run underneath. I'll roadbed this region tomorrow afternoon, after the track cures. the bit of track will have a 'bright boy' treatment

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  20. mav_uk

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    Stupid Question (Applogies)

    Looking you your pics I have just seen the best method to get my layout sorted now the bad weather has returned to Holland (3 months of really hot weather turned to cold rain in a matter of hours) and I'm not going to be working on my outdoor hobbies...

    The question I wanted to ask is.... What type of foam are you using? Do you get it from a hardware store, or is it moddeling stuff?

    Thanks in advance


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