2001 ASO USSC Discovery One

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by DanBKing, May 15, 2012.

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    i was thinking about this again, I was wondering what your final mounting will be? acrylic planks running out from the picture, like a ------l ?

    oh by the way, DBK -the d-2 was even worse, I put star trek nacelles on it! lol
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    Hey Spaceagent - can we see the pics?

    Sky Seeker
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    I just messed with the image in paint. by the way I don't know if this will help, its very sturdy and is a finger slide for a guitar. about 3 bucks at any music store. it might work good, I don't know what your plans are. GEDC1592.JPG
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    Haha, that's punny! ;) :animated:
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    My god R-F, now I am in stitches here....... My stomach is in knots.
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    If you squint your eyes, it kinda looks like the Leonov ; p
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    But, REALLY squint ....:)
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    I would have suggested a zealot thread which would be strong enough to hold 24.000 fans - oh, you have one already..! ;)
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    Yep! And soon to beat "Launch when Ready!"...... :D
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    My apologies for the long delay in getting this project completed. :(

    It has been a case of waiting for all my plans to come together. Or, not.

    It now seems that the wait for the offered help for the display case lighting system was in vain, and is no longer forthcoming. :meh:
    So, that means a visit to the local electronic shop, (where the owner is very helpful and knows his stuff,) and discuss LED sorts, angles of light spread, colour, control systems for dimming, heat dissipation, etc.....
    Then I have to adapt my ideas and find a way to make the lighting sources invisible to the viewer of the model. I'm thinking of rebating the boards of the case, at various angles, close the 'glass', and fitting the LED modules in these. I may have to make a few shrouds here and there.
    I have a pile of black, stiff card for this job. (I think it is exactly the same type of stuff that @Revell-Fan used in his beautiful Buck Rogers Poster Gun build.

    In the meantime, I have upset the neighbours :sticktongue: and drilled out the three holes I need for the supports for the display case. Those walls are pre-cast concrete and are f****** hard! Drilling out with a 18mm drill took some effort, even when drilling out from 8mm in steps up to 18mm.
    But, anyway, the worst is done. I now need to make final adjustments and that is then ready. I used a capped-off chromed tube that slides snuggly over the threaded rod, and that finishes them off nicely. And they are nice and strong too.:)

    General_475.JPG General_476.JPG General_477.JPG

    And a very BIG shout-out goes to @Revell-Fan here! :bowdown:Claphands:Drinks:
    Earlier I mentioned, I was not happy with the position of the moon in the backdrop. So, I tried to edit it myself, and failed miserably.
    So, I asked R-F if I could borrow his GIMP skills........ And R-F being R-F, he happily took on the task. I got an email from him yesterday, with this little present inside..... :)


    THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH, R-F! YOU HAVE HELPED ME OUT BIG TIME!!!! :bowdown::bowdown::Bravo:
    (Beers are on me, when you come to visit..... :biggrin::Drinks:)

    So, the next step is to now remove the old backdrop and replace it with the one above.:)

    Problem is, I have to get it printed first, and that is going to cost money. My finances are at a minimum at the moment, for one reason or another. So, the printing and purchasing of the electronics, will unfortunately have to wait a while.:grumpy::sadno:

    But, we WILL get there. Promise! :yesyes:

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    You are welcome! :)

    Just take your time. When I began work on the Colonial Helmet I had absolutely nothing to work with - except for the CG data and my trusted 160gsm paper. During the course of the project all the tiny bits and pieces came together from various sources; first the foam from the DIY shop that claimed to have none at their disposal (yep, it was THE SAME one that made a "hose" from a "tube"!), then the cardboard and last the LED strips. If I had rushed anything I surely would have regretted it because I got all the materials I needed without a hassle in a couple of months. :)

    Alright for the beer, let's hope you have some of THESE ..!

    source: http://d.justpo.st/media/images/2013/03/51b570333bf8ffd576698a822a698df7.jpg

    :D ;)
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    These are mine.... The one on the left is for Belgian beer and the one on the right is my 'Just a quick one' pilsener glass. :lolsign::lolsign:

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    I don't drink, well, essentially, I'm on so many Narcotics I shouldn't, so when Ido, I drink only light stuff, like some good ole Tennessee Sipping Whiskey, or Royal Crown. That way, you can drink only 5 shots, and not worry that you have drunk too much. Where as drinking beer, people drink whole cans of that stuff. :)
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    I think you have done a great job on this and a tribute to the great movie! any other 2001 stuff on the bench? like a diorama of the pod or something?
  19. DanBKing

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    @spaceagent-9 Thanks Jim!
    It was all the 2001 models from UHU02 that got me into paper modelling in the first place, and inevitably what bought me here to ZEALOT!:)

    It is my intention to build ALL of the paper models from 2001, before my 'Metabolic processes become history! Before I've kicked the bucket, and shuffled off my mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible!!' ( ~ Monty Python):)

    But, of course, getting waylaid by dragons and shiny chromed drones and others things, may slow the process down a little .... ;)
  20. Revell-Fan

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    Which could prove to be an advantage...You could tell yourself, hey, there's still this one model that has to be built, before you can be "relieved from duty" / called by a higher power. That way you could stall for some extra time on this planet..! ;)
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