2001 ASO USSC Discovery One

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    WOW! I have a high-pitched whining in my left ear and some static like the noise from a distant highway in my right one. In most cases it is triggered by stress. I have learnt to live with it and changed my life after it first appeared (less stress, more time for myself, enough sleep, extended walks etc.). That helped a lot; I barely notice it today. :)
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    Like I stated earlier, I came to live with mine, and it is pretty loud. I used to think that if someone put their ear on my head, they might hear it, it seems so loud at times. The sound helps me locate sounds from other places, like in the woods at night. The Tinnitus comes from everywhere, but the odd noise sticks out like a sore thumb. :)
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    As we are on the subject, me too! About 15 years I have had it now. It all began when a woman kissed me really hard and loud, right in the earhole! It did a lot of pain at the instant. I was relatively deaf in the ear for about 2 days. I now have a constant very high-pitched singing whine ever since. But, as Zathros also said, I too have very acute hearing, and hear things that a lot of other people don't. Which is handy at times...;)


    Discovery, sits forlornly waiting .............................


    The display case sits fragmentarily waiting ................


    And yes, I sit frustratedly waiting .............


    And, all three of us, are waiting, mainly, on the bloody weather!!!!!!! :headbange:

    And they call this summer???????? It's more like autumn at the moment! :(

    And have we had some weather! On Saturday we had a hell of a storm. Amsterdam was bought to a standstill. No public transport, apart from a very reduced train service. Trees fell on the overhead cables for the trams, so that was end of service for the whole system. No busses. It was chaos, to say the least.

    General_443.JPG General_446.JPG

    And this one made me wince.... A Porsche Cayenne-S :meh:



    The display case is the centre of attention at the moment. I have done all the construction, filled everything with 2 part filler, accurately measured out and drilled the holes for the wiring and suspension lines and everything is now waiting for me to get the parts outside and sand and paint them. Weather permitting...... :sour:

    For the backdrop, I chose a hi-res picture from the web and edited it to what I want. The picture below is scale size.


    I sent it to the printers on Friday last week.
    I went to collect it this afternoon. I was not impressed with the quality at all. Lines on it from the print stroke of the print head every 3cm or so. It looked like striped wallpaper. :realmad:
    So, that killed my plan of attaching it to the backing board tonight .....:(
    And another two days wait for the second attempt........ Ho-hum. Hope they get it right this time!

    But, on the bright side, the forecast for the end of the week is looking much better. :)

    But, this is the Netherlands, and that can all change real quick ......... :wideyed:

    Will keep you posted ....

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    Now that both of you mention it, my hearing is superior as well, but it always has been. I guess we all should not be worried unless anyone of us starts hearing a certain Bob Dylan song nobody else is hearing. ;)

    The storm was pretty heavy here, too, but it was not as powerful as "Norina" five years ago. That one was pretty devastating; it lasted only for half an hour but it destroyed several trees, fields, cars etc. I have some impressive pictures which make for good story-telling and which look almost exactly like yours. Here is what google says:

    I confirm your weather forecast; it is supposed to get better soon. Next week should become splendid and sunny.

    Too bad about the printing quality. I can imagine how it looks and I hate it when that happens. If I had a printer which could handle an endless sheet of paper I would print it for you.

    I'm looking forward to the next update! :)
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  5. spaceagent-9

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    try changing to a vegan diet to stop that ear ringing, I know.......me too, but I am trying. NICE DISCOVERY!!!! maybe if you went to a professional photographer, he can blow up a pic of it, and not have all that printing problems. good work!!
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    I'm the odd man out in the hearing department, I had super acute hearing when younger, I can still faintly hear a dog whistle, but to many exposures to loud noise as a sonarman in the USN and an avid firearms collector.... now I have significant hearing loss in the mid range, where most human speech is. the constant tinnitus in both ears, and an overall "muffled" tone to everything that I used to be able to hear from across the room...

    Hope the weather gets better for you Dan, as I can't wait to see the Discovery finished.
  7. DanBKing

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    Nor can I, Micah, nor can I ....... :)
  8. Ken Spriggs

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    That is an awesome job! Looks fantastic!
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    I had kind of a reverse hearing problem with a women. I kissed her really hard, and a low pitch, high frequency sound emitted. Apparently the number of beers I had left me disoriented, but able to put up with he situation. Odd, she had no eyes or nose, and a big crease going vertically down her face, with her mouth buried deep inside. . :)
  10. DanBKing

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    Mmmm, I'm certain I've met that woman many times before too. I seem to have recollections of looking into the mirror the next morning and contemplating as to why my mouth resembled a glazed ring-doughnut ........ :shamefullyembarrased::);)
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    Better a doughnut mouth than a bagel head! ;)
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  12. Ken Spriggs

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    Perhaps a little too much beer ; p
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    Naw, NE-VA! :noteeth:

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    Yeah, there is never too much beer..........

    Which is why I am about to open one and enjoy it in the SUN !!!!!!!:animated:

    I have to wait for the paint to dry ..... Right ? ;):drinksmile:

    Panels all sanded and first primer coat on........ :)


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  15. DanBKing

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    First primer coat sanded with 400 grit paper. Small imperfections filled and sanded. Second primer on and waiting for it to dry .... :drinksmile::)


  16. DanBKing

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    Once the last primer coat had dried for a few hours, I then sanded everything with 1200 grit paper and a little water to smooth everything out.
    I cleaned up everything and then applied 3 coats of matt black top coat to the inner surfaces of the boards. I will leave this to harden overnight and spray the outer surfaces tomorrow morning, in the SUN!!!!! :animated:

    So, for this evening the two boards are standing to dry, until tomorrow.

    There is an extreme reference, to the underlying theme of this thread, in this photo ......


    On Friday I picked up the better quality backing picture from the printers. Much, much better.
    I sprayed the edges of the backing board black and once this was dry, I used spray glue to attach the picture to the backing board.

    General_454.JPG General_455.JPG

    Super pleased with the progress today. Will finish the painting of the boards tomorrow morning.

    Once that is done, my LED expert will assist me to achieve the lighting effect I want.:)
    But, that subject has its own chapter!;)

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  17. spaceagent-9

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    glad that print came out well!
  18. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Thanks, me too :):)
  19. Revell-Fan

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  20. Cybergrinder

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    Looking amazing Dan, guess you might be missing the SA weather a bit....

    Clear skies & 19'C in winter...... Hah!
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