2001 ASO USSC Discovery One

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    Thanks @Tonino The pic above was only for a contrast test. The LEDs that are lighting the model have not been focused or baffled yet. There is way too much light spill on the background in the above pic.

    But, its almost there now.

    I am making the necessary mounting bars for the model lighting and installing them today. Once that is done, the insides of the display case boards, plus all the wires and LED fixings, will be given a coat of black schoolboard paint to minimise any reflections.
    Then I can get the model finally hung. :animated:

    Then everything has to be wired up at the back of the background board, tested, and once happy with everything, get it on the wall, sit down with a beer and enjoy my moment of fulfilling a 42 year old dream. :biggrin:

    If all goes well, I am hoping to do the 'Grand Unveiling', exclusive to Zealot, this Sunday evening, European time (GMT +1)

    Stay tuned folks.

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    I'll be here! :snaphappy:
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    i'm not sure if I understand your goal on this display but I think you might like to see if a filtered mirror on the bottom would give you a nice bounce lighting.
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    IT FLIES ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  6. DanBKing

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    As unbelievable as it seems to me, the post you are now reading, is officially the LAST BUILD POST of this thread! :jawdrop::yesyes::)

    So, walk with me, oh faithful followers, as I take you on the last few steps of this long journey. :biggrin:

    Let me summarize the lighting system.
    • Backdrop lighting: Consists of: - 1m high intensity blue LED strip for the blue 'wash' effect for the black space. - 1/2m warm white LED strip for lighting the planet Jupiter. - 1 high intensity white standard 5mm LED for highlighting the moon Europa.
    • Model lighting: Consists of:- two 1,2m high intensity cool white LED strips. - and the internal cockpit lighting which is already installed.
    • Control system: Infra red remote control LED strip controller with 10 step dimming capability.
    The focus, obviously, is on the model. The backdrop needs to be subtly lit, and not over-power the main subject.
    There should be no visible light source to the viewer either, therefore the LED strips have to be baffled.
    For the backdrop lighting, I decided to put the LED strips into some homemade light bars. The backdrop lighting also needs to be diffused a bit too, so that has to be incorporated into the light bars as well.

    I made up the light bars using thick black card. The bars for the backdrop were made from a right angle black piece, with a curve shaped insert, made from white card to act as a deflector.


    The white inserts were glued into the black strips and the LED strip was then attached to the bottom of the bar.

    General_628.JPG General_629.JPG

    To make the diffusers, I applied masking tape to both sides of a sheet of tracing paper. Once cut out, the resulting strips were attached across the opening of the light bars. For the blue LED bar, I coloured the diffuser tapes blue with a marker, to dull the light source a bit.

    General_630.JPG General_632.JPG

    I tidied everything up and these are the resulting two bars for the blue wash and the planet.....


    Once I was happy with the position and effect of the lights on the backdrop, I glued the bars into position on the lower board.

    A made up a small 10mm x 10mm box to house a female pin-header connector for the single LED that will highlight the moon. I filled the box with hot glue to make everything rigid. I can now plug in and out the LED. This was glued into position on the upper board.


    Next up were the light bars for the model lighting. These were made up in a similar way to the others, but these do not have any diffusers.
    I made up the card bars a little differently to the backdrop bars, as I wanted a 45deg projecting angle when attached to the board. So, I made up a triangular bar and incorporated baffles from black card. These baffles allow me to control the light, so that I can direct it where I want, without too much light spill.
    The baffles can be adjusted to form a narrow slit or wide aperture for the light.


    Once complete, the bars were attached to the front edge of the upper and lower boards of the case.

    General_635.JPG .

    Once I had everything installed to my satisfaction, I painted the boards and wiring with black schoolboard paint, to help eliminate any reflections. All the connections were made to the controller at the back of the background board and everything finalized and tested....

    As you have already seen in my previous post, I then hung the model (at long last!) and connected the wires for the cockpit lighting.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is it!!!!

    The model is COMPLETELY FINISHED!!!!! :animated:

    I hope you all enjoyed the ride.

    See ya!!!! :wave::biggrin:
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    this build has been INCREDIBLE to follow. Congratulations for such a beautiful project!
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  8. Tonino

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    :iagree::iagree::iagree::iagree::iagree: Absolutely!

    Now we wait for the Premiere! What time starts the show?
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  9. DanBKing

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    Ladies and Gentelman (and others,) may I present ..... :)

    Oh cut the crap...... :wtf:

    Here's the first batch of pics..........:laughrolling:
    (Apologies to those of you on low bandwidth.....:violin::))


    More to come, I'm sure ..... :toast:

    General_644.JPG General_645.JPG General_646.JPG General_647.JPG General_648.JPG General_649.JPG General_650.JPG General_651.JPG
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  11. DanBKing

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    Within the next half hour, I will get some help to mount it on the wall above the tv ............. :)
    (And yes, I have watered the plant ....... ;))

    Pics to follow!

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    She's on the wall ......!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::animated:

    General_658.JPG General_659.JPG
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    A model and display to be very proud of!
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    Turn your sound off first .... ;)

  15. Tonino

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    Now that home increased its value a lot!

    Great work!!!! I want to have a beer in front of it sitting on the sofa with the author and talking about LED lighting!

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    absolutely fantastic, what an achievement!!!!!!! THREE CHEERS AND A HURRAH FOR YOU!!
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    You are welcome any time ........:Drinks:
  18. Revell-Fan

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    Da Warsteiner engineering system was workin' GREAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!! :Drinks: :D:D:D

    You have outdid yourself! Absolutely breath-taking!!!! THIS IS SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF!!!!!!!

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    Thanks, @Revell-Fan :)
    A little/lot of Grolsch certainly aided in the endeavour too.;)
    But a good portion of 'coffee' from the 'shop', helped enormously, with getting into the "feel" for the lighting ..... ;):smoker::smoker::wacky::)

    And yeah, I am SUPER HAPPY with the outcome. :D :D :D

    (EDIT: Oh, and a small dabble of Bavaria, too ..... :drinksmile:)
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    FANTASTIC JOB! Thanks for sharing your journey of making this model as well as the final product - definitely deserving / worthy of model of merit :Bravo:. A fine example also how to display a model as well. Love the lighting:animated:. You sure put in a LOT of thought, heart, work, and quite a few beers along the way:Drinks:.

    Take care & congratulations! You B the KING!:):Congrats:

    Sky Seeker:bigcar:
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