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  1. Gearz

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    Yep.. sorry Nosports, I've been stuck working in 3D on this one for a while. Even though its only tiny in comparison to the entire model, the Nostromo is the key component ( for those intending to build the refinery anyway) so I'm trying to sort out a dilemma with the parts layout. If built at the intended scale, and from the initial test building, I'd have to recommend printing on two different thicknesses of card ~ ( for superior results anyway lol ) ~ The smallest parts will look a lot sharper if printed on plain printing paper. To keep it shortR, I'll try to divide those parts onto separate pages to make it easier for builders to print out.

    It might sound convoluted having parts of individual sections spread out all over the place.. However.. for those guys just wanting Nostromo it will only be a slight inconvenience, for the adventurous building at the intended scale + Refinery, it will be a bonus to have them separated.

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  2. CJTK1701

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    :mrgreen:LOL. Love the graphics. Glad to see you're still working on this.
  3. Nothing

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    great work. thanks for the bit on textures.gives me some ideas.....
  4. Gearz

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    Just an update on this project, I've managed a successful test build of the Nostromo ( well.. sorta) Using all card turned to worms, so this build uses acrylic coated plain printing paper for the smaller parts. Hats off to you guys that build the really small detailed stuff.... everything's still a little blurry ~ going have to buy some glasses and finer tools..

    There is a lot of detail that I'll have to re-think ~ (lost most of the tiny parts under my finger nails or on the bench) I'm loath to recommend materials to builders, however, I can't see how some parts could be assembled using card ( if built at intended scale) So a few parts need to swapped between pages for printing on different card/paper thickness. IMHO The plain coated paper, although nasty to work with, yielded a much nicer finish on the tiny bitz.

    more as it happens.

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  5. crimson

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    WOW! So that's like a 10cm Nostromo? I think that's incredible.

    Congratulations on your designing and building skills.

    I would love to see some higher resolution/ close-up pics of this one.
  6. doc_harvey

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    DUDE! I am all over this one! You have a date for release yet for your number one fan?
  7. ltla9000311

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    Why ME?

    Gearz, your are an artist in the digital realm. :eek: You are making models that are absolutely amazing! Thank you for your dedication to something that we all can share, hopefully! I don't want to step on toes, we all have lives outside of our hobbies, (or DO we?):confused: but any idea when you might release that? Your humble lackey awaits your crumbs at your feet.:thumb:
  8. Gearz

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    Thanks for the encouragement and enthusiasm cousins, its appreciated! although I hope your not disappointed with this one, the shape has been considerably simplified ~ so that its a practice build at this scale.

    * Just using the Halcyon kit as comparison, I've read its 1/960 scale ~ 33cm long 'approx' when built..? So that makes this small + refinery version.. umm...'roughly' 1/ 31650 - ish.

    Most builders will only be interested in the pulling bit herself, so I'll include a scaled up version of the patterns, maybe 250 % ?. I'd love to enlarge it to match the Halcyon kit, although it would look pretty clunky thanks to the simplified parts + require some internal bracing = designing a 'nice' larger version would be a whole new project, that some of the other guys might like to tackle..

    Hi crimson ~ good call ~ 9.8 cm. The test build was straight from pepakura, so the release version will be marginally smaller (when converted to bitmaps) Its small, but if can build it anyone can. Sorry I can't supply any better shots, sadly the majority of my equipment was made when Adam was a boy. I fluke the occasional good shot when the light is perfect, but mostly I rely on the guys here for quality build pix..

    doc ~ What size did you have in mind mate..? Unfortunately the design isn't all that 'bigger' friendly, but If you'd like to give an enlarged version a test for us.? I'll ramp a set of patterns up to 250 % or so ?. ~ name your scale ~ and I'll shot them up to you ASAP.

    Hi itla90000311 ~ lol.. thanks mate, I'm glad you like the models, although I wish I was a real artist ~ I'd swap my left gonad for fraction of the true artistic skills that some of our members have.

    A release date for the finished goods.... I'd love to say next week, unfortunately I work slower than a wet week and hobby time is getting harder to come by. There's still a few build issues to sort, the part layout is critical + an assembly guide etc. So I'm sorry but I'll have say the end of the month would be soonest.... Actually, from October on is a right off for me this year, so I will make it the end of the month as a deadline.


  9. doc_harvey

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    I'll build any size that you're willing to share. I might be tempted to ramp it up maybe twice the size of the current model. I am not all that hung up on the texture changing if I resize it. I just think it's a beautiful ship, and I love the lines and the way it's configured. So whatever you want to send, I'll try and build! Thanks!
  10. Hot4Darmat

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    Just tryin' to keep you honest:wave:
  11. The Hermit

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    any updates on this gears??
  12. Matty Jetman

    Matty Jetman New Member

    This is looking very cool indeed, can't wait to build this one!!!

    Gearz, I don't know if you know about this website but it from Dennis Lowe who did the sfx on Alien. It has loads of model shots of the Nostromo which could be helpfull.


    There is also an interesting Alien making of that clocks in at 1 hour and 20 mins, havn't watched it all myself but might be usefull as well


  13. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Sorry for the delay on this Hermit, life's been throwing everything except the kitchen sink at me.

    Thanks for the Dennis Lowe link Matt ~ GOLD !! :thumb:~ I hadn't see that site before, it has a few great shots that will help a lot. The 'making of' vid looked interesting, sadly I'm a dial up detainee so I couldn't view it ~ i'll have to bug a few mates next time we hook up.

    I'm sorry that progress on this project has slowed to a crawl just for the moment, its been bumped down the list temporarily until I can solve a few design issues. The small Nostromo is acceptable, however, getting the refinery+ gantry to an acceptable level is proving troublesome. Five sheets of # 10 cardboard and 100+ sheets of card, have all ended up as screwed up balls in the corner so far. The refinery's base platform is the key build, I just have to figure out a compromise between strength and errr... ummm... build-O-bility.... ??!? and the rest should be reasonably smooth sailing [fingers crossed]

  14. Matty Jetman

    Matty Jetman New Member

    Glad you liked the link Gearz, glad it's going to help your build!

  15. MTK

    MTK Active Member


    This build looks terribly familiar to me. I certainly hope things are well with you. Keep on Trekkin!:thumb:
  16. Darth Windius

    Darth Windius Member

    Great Project, Gearz!!!

    Waiting for the released files, even only the Nostromo "pulling bit":thumb::thumb::thumb:
  17. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Yeah, me too. I just watched Alien for the first time (I know, I know: it took me *THIS* long to get around to watching it), and I'd like one of these beauties on my shelf.
  18. axel

    axel New Member

    hey, awesome build!!!
    On the support platform strength versus build .
    -O -bility, when I make architectural models I make a sandwich of 1inch poliestirene foam board and two thick cardboard sheets, like a big "foam core" sheet. It delivers structural strength without the warping I usually get with boxes, and without the weight of a stronger material.
    I am looking forward to see more of this model, and if I can help you in any way just say so!Maybe some custom textures or pipes...( Already I am thinking on what scale would be appropiate for the Delerict ship...getting the curves right would be something!)
  19. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Yes this is going to be a monster of a build that probably wouldn't be built by many people, so I'll just post the pulling bit ~ Its 90% done so as soon as I've cleared the bench of a few smaller projects, I'll post it.

    Hi Axel ~ thanks for the tips mate, I'd originally planned to develop & release the lot as a 'strictly' paper kit, but the more I look at it, the more I think it would be lot of waisted effort ~ to big and complex etc. So alternative ideas for the refinery platform are welcome. I've certainly trashed a lot of paper in experimentation..

    Just btb, are you designing the derelict ( as a paper model that is )..? or as a one off build..?
  20. axel

    axel New Member

    I think it would be paper, to get the curves right in a two dimensional material has a rubik-cube-like appeal to me... By the way, what is a one off build? a personal model made out of any materials you can put togheter? Im triying to get better in english, so I have to ask a lot of dumb questions like this...
    Any tips on websites or resources for the delerict build?

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