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Aug 2, 2015
    1. Maverick65
      Greetings Paragon, I'm new to the forums and to paper modeling. I was directed to your website cause I'm a big Star Trek fan, I found lots of starships build. Thank-you very much. However there was one ship the Vulcan T'Plana Hath whose link was down. I was wondering if this model was still available elsewhere. If it is possible could you send me a copy or link to my email at Thank-you very much, Rick
    2. shado_x
      Hi Paragon, I would like to know if there is a download for your TIE Defender, Phantom, and Super. I love X-Wing VS Tie Fighter Games...back in the

      I like to build them for my son... Best Regards!
    3. smoolie671
      Hi Paragon. Someone told me you might have a have a card model of the the Viper MK-VII. I tried to download the one from Jaybats site, but it keeps saying that he has exceeded his bandwidth. Any help I could get would be much appreciated.
      Ulysses Stockdale
    4. maxcarbon
      Hi Paragon, tried to d/l the F-16XL from your website but the response from Save File was 'File not found'. Could you please fix it or send me the file? Thanks in advance.
    5. Jones Brandon
      Jones Brandon
      hey paragon i have some ideas man i sent these images. ssign1 i want the hull markings to be the one i mark in the image. i want lot of windows. if you can try to give that galaxy class look from enterprise D, but future look at the same time. the hull marking i mark in the image change the color to blue. idon't want the name to be to big on the saucer part. i want color of uss griffin name to be light blue. give that future fedration look. i hope you understand what i trying to say. if you don't let me know try best to give a pic of what i have in mind. once agine thank you!
    6. Jones Brandon
      Jones Brandon
      Where do you want me to send the views of the griffin
    7. Jones Brandon
      Jones Brandon
      Hey paragon thanks man for helping me you are cool friend
    8. bf109
      thanks for al the models , keep up the great work

    9. mchale
      hi paragon i think you to put instructions for the catalina
    10. Paragon
    11. Dyna-Soar
      Could you pm me the Enterprise Files (JJprise, Koernerprise, and MKD)? Thank you very much.

      Also, I'm Atlantis v2.0 from SSM
    12. mchale
      hi i tried to download both enterprises but it wouldn't let me help please
    13. Shin_kazama
      thank you very much master paragon, meanwhile im in baguio philippines for some relative visit for the holidays, but i am still in pen and rule desing mode for the Colonial Fighter fleet.

      i have some scale model photos for the Mk2 Viper, now all i need are some schematics of the Mk7 and blackbird landing skids.
    14. Shin_kazama
      master paragon, you informed me previously on the Viper mk7 thread that you are going to redesign yet again the colonial blackbird.

      as for those who would like to adjust color by simply changing contrast/brightness settings, like me to accurately represent the carbon composite beauty in black, i would recommend recoloring the score lines to a lighter shade so as to stand up a bit on the darker model.

      also, the previous revision was great step forward, but i wondered, what happened to it and it somehow suffered artifacts from a lower resolution jpg conversion...

      well thats all what i can recommend for the blackbird...

      anyways check my new Viper Landing gear thread....
    15. Paragon
      Yes, I did used to hang around there a bit, though its been awhile.
    16. Martinus
      Just wondering if you used to hang out at Hard-Light Productions? You're the same age and have the same handle as someone there.
    17. Paragon
      Durandal is on the way. I need to make some modifications to her.

      I did the rear cowling and cockpit on the Mk 7 by sight actually, from scratch. I just cut the parts into what I figured were accurate. Sorry.
    18. Shin_kazama
      dear paragon,

      i would like to know how you accurately redesigned the rear cowl area of jay's Mk7 viper. looking at your no lines parts, it still uses jay's stock cowl designs.

      also, i noticed that you had a cockpit installed in your Mk7 viper, can i have a copy please?

      thats all, the redesigned cowlings and the cockpit.

      thank you master!!
    19. mchale
      Cant wait to download and build durandal class starship IT LOOKS AWSOME LOVE IT:thumb::thumb::mrgreen::mrgreen::cool::cool:
    20. Shin_kazama
      hey your basestar avatar looks nice. wonder where you got that?
      also if its a paper model is in scale with jay's pegasus model?

      diorama is being planned.
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