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    Looks good, tastes great, less filling.:thumb::cool:
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    this looks great gearz you talented bugger!
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    nothing ~ I use META itself, and a bitmap editor ( PaintShopPro V4) * give me 10 minutes and I'll whip up a 'did it this way' gfx.

    CJTK ~ Hehe.. 5 grams of fat or less.. I guess that makes the Nostromo an h'orderve for the refinery.

    9 ~ Thanks mate, I wish my teachers had said that to me instead of 'Your SUSPENDED' * Inline with my policy of giving advice when its not asked for !.. I have to suggest you have a good look around the design parts/posts here, with your background you'd probably pick up model designing like a duck to water.~ (Caution its very addictive! )
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    nothing ~ There are a number of ways to make textures like these, I've noted the basics for the method i use, for Knight when he was working on his detail set for Skips Sulaco < on this page > with the exception that this is for texturing the 3D model, and I leave the panelling ON the base texture, Plus a few extra steps for shading.

    Probably the trickiest part is building a texture that 'fits' the 3D model without distorting / pixelisation..IMHO anyway. For that I make 'texture templates' directly from the 3D model in META. This method generates a LOT of extra working files, however it gives you greater control and flexibility over the process. ~ If it all turns to worms and you don't like the look of the finished texture on the 3D model, you can easily go back a step and correct it.


    TextureTemplates1.jpg * Again there are a number of ways of doing this, in META ~

    * I either, Select [View] [MQR] OR delete all the textures to get a vanilla view of the 3d model.

    * Select the view you want for the required textures [F1] side [F2] top ( I rotate the model 90 degrees clockwise, because I have a phobia about working vertically) [F3] Front

    * Zoom in so the model/template fills the working area.

    * Screen capture and transfer / Paste the image to your bitmap editor.


    * Clean up the image (all you want is the template and a uniform background)

    * The most important bit ~ Select the template area with what ever selection tool your editor has ( magic wand ?)

    * [Crop] the image and save it as a base working file. Its now a perfect fit for the 3D model, what ever textures you overlay onto the this template will be a WYSIWUG when applied to the 3d model.


    Referring to the method on the gfx attachment + post # 189 in the Sulaco thread linked above.


    * When you paste (as a transparency) the panelling into the base texture, [Select] [Invert Selection] so that you can now edit the main image without touching the panelling.

    * using what ever tool you wish ( airbrush) ( retouch ~ Lighten or darken) add some shading to the image wherever appropriate.

    * Save it as a Texture file (re-named) for you 3D model.. ** I usually prefix texture files with the abbreviation 'TEX' to avoid over writing a working file and /or getting confused ( happens lots to me)

    Pheeeww.. Clear as mud..? . This method has Flea's and it could easily be done using layers in many bitmap editors, its just how I build most of my textures ~ sorry the explanation was so convoluted with broken gfx ~ I hope it made sense.

    *I'd encourage Dev's to experiment with their textures. A bit of shading makes a refreshing difference and gives a model a bit of depth ~ compared to the uniform textures we usually have to work with, or that usually accompany a 3D model.

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    I have been accompanying that thread with great interest. His work is amazing. If this model when ready it is available for download I say with certainty that will be the model of paper of the year in the area of SF... sign1
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    Thanks Péricles ~ I wish ~ Fame, Fortune and Dancing Girls!. sign1

    progress ~ Mmmmm.. The perils of P*** Poor Planning. Had to go back a step and properly mate the mini-stromo to refinery's platform. * I should have developed them as a single unit in the first place.

    The Nostromo will be to small for an edge (card) grip to the gantry arm, so a small magnet seems likely as an alternative. The sliding arm will also have to align the Nostromo, so the engine bells engage their housings in the platform ( approx) A moot point at this scale, but I'd like it to be work-able at least.

    Abandoned the fancy texturing on the refinery in favour of a general gunge ( avoids any detail placement problems ~ builders can stick panels anywhere)

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    ??!...Its a shame the pulling bit is so small, the gantry arm would make a nice mounting bracket for a larger model.

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    Wow! I'm gone for a couple of days due to Easter and the flood and I come back and see all of this marvelous work.

    Great job on the textures and everything else GEARZ!

    The Nostromo would really make a great large scale kit. :hint: :hint: sign1
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    "OK. The money's safe. Let's take 'er down."
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    I'm thinkin that once its released, I'm going to take it to Kinkos (or wherever) and enlarge it on a copier. Then I'll just greeblie the heck out of. Regardless of its original size, its by Gearz.....so its gonna be AWESOME!
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    Don't beat around the bush, tell us how you really feel.sign1

    I totally feel your want to do things your own way, I was just joking around. sign1

    Keep on Trekkin!:thumb:
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    thanks gearz for the quick tut it was helpfull.a scaled up versoin of the nostramo and arm would make a nice model also!
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    Let's take 'er down. lol ~ I'm looking forward to re-enacting that bit using the model ~ With full vocal sound effects of course ! :razz:

    lol thanks Doc ~ no pressure eh lol ~ You were the Big G instigator that led me to this great forum, so I can't break from tradition ~ I'll make sure you have the first copy off the press.

    nothing ~ no worries.. * love your new Avatar ~ it could be the official designers DEVlog / animated diary!.

    Yep I'd like to see someone give the Nostromo the individual attention it deserves. Hopefully we'll end up seeing several versions of her. ~ A selection from a Mini-stromo, right up to a Maxi-stromo, will be way better than No-stromo's [splooooot!]

    Before i nip off and catch up on some long over due building, i have a parting question for those interested. ~ A serendipitous 'wrong' click of a button gave me an idea worth enquiring about.

    * The refinery is going to be a large, costly and time consuming model to develop + build. I'd imagine a majority of builders will opt for the 'pulling bit' and totally disregard the refinery. I will be developing the lot, however, would a wall mount /relief sort of refinery be more to anyone's liking? ~ sort of a compromise build with enough relief to give the feel of the vessel.

    The attached pic was quick N dirty, just to flesh the idea.



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  14. Nosports

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    Hey that would be a very fine idea.

    If you could shell this out without big troubles and time why not.....

    May be a little deeper for the refinery, but superb idea
  15. Hot4Darmat

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    Very good idea, indeed. I also vote for a slightly deeper relief of the refinery...like maybe the front half of the first set of towers, but basically, yeah, it's way more likely to get built by paper modelers that way than the whole deal (...except for freaks and fanatics like me, who WILL be building your whole gigantic monster refinery).
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    I will certainly build your Nostromo, but although I would like, I don't think I'll have the space or time to build the refinery, but I'm not sure if I'll would build all display as your example, although it would be interesting to give an idea of scale.
  17. Lex

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    I love the tutorial on textures!! That's what I've always lacks and now I understand the heart of it, thanks Gearz!! And good luck with the design!
  18. Gearz

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    Yep I think that might be the go... The Nostromo as a small build + the 'wall relief' refinery ( enough relief to differentiate the towers) + the full on refinery.. I'll go figure out the approx sizes of each build and hammer some dots.

    Thanks gents :thumb:
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    I'll take it either way you produce it. I've got a stack of builds, but right now my HD is in recovery, so I'm going to have to wait..... Maybe by the time you get her finished I'll have time to build one. LOL
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    Just woundering.....

    Hows the thing going along ?

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