USS Sulaco / Aliens

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Alien99, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    the results are always better when we really are hungry for it

    That´s my words......And thanks for your support...from all of you.:thumb::wave:
  2. wile1411

    wile1411 New Member

    in a word - WOW!
  3. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    Happy new year 2012 to all Sulaco builders.:wave:

    This year is the year of u.s.s.Sulaco completition.:twisted:

    stay tuned..
  4. Hear, hear... :mrgreen:

    I just finished my "antenna array" (that was a tough one! So many thin parts that have to be reaaaaally straight!) and will start with the middle section next week. Progress will definitely be faster there with all the huge boxes. :cool:
  5. reaper

    reaper New Member

    so I want to tell you that I am very appreciative of your work I found your model last year and I am very eager to see more and to finish exposser above my aquarium.

    being a huge fan of alien I'm glad I found the Sulaco of this quality.

    Then I would ask you if you had projects in conserne Predator franchise?
  6. KGC

    KGC Member

    Hello Jan, I would like to ask you if you come back once the SULACO to make models of your site, I am very interested in L? UD-4L Dropship.
  7. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    Hello to all fans. I have Two news. one bad one and good one.

    The bad first: My new computer is not fuctional...again. wall1
    So, the updating of my webpage is on hold ....again wall1wall1

    And now...the good news: Both anounced groups are finished.:thumb:
    I had little problem with the upload of the files into my webpage folder, but everything is fine and files are fully accesible....
    Prepared groups are both sides behind the cannons. Lab. level 3/5...

    so , as always: 3 ships, 2 groups, 6 PDF files

    Sulaco - group 15

    Sulaco - group 17

    Sulaco3 - group 15

    Sulaco3 - group 17


    Patna - group 15

    Patna - group 17

    Download and enjoy.:wave:
  8. Dented Rick

    Dented Rick Human

    Love your ability, Love what you are building, Love Love Love.

    One issue, Group 15 for Patna doesn't work.

    other than that, PERFECTION. Keep it up :):thumb:
  9. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    Patna 15 fixed:thumb:
  10. Dented Rick

    Dented Rick Human

    Hartelijk dank!:thumb:
  11. hawkman67

    hawkman67 Member

    Awsome, Awsome work as usual!!! I am always excited when you put out updates for the big gal..
    I found that the file for the original Sulaco, parts 15 does not work.

    I too would love to see the rest of your Dropship models finished, like the armored versions including the Medical one..
    Big fan,
  12. matineematt7

    matineematt7 New Member

    This would leave only Group 18, and Groups 20-26 to complete this thing. Whichever group comes next, it will all be worth the wait.
  13. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    So excellent. A heartfelt Thanks!! :)
  14. KGC

    KGC Member

    Thank you! As usual you are a great!
  15. hawkman67

    hawkman67 Member

    Thank You for fixing group 15 of the original Sulaco!!!
  16. reaper

    reaper New Member

    big thank you I am too happy
  17. jake01

    jake01 New Member

    wow amazing simply amazing THANK YOU
  18. KGC

    KGC Member

    Jan, any news? I hope you manage to find time to finish the model! :)
  19. caps81

    caps81 New Member

    рябят, из москвы с любовью, когда будет новая группа деталей?
  20. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Также уверен, но остаются вокруг и когда мы узнаем, будет размещена здесь, добро пожаловать на борт! :):thumb:

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