USS Sulaco / Aliens

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Alien99, Feb 1, 2009.

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    thanks, hope for the best.
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    Zathras smart, Zathras help
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    Zathras personal question, is the new Babylon 5?
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    Затрас хотим нового Вавилона 5. Большая машина, и Вавилон-5 все прошло. В настоящее время для одного, тот, который!
  5. There is a new parts group online since last weekend via Facebook - the hangar section.
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    Marco would be possible to post it here? I do not have facebook! Thanks so much!
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    I looked for it and could not find it...:cry:
  8. Jan didn't get his permission to host the file anywhere else by other people, so sorry, I can't do that. Go to facebook and search for "alienspapercraft" (written in one word, like I did it here) to find his group with the recent downloads.
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    Great find!
    Thanks Mark, and you too Vortex.
    If you can keep updated discussion so that I know when you post on Facebook!
    Thank you!
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    I'd let him host his files here. Maybe you could let him know. He could send me a P.M., or if you P.M. me, we can make arrangements. :thumb:
  11. Ah, I made a typo... I meant Jan didn't GIVE his permission to host the files anywhere else. He is also difficult to reach - very often he doesn't react to mails or PMs. But I'll try to contact him.
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    I don't blame him(on being difficult to reach). If he is all set with hosting his models, that is fine. Don't even bother contacting him on my behalf. If he ever does need a place to host them, then that is something we could help him out with. I cannot even imagine how many e-mails he gets! :)
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  14. This is really a running gag meanwhile... wall1

    PLEASE don't just read the end of a thread, read it completely. It has been mentioned more than once here that Jan released the last groups via his "Aliens Papercraft" Facebook account only, because he is having problems with his website. The project is still going on, the last group was released just a week ago.

    You can find his Facebook site when you search for "alienspapercraft" over there.
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    Some people need to get a grip. The only people who should be concerned are the ones who are at that stage, and they are far and few, and do not seem to be concerned. So y'all chill out now! :)
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    Im not concerned, I say let the man work at his own pace. He's got other things going on in his life other than the Sulaco, and I applaud him for his priorities.

    Do your thing Jan, and we'll be here when YOU are ready. :)

    Awesome work btw.
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    I appreciate the members keeping their cool so well, about everything really. This forum kind of runs itself, and it is because of you regular guys. You all know who you are. :)
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    You know, I so rarely get to check on on the modeling scene any more and haven't had glue on my fingers in months, but I do love watching this meticulous build when I can pop in. It is a heck of a lot of fun to see.

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    Being in school is time consuming and takes a lot out of anyone. Just keep popping by and say "Hi" once in a while. Let us know how you're doing. That fine by us. :)
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