USS Sulaco / Aliens

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Alien99, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. BradAmeerBeg

    BradAmeerBeg Member

    So... crumbs. I'm gunna make the full size Sulaco, cos it's awesome, but... crumbs, that's REALLY SMALL!!!
    Well done!
  2. jeanma

    jeanma New Member

    thanks all :)
  3. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    after long time i have some new progress:mrgreen:
    the "cargo"hangar section is finished:thumb:..
    and here are some pics of the whole thing:twisted:


    same angle...without flash


    from behind...

    and some detail...:twisted:


    ..plastical detail..:rolleyes:


    and one with the old known dropship :twisted:


    ..more soon.....sign1
  4. BradAmeerBeg

    BradAmeerBeg Member

    I think I speak for everyone when I say... WOOT!!!:thumb:
  5. davitch

    davitch Member

    This thing is going to be huge! Great work Jan!
  6. 57townsman

    57townsman Member

    Amazing as usual, Jan :eek:

    Is that a Tron Recognizer standing in for the gantry crane?:rofl:

  7. kingofprd

    kingofprd Member

    Masakr - čtvrtek mám slíbeno další várku. Určitě jsi pochopil.sign1
  8. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    [polite quiet british voice]...and here we see the young offspring has suckled onto the mother ship, a precious moment indeed...[/polite quiet british voice]
  9. Mifune73

    Mifune73 Member

    Open the dropship bay doors Bishop!

    I'm afraid I can't do that, Ripley...
  10. BradAmeerBeg

    BradAmeerBeg Member

    Why is that Bishop?

    You have the remote controls, Ripley...

    Oops. My bad?
  11. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Ripley, maybe you should take a stress pill, and calm down...
    daisy.... Daaaaaaaiiisyyyy........

    Bishop? Bishop...!?
  12. julianmaurice

    julianmaurice Member

    Great ooga booga, that is more amazing than he most amazing, amazing thing!

    Love looking at this site, love this project.
  13. SMWulph

    SMWulph New Member

    *Pokes about in the Cockpit mumbling*
    OK where the hell is the Garage door opener? ;)
  14. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    Hi folks:thumb:
    some minor updates ws done:mrgreen:

    what u have see is belly structure...between the bottom side plates

    front view....yes what u see here is another cargo hangar

    and how is it look like on the finished parts..


    and dry completation with the bottom side plate:thumb:


    still working.....:twisted: on it..:wave:
  15. luciencarroll

    luciencarroll Grand Poobah

    great uga-boga i am in gribble heaven.... so close to the drop bay i can taste it

    again amazing
  16. kingofprd

    kingofprd Member

    :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb: Parádička. Zítra ti cinknu. T.
  17. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    hi are some new details of the belly section..




    some makro detail of the texture:eek:


    in this point..the positive news ends.:confused:.....after glueing the belly parts to the torso ..the whole thing began to take 2 nights to become fully visible...wall1.....maybe THIS is a negative aspect of the cube system.there must be some weight on the parts when you glueing big area. after pasting the big pars together there must be some torsion forces appear....damnwall1wall1wall1


    what I ve gonna do with it?...any idea?....Ive released some force by cutting some cubes across....maybe it will e better after pasting the rounded parts above the hangars....maybe not....who knows....:confused:
  18. BradAmeerBeg

    BradAmeerBeg Member

    This is probaly easily remedied by using bolsa wood inside it?
  19. Bigtiime

    Bigtiime Member

    As a suggestion, try using foamcore board inside the larger parts. Fantastic build btw!
  20. Alien99

    Alien99 Papercraft Member

    there are karton-papers glued by the double sided tape inside each cube:thumb:.
    the whole structure is very hard from that point:twisted:. so it makes me an amazing in my can screw such a hard construction that way:confused:....

    today is one night from cutting the cubes in the torsion it looks 20% better:oops:....i hope that th process will be continue..

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