UHU02's Valley Forge

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by OhioMike, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Vahmp

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    WOW, great model!!!:shock::-o:-ojawdrop:goldcup::thumb::!::!:


    Will it be a free download from this site, or better question, where can I get (download) one?:D:!::!:

    (edited; FOr those that read my dump question. Nevermind, I figured it out...)

    Uhu Sama, Tomo origato!!! (I hope I spelled that correctly.:oops:)
    You Sr., are a Master artsman!:thumb::thumb::thumb:
  2. Vahmp

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    @ ekuth, Elliott, Rhaven Blaack and gleasure,

    Just an FYI...

    Did you guys know that that Galactica 1980 jet cycle helmet, is in reality a "Simson, Bandit" Motorcycle helmet? Manufatured in the 80s by "Simson helmets"...
  3. Vahmp

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    Hi Samurai,

    If I'm not mistaken...
    You cut out the black wedges if you are making paper domes.
    If you are making transparent plastic domes, you use the dome drawings as templates, to cut the wedges, then you scribe in the panel lines with a needle or some pointy tool...
    (I kinda figured this part out, cause of building scratchbuilt models...)

    As for gluing the plastic domes?
    Well... I haven't fully looked at the download or instructions yet.

    (edited; I was right, I just saw the templates for the clear plastic dome parts)
  4. vulcan8630

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    Check page 10 of this thread....... Master Uhu02 was quite generous in sending a pictorial build and instructions on the "dome" build.......
  5. Ron Caudillo

    Ron Caudillo Creative Advisory Consultant Moderator

    From what I can see, Master Uhu uses clear celophane tape to join the clear dome edges. He cuts a shape (to match the two triangles to be joined at the edges), I think it's called a parallelogram, and sticks this on the inside. By using a bunch of these clear tape shapes, he works his way down from the center top to the bottom of the plastic dome.

    Best Regards,
    Ron Caudillo
  6. Vahmp

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    Hi Ron,

    Yea, I noticed that too, but as a scratchbuilder (I use all types of material) I don't trust adhesive tape very much, cause in time it will undo. I much prefere to lay a finite line of glue to put it together (it may take abit more time and patience, but the end result is much better (for me that is, each person has their fav... way of doing things. hehehe)
  7. samurai32

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    hey thanks for all the helpful input on construction. I guess I'll just have to play around with some practice stuff before I try it on the real thing to see how everything fits together. I agree though that tape might not hold for too long so gluing may be the way to go ,, we'll see. happy building every one.
  8. Talos

    Talos New Member

    I am truly in awe of UHU02's model design and construction.
    My compliments to you Sir!
  9. fireroze22

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    Has anyone started has tobuild this one is it tricky to build?

  10. Tintellaar

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    Ode to the Master...

    I have been working on the VF for about two months now... Almost done... I have added some things, some that didn't work so well, others did... I will post pics when I am done...

    AND, I want to add my awe to the list of awe's here... Uhu, wow... I, um, well, am just speechless as the quality and detail...

    I have been on disability for about year, surgeries and stuff... And paper modeling has been my source of sanity...

    I thank all, and appreciate all, and special thanks to you Uhu for your work...


    Oh, Yeah, the domes... WOW, thought I would loose that sanity I talked about... musta done like 5 trials before I learned how... tough!
  11. Tintellaar

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    Hiya, I have finished the Model! :) I am so pleased... Um, I did take some artistic license in a few areas, added a lot of little pieces... Say, it was just refitted for the domes and not all the deep space engines, fuel tanks were refitted for close to earth maintenance... It takes a bit to add files, time, so I will add as I have, time... :) Thank you again Uhu!!!!!!!

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    just say it was refitted for use as the Agro Ships in the original BSG....
  13. Tintellaar

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    Some More...

    The dome were very difficult indeed. I tried glue, super glue and the tape, he was right though, I finally got some double sided tape and along with pre-taping the dome slats together above the corner where it would be clamped between the inner and outer ring, then using the double sided tape once I had the form, I did OK. But, cutting the forms so that the slats would meet up properly, well...

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  14. Zathros

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    The domes are fantastic looking!! You should be very proud of yourself. They are great!!:thumb:
  15. Tintellaar

    Tintellaar Member


    Making the waterfall was fun :) Nothing like the movie, but, at least its there...

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  16. Tintellaar

    Tintellaar Member


    I wanted to show some of the other domes before the, well, domes went on... hehehe

    I also added, which I read in many places on the net was a point of discussion, the access ramps... In the last one, you can see it up next to the rocks in the upper left... I figured they used elevators as what they do in the movie just didn't make sense. Thinking back, I shoulda put them in the center, but at least I did try to line them up with one of the main struts running under the dome... And, I know the scales are off, but it was a lot of fun to do!!!

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  17. Tintellaar

    Tintellaar Member

    Thank You Very Much Zathros!!! I put a LOT of work into the model and recognition from fellow modelers is much appreciated :) And as always, can't give enough thanks to Uhu for the design!
  18. uhu02

    uhu02 Active Member

    Thank You Very Much ,Tintellaar!

    Great job:thumb: …waterfall and forest
    It looks much better than my designs:eek:

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  19. sgoti

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    No faint praise from uhu02 himself!

    Fantastic job, sir!
  20. Tintellaar

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    Thank YOU

    How does one thank the master??? WOW, thank you Uhu02, Your compliment makes my whole year! But again, I want to thank you for your work on the models I have several of yours I want to build yet, the Aries 1B, the Time Machine and of course completed - Silent Running... The Greatest of all movies and I get to build replicas from them... So, thank YOU...


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