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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by OhioMike, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Fiver

    Fiver New Member

    Yes, those would be the ones and I should correct myself here;

    They are really very good models and quite detailed as far as graphics and proportions. They are obviously meant to be simple models of a previously unavailable subject. I have them myself and I enjoyed building them.

    What a meant by "lacking in detail" was that the designer relied mostly on graphics that suggest raised lines, contours and ridges rather than creating those facets with card-stock. He did a great job as far as I'm concerned, especially considering the size of the models. They're all only 3 or 4 inches and really very good for being that size.

    I really didn't mean to suggest that they weren't worth having...I'm just really excited with the prospect of highly detailed models by a master like uhu02!
  2. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Hi Fiver,

    I wasn't implying anything in my post :); just wanted to be sure I was on the same sheet of music as everyone else. My thought was that perhaps uhu02 and Makino were collaborating on a redesign of the drone trio. I too am looking forward to uhu02's rendition of the (duck) drones. :thumb:
  3. uhu02

    uhu02 Active Member

    I am sorry for betraying the expectations.
    It is very small.(The small size also disappoint her…)

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  4. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Who betrayed anything? Not you uhu02. We did what is called "making a mountain out of a molehill", sort of. We took your remark about the drones and blew it all out of proportion. Our fault. Mea culpa. :oops:

    I like the drones in the scale you have drawn them. They will add a sense of life(!) to the model. Your build, by the way, is looking very good. it is a privilege to watch the master (sorry, Gary P.) at work. :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  5. Fiver

    Fiver New Member

    Wow! That is small! No matter...that the drones are there at all is impressive.

    I just watched the movie again tonight. I'd forgotten how superb it is. Very quiet...very moral. It put me in mind of "Moon." It was certainly one of Bruce Dern's finest performances.

    The story goes that Bruce got tired of playing psycho cowboys on "Gun Smoke" and "Bonanza," fired his agent, got a new one and Silent Running was the first thing he got. It didn't exactly rocket him to stardom but it did put him on the map.

    I can't wait to build this model!

    Thanks again,

  6. Red

    Red Member

    I think these little guys will look good with UHU02's ship.:thumb:
    you can always add more to them if you wanted.:mrgreen:

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  7. Red

    Red Member

    I found this late last night.
    sorry I don't remember where I found it. So if someone gets mad Ill take it down or the admin can it has the name Mike Joyce on it.
    This looks really good.

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  8. Red

    Red Member

  9. Ron Caudillo

    Ron Caudillo Creative Advisory Consultant Moderator

    Mike Joyce runs the B-9 (Lost in Space) robot builders club. Really nice guy who is one one of a few that are hosting my model of the Space Pod.


    (Sorry is this is considered a hijack- I was just intending to let you know where to contact him).

    Best Regards,
    Ron Caudillo
  10. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Not a hijack Ron. You're providing information that will help Red contact Mike Joyce about posting his model.
  11. ajmadison

    ajmadison Member

    Well, these have been around years. I haven't heard any complaints, though I haven't built these specifically, but his other papercraft have been excellent.

  12. uhu02

    uhu02 Active Member

    I will do final adjustments of the pattern tomorrow :wave:

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  13. Red

    Red Member

    jawdropjawdropWow jawdrop jawdrop this is truly jaw dropping, another great model to be proud of


    how were the domes made?
  15. ghostflight

    ghostflight New Member

    Fantastic work by a true master!
  16. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Spectacular work uhu02! :D
  17. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member


    Wow... okay, I'm with Armorman... how the devil did you do those domes???

    Oh, and Picture Of The Week for sure. :thumb:
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  18. Gixergs

    Gixergs Well-Known Member

    Congratulations UHU02 on another very deserved Picture of the Week and on another truly incredible model.The domes are just amazing works of art by themselves.
  19. uhu02

    uhu02 Active Member

    Thanks all,
    Dome was a very difficult work for me.

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  20. !!Outstanding work!! I never think that anyone was capable of doing it!
    Indeed, there are Masters among us.

    Many thanks.


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