SR2 Normandy Design and Build - continued

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by sjsquirrel, Jul 19, 2011.

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    Yeh same here in Australia , one art shop that i ask about the krylon preserve it, he has to get it imported from oversea but he say the shipping cost is more than the item but it looks like i have to wait about a week before i can try it out.
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    It's the main reason I use EPSON printers, the Pigment Ink issue. I had a Lexmark that I really liked and one day my son just splashed a tiny bit of water and a model no far away looked like it went through acid rain! :)
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    I'm sure there are other products out there, those were just two I was familiar with. I would have thought the art shop would have other suggestions. These products are also used for preserving pastel and charcoal artwork, watercolor art, maps, and many other things. Good luck.

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    Hi Steve,

    Yep he has suggested scopa Paper Acrylic Sealer Spray but he say the glue may not stick to it. I got it anyway to try it out on finish model :thumb:.
    He is familiar with krylon preserve it & it one of the best product around.I want to try it out & see how good it is with glue ect ect.... but i know the glue that i'm using TARZAN"S Grip general purpose will stick to anything , i been using TARZAN'S Grip for a while on my model planes & paper model aswell , does not stain the ink or leave glue marks on my models.

    Zathros , I'm using a Brother DCP -150c i notice it has got some problem with so i might of thinking of getting a EPSON printer next.
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    Back to the Normandy SR2

    How is the progress going on the engine, i notice on the original meshes on the Normandy SR2 there is quite alot of editing on the engine to the wing. I'm glad someone like you with skills is tackling the Normandy SR2 into a paper model:cool:.
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    Well, right now the unfolding department is waiting for the next release from the editing department, which has made some progress but is not working very efficiently. Meanwhile the assembly department has been very busy building other stuff. Apparently modular origami has become a near obsession, with the past few months seeing the production of 5 swans, a flying crane, a flying Canada goose, a couple decorative ornaments, and currently the beginnings of a fairly large dragon, and a build of a robin by Johan Scherft.

    Word from the editing department is that editing on the wings and engines is about 80% complete, and the final design parameters and assembly procedures have been established, so the remaining 20% can proceed quickly as soon as cognitive resources become available. After that the unfolding department can do their thing (subject to resource availability), and if we can get the assembly department off the origami stuff we'll be set.

    Apparently once editing of one wing/engine set is complete it can be mirrored, and the textures adjusted in far less time than it would take to edit both sides individually. Or so I'm told :cool:.

    Hopefully I'll have more news sooner rather than later.

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    Great Work

    I#ve been following this thread closely as a guest for the past few months since I started looking for the Normandy SR-2 Model.

    I just had the feeling it could not hurt to let you know that there's anotherone appreciating all the Work put into this Model.

    Thank you, Sir!
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    You really need to talk to the supervisors of the editing department and tell them to get the workers to stop frakking around, or else you'll fire them.

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    Thanks Norton. It does help get me back on task to have comments like that. Even a simple "how's it going" question like Anthony asked the other day reminds me I'm slacking and helps bring my attention back to it.

    After that enquiry I put in an hour or two of editing and made great progress.

    You're absolutely right, and I had just such a talk with them yesterday! Hopefully I'll have updates soon.

    Thanks for the nudges everyone.

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    That's no problemo :mrgreen:, Steve your thread should be on the sticky for all the hard work, you deserve it:thumb:.

    BTW , those models that i seen where you can buy them of the Normandy SR2 i herd review that they have a bad rating on them , my brother inlaw purchase one the other week that he received , the front nose snap right off & he did not removed it out of the package. The size is way small it around 6 1/4" in length, the painting is excellent & the detail is tops but it got me thinking of not purchase one, to me don't waist your money on one of them.If you are getting one with your game then you can see what i mean about them.

    I rather build steve Normandy :thumb: & knowing that the size is perfecto , that i build it from scratch & that i can hold it with out falling apart on me.

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    Nothing to thank for ;) You´re the artist here.
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    Hey Steve, just wondering if we could get an update? Thanks a bunch!
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    2nd that............
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    This model is looking really amazing. Can't wait to see more!

    It's possible to convert your PC saves into Xbox saves and transfer them, with a bit of dedication. A bit of Google-fu lead me to this website that will convert between them:*
    And this one which tells you how to do it in reverse:*
    I imagine that, with a bit of ingenuity, you could follow these instructions in reverse to arrive at big-screen ME3 joy.
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    Small update

    Well, for those of you wanting an update, here's the latest. As usual, things tend to work out in unexpected ways. The editing department finally got back to work on the wings and engines, and this work led to a re-design of the lower hull section, in order to make attaching the wings easier. This made the lower hull simpler and easier to build as well.

    It turns out that the delays in the production department were fortuitous, since they would have been test building the old version of the lower hull instead of the new version, so that time and effort would have been wasted anyway.

    The editing department now estimates that design and development is about 00% complete. All that remains is to design some internal support structures for the engines, so that the wing supports will mate properly with the engines, keeping everything lined up and solid so you can safely play with your model when it's done.

    Just imagine how you feel zooming through the house with your space ship. Zoooom! Zooooom! Fire Weapons! Zoooom! Zooooom! Hard to starboard! Zoooom! Zooooom! Whoooosh!

    When I have more time (which has actually been scarce lately due to the need to work for a living) I'll post a few screen shots. In fact, I'll bring my laptop to work tonight and do what I can between flights. Good idea!


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    Incredible find. Thank you
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    As this is the SR2 are you going to add any of the optional upgrades? Also, i'm really quite confused... do you have multiple people working on this model? You keep referring to departments but I think maybe you're just being silly and referring to them in jest.

    Any way, love the work so far!
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    Actually I started the whole "departments" silliness. I work at an engine refurbishment facility and share an office with the supervisors, so I merely told sjsquirrel what I would tell them (in jest, I assure you; I'm merely a photographer, not a line boss or anything like that). It's just an attempt at light-heartedly poking sjs with a stick. sign1
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    Nice work as all ways steve :thumb: on editing those wing & engine is seen in your photo album.

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