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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by jkrenzer, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. jkrenzer

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  2. eibwarrior

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    Good start on the superstructure. Rodney's superstructure is so unique among the battleships of that era of design. Very specific to the Nelson class.

    Watch out for the hail stones. They can wreak havoc on paper ships. :-(
  3. Mark_1984

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    Wicked photos of the hail storms - bet you're glad you weren't caught out in them !!

    Love the kitchen - would you like to come and do mine for me when you've finished ;)

    Rodney is coming on very nicely - a lovely clean build :)
  4. Tim Crowe

    Tim Crowe Member

    Hail in the summer - reminds me of my holiday last year in Devon!

    Great model - by the way

    I look forward to each new post
  5. logicman

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    Just popped in to say:
    That's the best model I've ever seen of HMS IKEA ! :thumb:

    Oh, and the Rodney's not bad, as well. :rolleyes:

    Great builds - both of them. :thumb::thumb::thumb:

    Thank you for sharing.
  6. redhorse

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    Oh, this Rodney build is looking really good. And the kitchen looks great, I put up cabinets last year including a corner unit. I wish I would have seen this post back then. The jack idea is great, I just screwed 2 x 4's into the wall and shimmed to level. Saw horses and jacks, man that would have saved a lot of frustration!!!

    Also, your weather is looking like North TX with all that hail, and I saw there were tornadoes somewhere in NY the other day....

    Thanks for this build, I'm really enjoying it.
  7. Beachead

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    Yup - I'm liking the kitchen and the build. Both look great. Thanks for keeping us up to date.
  8. jkrenzer

    jkrenzer Member

    It's been a couple weeks, lots of work, golf, kitchen, and some Rodney.

    The last two weekends spent installing ths sub-floor and tiles for the kitchen. By back is killing me, too old to bend over so much.

    I did squeeze in some Rodney as well. The bridge tower is well under way. I cut out the lower windows but blacked out the upper because they were just too close to cut out for me. The bridge is an awesome piece looking over the fore deck.

    I added balsa frames under each deck to flatten out the deck prior to installing into the outer wrap. I think this works well.

    I will continue with the bridge and attach it as a completed piece. Not possible with the complicated Nagato.

    Pics will be in 2 groups.

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  9. jkrenzer

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    Second set.

    the kitchen is with tile, minus appliances. The grout will be added tomorrow. My wife does not know she is on the web site but here she is.


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  10. jkrenzer

    jkrenzer Member

    Well some progress has been made on both fronts. Floor grout is in and sealed. Next will be the counter tops. That will commence this coming Saturday.

    On the Rodney additional work has been completed and the bridge upper works are well under way.


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  11. SEBRET

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    Looking good.
  12. jkrenzer

    jkrenzer Member

    Well I decided to work the artillary. The barbets and the turret frames with barrels are under construction. In the first photos have the barbets framed. The next series show 2 of 3 completed internal turret structures. I used the kits barrel holders and built a basic tool for leveling the barrels. I always prefer the barrels in a lower sea state position, looks less toyish I believe.

    In the fist gun photo I am ensuring the barrel length won't interfere with the center barbet.

    Also the Kitchen counter top is layed in and cut. I just finished this and will morter it later. The edging is temporary and will be replaced once the morter and grout are completed.


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  13. jkrenzer

    jkrenzer Member

    Additonal pics.

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  14. eibwarrior

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    Very nice jkrenzer. Are you using Fly/Gomix replacement barrels? If so, those are well worth the $. They look great.

    She's a beautiful Rodney. Keep up the great work!
  15. Stu McGee

    Stu McGee Member

    So where do the pets eat during the renovation?
  16. jkrenzer

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    I know it has been awhile but here are some progress updates.

    The kitchen is almost complete, the counter tops are tiled and grouted, all the trim away from the counter tops is installed. I have to admitt that even the kitchen has taken a slight back seat as the summer has a lot to offer, concerts, camping, and golf to mention a few.

    Yesterday afternoon after i grouted the counter tops I built the turret housings for C the B mounts on the Rodney. Other than that no additional work has been done, just to much outdoor activities. Now as fall approaches and the kitchen is almost done I will get more into her.

    One photo I added showing out mini wine making efforts at work. We have a pear tree that yields so much fruit. I presently have 30 gallons of pear wine, 7 gallons of blueberry wine, and 6 gallons of pear brandy in process. We also have an apple tree that I will make at least 6 gallons of apple wine. The pear yield needed to make the wine and brandy is 140 lbs of fruit, all cored and mashed. The tree easily has 4 times that much left but my arms can not handle that much slicing and dicing.


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  17. jkrenzer

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    Turret pictures:

    Turret C the first I assembled, I built by placing the face on, the main body then the rear. It assembled reasonably well.

    Turret B I assembled the face plate to the main body then placed the sub-assembly over the frame. Finally adding the rear plate. this worked better and i will use it for Turret A as well.

    Unlike Fly's Nagato which had 7 individual side walls and tops, Rodney only has 3 and is much easier to build. Rodney also has no blast bags.

    I have added a couple pics of Nagato's 1920's design next to Rodney's 1930's design. Basically both of British design.

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  18. jkrenzer

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  19. jkrenzer

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    Sunday's work.

    I have installed the Oak edging on the counter tops. Last step will be to seal the grout and then caulk the counter to wall creases, corners, and the oak edges. Caulking prevents expansion cracks from occuring.

    I just built A turrets enclosure and also the AA tube on B-Turret. These old Fly models really go together well. My Portland, Nagato, and now Rodney are favorites despite building newer kits. I did buy the Fly Titanic and can not wait to start her.

    I will flip a 3 headed coin for my next build. Titanic - Fuso - Junyo. I have not built a flat top yet, I bought the laser cut part set for Angraf's Fuso as well as barrels and the small parts detailed set. A fantastic set.

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  20. Beachead

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    Both look real good. Nice professional jobs.

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