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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by jkrenzer, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. eibwarrior

    eibwarrior Member

    Great job with the Walrus Joe. I've never been able to build one of those out of card for squat! You did a good job on it.

    She's looking good Joe. Keep at her.
  2. Mauiman

    Mauiman Member

    Perhaps when you are done with the Impressive Arizona model that you are working on. You should try your hand at this build. I have hope that you can pull it off and pull it off nicely.

    As for the builder of this HMS Rodney I am very impressed with this build and your skill. Keep up the good work and keep on surprising people like me.
  3. jkrenzer

    jkrenzer Member

    I agree, I woul love to see Eib buidl this, my skills are marginal.

    Anyway it's been a while but here are my latest pic's. I spent some time completing the hull for Titanic. Pic tomorrow, really neat model.

    I finished the small details in paper. I have to add more styrene and some rigging. The crane ranks among the nicest I have done, but wish I could have hollowed the vertical structure. I chose not to because Fly did not prvide internals and I did not want take a risk being this along.

    All that is left besides rigging and styrene are the props and a propper base.

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  4. jkrenzer

    jkrenzer Member

    more pics. sorry looks like I duplicated some.

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  5. David H

    David H Member

    Awesome stuff.

    Still think she's an odd looking ship.

  6. eibwarrior

    eibwarrior Member

    She looks wonderful Joe. I'm glad you could finish her. Just the fine details to go.

    I don't think your skills are marginal, I think you've done quite a remarkable job on this beautiful old ship.

    Your detail work is very clean and this will be a nice addition to your model shelf.
  7. Gregory Shoda

    Gregory Shoda Member

    Excellent work. Great looking model!
  8. Mauiman

    Mauiman Member

    Good work on her. I do agree with Eibwarior very well.

    I can see that you have worked very hard on this model and this model is very good. Just remember to keep out of reach of small children ;)
  9. Beachead

    Beachead Member

    A very good build. Still a sort of odd ship design. I like you're adding the sea plane to turret c. I hadn't noticed any photos with it onboard. Again, congrats.
  10. redhorse

    redhorse Member

    For some reason, I'm getting e-mails from Zealot again! This turned out really well, Rodney is still one of my favorites and you did a great job.
  11. jkrenzer

    jkrenzer Member


    Here are some additional photos, I forgot to take these when I finished her details. All I have left to do is add her flags and make a nice shelf for display.

    Also see the 2nd photo on the bottom left, Rodney in Malta circa 1943 with this camo and the plane on C-Turret. I am sure the plane was landed when she was engaged or at sea speeds. WWII/HMS_Rodney.htm

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  12. jkrenzer

    jkrenzer Member

    Oh, and I been distracted by Titanic. I have been working Fly models 1/200 Titanic. A monster of a kit.

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  13. eibwarrior

    eibwarrior Member

    Nice closing shots of Rodney. That's a nice model and I hope to build it as well as you have some day down the road.

    It's cool to see Titanic side-by-side with Rodney. Quite a comparison between the vessels. Nice work on the Titanic by the way.
  14. kiwi kev

    kiwi kev New Member

    enjoyed very much watching the build of rodney thanks for see the build in progress but we must see photos titanic being built i cant wait to read about the build and see photos thanks keep up the great work
  15. smyfe

    smyfe Member

    The Rodney and Nelson were two of the most individual warships in naval history and I think it is very rare that such justice has ever been done to them, work of art:thumb::thumb:

  16. Mousemuffins1

    Mousemuffins1 Member

    Wow. make me feel like having another go at mine. I was never really happy with the colours in the kit though. Fly model seem to have a bit of 'close enough" attitude to colours, particularly in their older kits.
  17. Beachead

    Beachead Member

    What a difference in the size of the two. Titanic was/is huge! The kit must weigh a couple of pounds. Great build on the Rodney. Wonder which is the tougher or is it apples and oranges?
  18. jkrenzer

    jkrenzer Member


    Rodney was tougher at least until I get to the ships boats. The Titanic hull has no difficult bends except at the stern. Also, the long straight sides are paneled (I used balsa) and as such are very flat. The upper works are mostly just rectangles and are all built one level at a time, the funnels were basic ellipical rounds and of course there are no guns.

    Oh yah, I am one more M.E. (model experienced), they almost always seem easier as I go.

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