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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by green_elite_cab, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. green_elite_cab

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    some more pictures:

    Here is my GP38 i'm working on. you can see all the new tank cars, with 4 on the siding to the left, and the rest in this train. my trains are getting nice and long! only thing now though is that most of my trains are tank trains, lol. Note to self, paint that new switch (old one was bent out of guage)


    Improvised sky!


    Oh yes, this kicks ass!


    NJ transit, AWAY! I need Catenary so badly....


    thats it for now!
  2. viperman

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    Good to see some updated progress. Things are looking good
  3. UP SD40-2

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    g_e_c:wave:, looks like you really got some NICE STUFF!!!:thumb: :thumb: the two pics with #9337 in them look FANTASTIC!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: NICE WORK!:D -Deano
  4. TruckLover

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    More sweet pics. I like the tankers!!

    I need to make some more progress on my refinery lol
  5. WOW WOW WOW WOW etc you get the point.

    VERY nice! Keep showing off, you make us all drool!
  6. green_elite_cab

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    I'm going to have to loan one of Nazgul's drool cars then...
  7. green_elite_cab

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    Well, today i got some 5 minute epoxy, and its the greatest thing right now. I fixed my Metroliner power car ( it put that axle right back together! used a HO standards guage to keep the wheels right) and so it looks like in the future i can get a NWSL motor for it. with any luck, i can get my Metroliner concsist running at full speed in no time. I'll have to get new headlights for it to!

    same goes for my E60CP. the shell itself is alright, but the chassis i had was broken. right now i'm letting the epoxy set along with some rail i cut to hold the pieced together. I think i just need to take out alittle of the bottom of the athearn frame so that the luwere details of the Bachmann E60CP can slide over it. I'll soone get the sommerfeldt panotgraphs that match, and any other detail that looks right.

    I also was able to repair one of my SEPTA cars that sheared off part of it's coupler stuff in a derailment. I'm still havng trouble with this train though, as couplers still don't want to hang high, and one car continuously derails on curves, although i'm starting to think this is a track problem.

    I started working on detailing my NS GP38-2, and so i moved the grab irons to the other side of the nose so that i could instal the signal box. i was actually able to shave the nut and bolt castings off the shell and slide them onto the grab irons, so that defitely worked out nice.

    the GP40-2 is going to have to wait, since it is a model of a "Phase III" conrail GP40-2, and it requires all sorts of modification, including an 88" nose ( as opposes to the athearn's 81"). I'm reluctant to try this modification, but i have a book coming in soon that may give me advice here.

    I'mg going to have to buy more details in general for all of this stuff. we'll have to see how it all goes.
  8. You guys and your scratchbuilding, kitbashing, and general modification skillz...You make me jealous!
  9. green_elite_cab

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    don't be! most of this is my first attempts at anything of this kind. right now the E60CP stuff is getting out of hand! i had to load it with more epoxy because the original bond didn't hold it. now i think it will stay. I need some sort of grnder to start honing away more of the tank, because its still not sitting right. i'm thinking of trying to cut a hole through the plastic bottom (you'll see when i post pictures shortly) rather than grinding down the bottom of the frame.

    alot of it is easy to. You have a bunch of locomotives that would work out great. did you have a U-boat of some kind? buy Detail Associates U33C detail kit, needle nose pliers, a pinvise, and a couple #80 drill bits. its all you'll need! it comes with all sorts of parts to make your model kick ass. I used them on my U34CH. its worth a shot!
  10. green_elite_cab

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    well, today was a bad day. I ordered a book on detailing diesel engines the otherday, but it turned out toe be the wrong one, and doesn't have much on the prototypes i liked.

    to top things off, my SEPTA train derailed for the billionth time, except this time a coach dragged the AEM7 locomotive with it off the table to the concrete ( the train was going in Push mode, so it may have been some momentum, it was kinda shocking). while the coach that derailed isn't so seriously damaged that i can't get it back up and running in 10 minutes, the AEM7 is wrecked.

    the forward right side ( the box on the top is offset towards the "front") marker light was scraped half off, and some of the pilot was crunched in as well, so the shell won't fit on right. That isn't the worst of it though, as the pins and deals that held the trucks to the chassis have cracked right off.

    now that i've had time to think of it, it might be saved.... but its gonna take some work. all the seperate detail that came loose has been recovered, and it should be easy to reinstall these parts.

    next comes that marker light. I might just pop the lens out, and just cut the whole thing off with a razor blade, then try and see if i can't fine a plastic rod or something that will look the same, to put in it's place. the pilot can be re-built with some modeler's putty, some paint and decals.

    the hard part will be getting the Chassis to run again. my dad suggested that i get a small nail, like my track nails, and drill a hole into to the truck assemblies where the pins used to be, so that it is big enough for the head to fit in. Then he says i should use expoxy to lock the nail in place. after that, all i'd need to do is clip the nail down, and the trucks should stay in place. the motor and everything else appears unharmed.

    I'm also thinking of instead getting an entirely new SEPTA AEM7, and using the old one for parts. for example, the airconditioner boxes on the AEM7 are similar to those used on the E60MA, and these airconditioner details apperently are not available seperately. any repairs i make to it still won't make it look as good as it used to, and there is not garunteeing it will ever run right either.

    what do you think i should do?
  11. MilesWestern

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    Well, first off, I think you should install some sort of Area rug. While you're down there, put some of those foam padding mats they sell to go under the carpet. This will prevent any Horrendous Damage, I know It's saved a couple of my passenger cars.

    You somewhat frequently mention that your engines have a love for the concrete floor.. awhile back you mentioned you've wrecked your SD7 onto the floor more times than you care to mention.

    Thirdly, build a "safety net" using window screen, and some PVC pipe, making a large net running from the side of your layout, to the PVC pipe, 4-5" out. It's in the picture Below, the light gray being the floor, green, your layout, and the white is the pipe, with the cark gray as the window screen.

    TRUST ME, this installation will cost less than having to replace ANOTHER darn expensive locomotive.

    PLEASE consider these. Also the net will be a great place to store tools other than on your layout! :thumb:

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  12. green_elite_cab

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    lol, i actually have the SD7 up and runnign again. its all a matter of when i get off my butt and order a few replacement parts. its been put on the back burner though, for whenever i really have alot of spare time.

    this AEM7 has truely taken a beating. If i get it running again, i shall proclaim myself master repairman.

    yeah, derailments where my engines actually fly off the table are pretty uncommon, and in most cases, the stuff actually survives the fall.

    I definitely want to add plexiglass walls around the side, but also, many of these accidents have been happening because of innadequate storage that needs to be adressed. there is realy no place left to store my equipment. Sure, i could pack things in and out of boxes all day, but thats a pain. with all my longer locomotives and commuter equipment, parking is at a premium. I'm gonna have to find a good shelf for it all.
  13. MilesWestern

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  14. pgandw

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    Or I'm sure there's a Gauge member who will quite happily "store" your excess for you. And they probably won't even charge you! :D
  15. green_elite_cab

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    lol, that looks fun. there is no room for the locomotives, lol.

    i was actually thinking of an addition, but i'm notorious for not keeping my layout area clean, so i probably don't have permission for it. the other problem is that the only way to expand would get in the way of a main walk way in the basement.
  16. green_elite_cab

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    and so, GECX leasing was born....

    I'm gonna have to patch some of my locomotives. for the longest time i've been planning to put that on the side of my Pennsy 44 tonner, but i don't have decal paper or anything for it.
  17. CNWman

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    Hmmmm, model train engines that love concrete floors. Have you tried putting up a plastic barrier on the edge of the layout so the barrier would just block any UFTT (unidentified flying train thingy) from crashing into the ground? Plus, you only have to make it as high as you need to stopr flying objects so you can do any work on the layout easily:D I really need to do that to my 4X8, I can't run the train fast over them because I fear a derailment of catastrophic measure! (In fact, my Neon green car actualy did derail on the worst possible spot, and it only hung on the track just BARLEY by the other side of the rear truck!:eek: )
  18. MilesWestern

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    GECX reporting marks already exist. GECX locomotives are part of a large lease fleet in the real world. Here's a photo: http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2012842830071367402vMTdRD

    It's General Electric Capital (Leasing) company.
  19. green_elite_cab

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    yeah latelay i've been having a crap load of accidents. my B40-8 has side frame damage that needs to be resolved from a trip to the floor ( although it was in an athearn blue box). my Spectrum E33 was knocked from where it was sitting. everything is to cluttered

    i think i need to get better storage and fine tune my layout again. not to mention clean some of the rails... its getting near that time again. i think the track is moving alittle, causeing some of the problems.
  20. green_elite_cab

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    dang, lol. any ideas? maybe Brown Leasing.

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