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    test run


    this is cool... EARLY CONRAIL ACTION!

  2. Wow...I don't think the previous owner could possibly have done a worse job on 3351...I mean, I could do better and I've never even TRIED before!

    I can't wait to see what you do with it though. The other one looks really nice, very clean and all. I like it.
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    Wow, 3351 looks like it's had better decades. But you should be able to fix it up, right GEC? As for the road#, how 'bout your Gauge#,2995?
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    Hold on...

    Hey wait just a second here, something's not matching up! If what I believe is 3351 in the picture (the one not close to the camera), it looks like that light it's missing now was on it when that pic was taken!
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    right now i'm going to buy a High-tech Details U-boat cab, just for the hell of it ( since i'd have to re-do alot of the cab anyway). Its going to become either 4179, or any other "bluebird" New Jersey transit locomotives. not all were painted silver like 4167. one was accidentally painted in Erie Lackawanna freight sentcils ( 4151), so it had a higher stripe and things, but i'm not sure i want to model this odd-ball unit.

    i'm going to file down my other NP nose light so that it looks like the one on 4167.
  6. green_elite_cab

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    the U-boat wasn't in my possession for more than 2 minutes by the time i removed it. I'm not quite sure what it was he had mounted on the nose. it looked like a very big long oval with like, red paint from an artist's tube, or red clay for a light.

    I'm going to renumber it in the NJ transit U34CH numbers. as it turns out, prototypically this would have ben 4151 on NJ transit, and it would have a crazy botched paint job. some one at NJ transit got lazy and just renumbered them all from 33 to 41 as the beginning digits.
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    i got my GP40FH-2 shell today, and already i ran into trouble. I'm planning on doing a how to thread with that stuff, but i'll leave out the previous 4 hours of stuff, lol.

    remember, never, EVER hand paint anything except pilots and small details. it is nearly impossible to get a thing coat. it didn't help that my air brush wasn't working properly at all.

    In any event, the shell is a good product, and i think now i might be able to repaint it again with the airbrush later, once i re-prime it ( which might cover the specks of paint that i don't feel like scraping off) and then i'll go for the actual paint. despite what i just said about hand painting, it is not difficult to pain the black part on. for some reason, gloss black reacts better to brush painting ( don't worry, i'll dullcote it eventually!).

    assuming the snow isn't trying to kill me, i will get to the hobby shop tommorow and see if i can't grab more primer, and testor's thinner, extra paints, and some better way to air brush. pictures tommorow of what i did before i blew it up!
  8. Oshi- [​IMG] sign1

    Can't wait to see what you're doing with it.
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    here we are!

    here is the GP40FH-2 shell all cleaned up with no flash. this is before i tried to paint it.... i might replace some of the details like the fans that may have gotten mucked up with thick paint, but i'll see how it looks after i paint it. i might be able to clean it out if i do it painstakingly for a few hours. when i can get to the hobby shop, i will buy testors thinner ( which is the brand paint that refuses to remove itself) and some psrimer and stuff in a spray can, as well as gloss and dull cotes. I might actually glose coat the whole thing, because even though most locomotives get dirty, NJ transit seems to keep them pretty clean, and they always appear some what shiny. maybe a semi-gloss at least.

    I really need to clean my airbrush and do some serious maitenance, as well as get a new air supply, because i'm having ridiculous trouble with mine. I may also use my sister's, who has a more art type air brush, but works fine. I'll have to use that cup attachment instead of the jar though ( her jar thingy is to deep, and i would waste paint trying to make it be able to reach the intake).

    an NJ transit paint job is simple, black upper surfaces, pilots, steps, and anything below the walkway/cowling, and silver everywhere else. (just don't ever hand brush, no matter how excited you are. It will never come out nice.). I have all the decals ready. I'm planning to make it into NJ transit #4136. I like these units, because they can make sense no matter where they go. since they have been repeatedly sent to MK in idaho, you may happen to see one on a random Union Pacific train in the middle of Nebraska, decked out in NJ transit paint. talk about an odd sight!

    imagine a train going by...

    S70MAC.....C44-9W.....ES44AC.....GP40---wait, what the heck is that thing?

    I also have details ready to order on walthers, but i'm going to wait a week or so, while i gain some more money. I can afford it, but i just want to keep my pocket alittle fatter, as most of us do.

    so without any more delay, pictures. here it is all cleaned of flash and for picture purposes, mounted on my GP38's frame. I do plan on buying an RTR conrail GP40 or NS GP60 so that i can get the GP40FH-2 its own DCC ready mechanism. theo only issue is that i'll need a shorter fuel tank, so i will have to remove a large section. the tank should not reach the steps in the middle towars the end.

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    Well i got the thing painted today! i tocuched up a few spots after this picture, but this is the gist of it. now i just want to let it sit, then I will decal it!

    if it looks shiny, thats because i used gloss paint. I want to see how it works out, and then i will dullcote it later if i don't like it. its also good for decals!

  11. Nice! 3351 is turning out great! Keep us updated please!
  12. green_elite_cab

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    3351 is the U-boat, lol. this locomotive here is a GP40FH-2 (to be numbered 4136).
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    The EL units are looking nice!
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    well, the GP40FH-2 shell is now painted and decaled. I'm going to the hobby shop tommorow to see if i can't get an athearn GP40 or something for a underframe and mechanism.

    I'm kind disappointed in the way the paint came out, but it doesn't look likeanything i have anytime soon will be putting down the finish i was hoping for. in alot of my pitures it almost looks "crazed" as that is what sometimes happens to paint. I've done to much on it to go back now. Hopfully some of the weirdness will go away after i dull cote it.

    pictures later.
  15. I do believe that it is "later..." Picz!
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    alright, i got set up with an old undecorated Athearn GP50 that was missing it's hand rails ( i could have used the front hand rails).

    first thing i have to do is to find out how short to cut the fuel tank ( the fuel tank on the GP50 goes almost all the way across, while the GP40FH-2's fuel tank is shorter). then i slice it out with my dremel tool.
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    Nice layout CAB. Always has been. You know that 50' white Norfolk Southern combo door boxcar with the big NS on the side that you have? It's been discontinued by Athearn and I was wondering where I might be able to get a hold of one.
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    new pictures. I will cut the fram down soon, probalby should have got it done tonight, but i have to much other stuff to do.

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    Nice pics :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Here is some of the new equipment i got from a recent trainshow

    • Athearn RTR AMD103 (P42) NEC Phase IV
    • Athearn RTR Conrail GP40-2
    • Athearn RTR Norfolk Southern GP38-2
    • 4 SEPTA commuter coaches
    • 4 2,300 Gal. tank cars (2 packs of UTLX 100 years and SCMX)
    • Model power Fed Ex home delivery van
    • Model power Conrail mercury truck
    • Model Power Exxon Gas truck
    This is great. I have a full SEPTA train from Philadelphia to Trenton, with the AEM-7 and 6 cars.

    I also have all the tank cars i needed to switch out my layout, and now i'm just collecting a few extra cars, like Plastic Pellet hoppers and such.

    the additional GP40-2 allows me to double head the trains like i've seen them do on the NEC, (one locomotive at each end of the train) which helps me switch the interchange without going out of the way to go on the run around. the NS GP38-2 was cool because i've seen it before around my house, so i picked it up for fun.

    I'm still having to buy vehicls, and i'm starting to populate my layout with figures, but its been tough. they don't like to stand, even with the scenic accents glue. So far i've only gotten 2 to stick, this one lady hasn't figured it out yet, lol. i need to start placing my other ones, as well as the City Details i bought a while back. I did put a phone on one of the buildings, but still, i have fire hydrants ant trash cans and bike racks. gotta get this stuff going!

    I alos need to start detailing my GP40FH-2's shell soon, and i need to cut down the frame for it, but i've been to lazy for that. personally, i'm starting to think there is no good way to ake that much of the tank off for it to be accurate. Some people have spliced a GP38-2 frame, but still, Its gonna be tough either way. I need to get epoxy for that.

    speaking of epoxy, my E60CP still needs work. Spring break is coming up, i guess i'll work on that then.

    for now, here are some pictures. my new GP40-2 along my GP40FH-2

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