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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Nazgul, Jan 31, 2006.

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    I think a key factor in modifying the turntable area is how to visually separate or integrate the unscenicked loop from the yard area. That is, do you want the red area to be a transition between the mining/gorge scene and the yard/urban scene or a scene with more of its own identity?

    Think about how you plan to disguise the track coming out of the yard, passing under the loop, and onto the rest of the layout. This will perhaps determine what the scene does, or maybe vice versa.

    As for the yard itself, if you put in a loop at the end of the yard as drawn you will lose those 'industries'. But you will gain a way to turn locos, indeed whole trains, without the turntable. And, the space you save where the turntable is now could be an industrial spur or two. In place of the turntable, how about a major industry like an aggregate distributor? Something that would take a couple tracks and a variety of rolling stock...maybe a feednseed dealer?

    One aspect of this plan which I really like, and especially the way you've interpreted it with the high mountains, is all the tunnels. This makes it harder to follow the train, so to speak, and can give the impression of longer distance traveled. But it can also serve to divide the layout into scenes connected by the train as it travels over the layout, leading your eye from scene to scene as it follows the train. I think this is part of the 'magic' of model railroading, the intentional misdirection that occurs as we follow the train, allowing our mind to focus on scenes and forget the limitations of the dimensions and compression we're working with.

    Okay, enough philosophy for now. Great to see planning in action!

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    My head hurts!hamr...I am :confused: ......but I was confused when I started this. There's something to be said for consistency, I guess:D
    Everyone made valid points and I appreciate you guys taking the time to give me your thoughts. I'm going to take a while to digest what was said. I want this right! For the record, I'm doing the transition era 40's-50's but will also run earlier stuff.

    Now on another subject
    somebody, a while back, wondered (in fun) if I make mistakes or just never show them:D ...I never make mistrakes!;)....besides the one I'm going to show you. Not a bad one but a dumb one:rolleyes:

    the colored area at the bottom of the cliff wall is sticking out too far and the passenger cars were hitting it and derailing...ouch!

    I don't know what happened...I studied the prototype...measured twice and cut once...checked my givens and druthers...looked before I leaped...a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...a fool and his money are soon dog ate it![​IMG]

    Scenery 082 small.jpg

    Scenery 083 small.jpg

    Scenery 084 small.jpg
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    looks like you are going to have to break out more HO scale sticks of dynamite!
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    Why not put the mine to use, and send that section a packing, in a hopper or two
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    Steve, i too had this problem on dads layout:( , but was an easy fix!:thumb: the rockwork i put on his layout NEVER gave us problems, the largest engine at the time i put it up we ran was my 2 challengers, they cleared the rockwork NO PROBLEM:thumb: . THEN i got the Big Boy...PROBLEM, the Big Boy "JUST" hit the rockwork, barely, but still, it hit:( . LUCKILY, the section it was hitting had thick enough plaster on it to where i just shaved some off:thumb: , now, NO PROBLEM!:thumb::D. Steve, looking at your work, and knowing the drive you have, i think this will be an EASY fix for you:thumb:. announce1 BE AWARE OF THIS THOUGH; SOME CARS "ROCK", and at faster speeds, they may "rock" more!:eek: so when you fix the problem, don't make it so the car "JUST" clears, make sure you take enough out for "rocking" cars too;) . just my thoughtstooth1 . :D -Deano
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    Why not Grab a NMRA gauge and use that when making your trackside rocks?
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    Re; Turntable- Part of your problem (besides having the older version...) is that you have tracks radiating in every direction. A change to the new version would help. I have the older version but converted it to a "pit" version so it doesn't look too bad. If you keep the radiating tracks only on the "forward" direction and back parallel (+/-) to the approach track you can get more free acreage for other things.

    Just a thought.

    Gus (LC&P).
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    Get a Walthers Turntable. bottom line that Atlas thing is great for a 4x8.
  9. 60103

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    I remember one layout where there was hidden track with cardboard walls. The car that rubbed against the walls was doodlebug (gas powered railcar). Not sure why that one.
    Mark where the cars rub and take it back a quarter inch, then check again.
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    I can't respond to your posts other than to say, Thank you for taking the time to share what your thinking... and know this...I read each and every suggestion (I've printed them off and they are hanging up by the layout) I really am torn about this. Half of me wants to tear the TT out and make the drastic changes and the other half wants to modify it and make it more "useful and real looking". But I've decided to keep on doing the left side of the layout (there's plenty to do) and mull it over for however long it takes to come to a decision I'll be happy with.
    As for the clearance prob:
    I did that but it didn't help with the nasty overhang caused by long cars and sharp curves.
    Here's what kills me...I tested it with the freight cars even though I KNEW the passenger cars were longer. I just looked like there was plenty of room. DUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHH!
    what was I thinking? Any big deal and an easy fix.

    Here's all I got done tonight...the plastering on the portal. I need to sculptamold and paint it ect. I'll try to pick up the pace this weekend...we'll see

    Scenery 086 small.jpg

    Scenery 087 small.jpg
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    Can't wait to see tht blend in with the surrounding area
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    Looking good my friend, as for the turntable I would obv keep one somewhere on the layout but why not move it to the middle of that new loop your gonna add in the yard?

    Really take a look at the Walthers turntable and tell me how much better it is than that atlas one. If your layout didnt turn out so flipping REAL looking i wouldnt be telling you that you should take it out but come on bro step back and tell me that thing can fit it.?

    You choice just my 2 cents
  13. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Steve: the NMRA gauge is good for straight track only.
    I work clearances by taking my longest car and putting a pencil on the middle of the inner side and running it around the curves. Then again with the pencil in an outer corner. Repeat a few more times, looking for the widest car and the longest end overhang. Then try any oddballs like articulated locos.
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    Yeah...I found out the hard way!:D But I like your pencil method and will incorporate it next time...thank you:thumb:

    Thank you for the complement.:thumb: As far as looks go I was thinking of modifying the Atlas TT to look something like this:

    Port Thunder (link provided by Galen very early on)

    But barring aesthetic issues, I understand your point about the Walther's TT and also just having one in general. Also Gus's point to keep tracks on one side of TT to buy real estate is a good one:thumb: Much to chew on thank you guys.
    didn't get much done daughter had gymnastics and went to see her get a ribbon:) :) :) :) She was so proud...GOOD STUFF!
    I glued some real rocks around the portal and a few on step will be know the drill:D

    Scenery 089 small.jpg

    Scenery 090 small.jpg
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    Steve, GLAD to hear your daughter won a RIBBON!!:thumb: as far as the TT goes, i could DEFIANTLY live with a turntable looking like the one in the link!:thumb: and i know you could pull that off;):D. one of the things i REALLY liked about your rock work, is that you use some real rocks in it, NICE TOUCH:thumb: , new undertaking looks GREAT so far!:thumb: :thumb: :D cant wait to see how it turns out;) :D -Deano
  16. Nazgul

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    thank you my friend!
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    I really like the rockwork too. As for the TT in the link, I'm sure you could pull it off, and it would go well with what you have done so far. I don't know what the Walthers one looks like though
  18. Nazgul

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  19. viperman

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    Although a bit expensive it is nice, and would fit the era you are modeling very well. However, something tells me the one Galen posted would look more accurate for the scenery you are building up
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    I know this is info too late BUT, what I do is make a clearance car. It is ugly and has only one purpose. To make sure everything will fit.
    I make it as long as my longest car, wide as I need it and as high as needed. I then run this around too see if what I am doing will fit. I make sure it overhangs a lot, just like passenger cars do.

    Anyhow, Like I said, it is ugly but it does one thing well and helps.
    I hope that helps you Steve :D

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