Crimson Skies

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  1. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    [Choke] [cough] [splutter].... Wooo.. :eek:That's one NICE stand design Fox ! Way better than the idea's I was playing with. I'm pretty sure the devastator would happily sit on the Pandora's stand as well ~ I can trash that lazy idea now.

    Excellent work!!.

    TomW ~ Nope not yet, I'm just standing by for some test builders feedback, so its not to far off.

    B-Manic ~ Yup.. After all this time, I just recently saw the Blohm and Voss Design on a Flightsim forum. Its clear where the CS guys got the Warhawk design from.. ( and I thought they'd come up with a kewl looking unique design...Duuurrhh) * Just goes to show how much I miss here, I just noticed the date of that design thread (05) ~ hadn't seen it before. :rolleyes:
    Did that model ever see the light of day?
  2. JackFrost

    JackFrost Member

    awesome, i was afraid i had missed your release of the devastator too!!
    can't wait for it Gearz it looks just to darn purty, and is one of my favorites from the game
    And Fox, Gearz is right :eek: oooooooooooHHHHhhh !! shiny , nice must have , can't wait
    whirrrrrrrrr click 10 seconds to comply

    heheheheh , another thing added to the never ending to do list,

    Gearz Pandora
    Fox's Bloodhawk
    and Fury

    oh ya , and a lifesign1
  3. Gearz:

    Great, I was afraid I'd missed it or something, I am looking forward to getting it, Now if I can only get started actually cutting and gluing. Nine hour days at work leave little energy in the evening, along with trying to keep up reading my forums.

  4. B-Manic

    B-Manic Peripheral Visionary

    Gearz - it is a free to members download here Kartonmodell-Forum | Portal . It is a nice build BTW, the engines lack detail and there is no cockpit interior but looks good when completed.
  5. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    Desert Fox from C.S. High Road to Revenge

    Here is what I have so far guys. I haven't been working on this thing for a few weeks now, and decided to try to get some more done here. I still need to add some more details like the guns, and the engine exhaust pipes. I am going to go with the standard "Desert" camo scheme, and I will try to get some good pictures of the Fortune Hunters scheme when I look at the game again.
    Hopefully I will have something ready to post for download within the next week or two, maybe sooner.:cool:

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  6. foxmalcolm

    foxmalcolm -=3D Modeler=-

    WOW that looks superb.
    I wasn't a big fan of the coyote in the game.
    I always thought it looked badly made but seeing yours without texture . . . . Awesome!

    And judging by the case of pens in the background it looks to be about 20cm long is that right?
    If it is I think my stand will work with it too!

    Sweet ! !
  7. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    That is why I want to do the Fortune Hunters paint scheme. In the High Road to Revenge game on X-Box, you can upgrade any planes you get, (like the Desert Fox), to the Fortune Hunters paint scheme. It looks really good.
    As far as the size goes, It is almost 16cm long, and has a wingspan of 18cm. Will that fit the stand? I can do some enlarging, or reducing in size if need be. Or perhaps, even a slight modification may be necessary on the stand just for this plane.
  8. foxmalcolm

    foxmalcolm -=3D Modeler=-

    Yes it will fit.
    Gearz's Dev is 22 by 20.
    And I will be modiying my fury and bloodhawk to match that.

    I just turned on my xbox and played with the upgraded plane, and yeah it does look cool. But it looks so much better with a clean paint job.

    Gotta say, I love those propellors!
  9. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    Well, perhaps I can try a clean silver look, with just a touch of the red and black striping, not as much as the game version has.
    I was just looking at the website where you can pull up a plane and get a 360degree view. I need to modify the front of the fuselage section a bit more. It should have a bit more rounded shape almost the way a snake looks when it swallows an egg.
    Anyway, I have all day tomorrow to work on that.
  10. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    JackFrost.. lol.. If all goes to plan you'll have a shelf full of CS subjects to pick from.

    TomW.~ trying to keep up reading my forums.! ~ sounds like me. I recon I miss a good 75% of stuff just on these boards alone.. wish I had a gizmo that could read web pages to me while I was building.
    ( enjoyable multi tasking )

    Thanks for the link B-Manic.. I'll go scope it out.

    Paladin ~ Great job so far! personally I think the camo pattern looks the business + I don't think the nose looks that bad as is ~ the textures and exhaust pipes will make a big difference. I compromised on the Devastators nose shape in favour of ease of building, I guess you could go for hyper accuracy, although I'd recon most fans wouldn't be looking that closely, and you have the general configuration spot on by the looks of it. Did you use the ~ 3D ~ PEP method.? build a 3D model of it first etc ?
  11. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    Well, I am toying around with a more accurate nose, but if it proves too complicated, and/or time consuming, I'll just keep what I have now.

    Believe it or not, I don't really use any 3D modeling for my models. I use good ole' cut-glue-fix-and-cut-again to get my models designed. I've tried using Pepakura, Metasequoia, and some other "free trial" programs, but I spend more time trying to design a simple paper tube than building complex designs the way I do now (and this way is slow). I have found most "easy to use" programs are very expensive, even more than this computer I am using.
    Until I take some classes, to learn to use some of these other "cheaper" programs, I'll have to keep doing things this way.
    Anyway, I enjoy using my hands to "sculpt" the paper, although I don't enjoy wasting paper, or more importantly, cardstock. My other "occasional" hobby is origami. Specifically "wet-folding" using a technique often used by an artist named Michael LaFosse.
  12. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    wow.. max points Paladin, I rely on software (3D) way to much. I think I might do a spot of experimenting with your 'sculpting' methods, it may resolve a few shape problems that I can't seem to crack in 3D. Nice work !! :thumb:
  13. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    Yeah, I wish I could use the 3D software more. The way I do it, I rely heavily on several views of a particular model, and, if possible, any of the object in action. So when I do the sculpting, I hold the piece I have in the same view as the pictures, and see what looks right and what doesn't. It does take a while, and I get tired of it from time to time, but it seems to yield some decent models.
    I am working on the "experimental" nose section on the desert fox today, and I'll see how it turns out. I was also looking at the seaplane from "C.S.High Road to Revenge", and I found a paper model that is nearly identical, other than the shape and position of the wings, and the cockpit needs to be moved back slightly. the plane is a real life racing plane called the Macchi MC.72. I'll link to the webpage below.

  14. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Yep I've had that model on my build list for ages.. I love all of the 'Schneider racer' aircraft, a complete set would be a worthy collection to build. Interesting idea with the MC.72 model, sort of reverse engineering eh.. good thinking!

    * I recon that HR2C seaplane would make a great addition to the CS models.. I have a few 3D meshes of the Schneider racers, ( not the Mc.72 unfortunately.). I'll see if I can modify one of the ones i have for you. ( You could use it as a 3D reference in META at least ~ look at it from any angle etc)

    Does anyone have / was there.. a 3-View plan of this seaplane ?

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  15. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Yep the Bernard HV120's design has some common shapes with the HR2C seaplane. From the reference pic I had ( above ) I thought it only had a single central float ( like the Bill Barnes seaplanes ) although that off side strut must go somewhere..? so I've just left it in the traditional config. This was ultra quick N dirty, if we had a 3-view plan it could be tidied up considerably. Its not suitable for un-folding in PEP as is, however if you'd just like to use it as reference in META, PM me an addy Paladin and I'll shot it up to you.

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  16. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    Wow, that other plane does have a lot in common with the C.S. seaplane.
    I just sent you a pm.
  17. Ace911

    Ace911 Ace of the sky's

    Does someone still have that .zbd extractor (that can be used to extract 3D models out of the Crimson Skies directory) who's maker was sued by Microsoft, or a link to download it, or any other .zbd extractor?

    try to PM me:wave:
  18. Gearz & Paladin:

    Has anyone been able to work further on the Crimson Skies designs? Just checking in.:cool:

  19. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    I've finished the Desert Fox build, I just need to do the paint job on the thing. I've been a bit distracted lately with my business, and haven't been able to spend much time on it. I should be able to work on it again within the next two weeks, and have it finished shortly after that.
  20. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Pheeewww another model I had grandiose plans for that's barely going to make it off the bench. I did have plans to offer several paint schemes ( that idea has turned to worms) so to offer..something extra, I'll include a vanilla plain version if anyone wants to do their own war paint. Thanks for the helping hand Beta Builders! I've incorporated as many suggestions as time permitted i.e. the vital ones.. The stand included with the Pandora could do at a pinch for this model, although I think the one Foxmalcolm is working on is WAY better.. Should only be a few days and the Devastator will be posted, just finishing up a few rough bitz.


    mmMMMmmm.... I wanted to step out of my design comfort zone with this subject and it has certainly done that. Its painfully highlighted a bunch of skills I DON'T have, however in a effort to resolve a minor design issue pointed out by Foxmalcolm, I stumbled across a way useful tool set in META . The set allows you to Draw / Paint directly onto the 3d model = META saves any changes to the original texture file..!!! ~ Its got lots of fleas, although definitely worth bringing to designers attention. The most obvious ~ painting / marking accurate positioning points on your model.. etc

    Anyway I've listed the stuff I figured out in a separate thread in software section. check it HERE


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