Crimson Skies

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  1. foxmalcolm

    foxmalcolm -=3D Modeler=-

    yeah I haven't gotten around to them yet, been busy starting up a miniature model business, all my 3D models are getting printed!!
  2. SeaSpencer

    SeaSpencer New Member

    Hi i'm a great fan of Crimson Skies
    your models are awesomes! :thumb:
    can you release the J2 Fury please, it's my favorite CS plane.
    There are no other on the web :confused:

    thanks, and keep making awesome work :cool:
  3. foxmalcolm

    foxmalcolm -=3D Modeler=-

    I really should get around to working on these again sometime soon.
    But in the meantime my original Fury can still be found here in this thread
  4. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    Hey there Foxmalcolm,
    I haven't been here on this site for some time, but I was working on the Desert Fox a while back. I still haven't finished the plane yet as there are some little things I need to tweak before it is ready. I have also been in Afghanistan for the last 8 months. I may try to do some work on the plane one of these evenings after I finish for the day. I'll have much more time once I get back home too.
    I remember you also sent me those paint files for the seaplane from the series. I can't remember what the plane was called, but I need to modify a design I found which looks remarkably like that seaplane.

    Take care my friend.
  5. Jesstar

    Jesstar Pimp

    That is awesome!! I remember this game and enjoyed it very much.

    This should be a fun one to build.

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