Battlestar Galactica models?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by doc_harvey, Apr 10, 2005.

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    Glad its working well so far! Not surprised that she's buckling here and there, I'll whip out the hammer and chisel, and make some internal bracing and templates for the next version. Lots of glue marks, uncoloured edges..... Hey that's what a beta is all about! slap it together quick and nasty, so she can zoom around the room, and blast the bad guys. ( insert appropriate sound effects) You've done well considering there is no guide or part numbers, give yourself a gold star! you'll be able to write/compile the assembly guide with your eye's shut. :wink:

    *Do you think the Engine Buckle issue, could be fixed with some bracing/internal template or do recon it needs a bit of a redesign? ,,,,???... as in make the engine module more of a 'box' shape = without the groove, then add the ridges on to that as separate parts? (The flaps can be made to resemble plating)

    *What sections would you brace ~ if you can give me an idea of what you had in mind, I'll try to supply them in card with the model.

    *Were there any parts that you found to 'Fiddly" or complex to fold? = would have been easier to assemble from smaller sub sections?

    *How big is it going to be? = Printed on 'letter' ? big enough / to big?

    Master Plan ~ Once the basic construction issues are ironed out, I'll dev some surface detail = bridge, ( build-able ) Engine ducting etc. ?? plus, rather than a bunch of complicated part number/placing issues, I had in mind to supply a page with some generic shapes, plating, pipes etc. Then texture it with bitmap editor for the polished goods.

    Thanks for the assist and feedback Doc.
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    Hey Gearz!

    She's done!

    * engine buckle at the forward corners of the grooves may be due to my build
    technique...not necesarily design flaw.

    * I think that the landing bays and the central hull would benefit from some
    form of either internal bulkheads, or maybe just need to be stiffened with
    balsa wood applied directly to their internal surfaces.

    * I was thinking that the "internal" sections that go into the engines looked
    fiddly, buy in my rush to build her, I overlooked the fact that I should have
    cut out the white parts and inserted

    * I think the size in pert near perfect...I did notice a reasonably significant
    change in size when I printed it out in the Pepakura, vs. printing the bitmap
    images (bitmap printed out smaller). Taking all the future "fiddly" parts
    (the bridge, the engine ducting, etc) into account, I wouldn't really want to
    try to build a smaller version (but I would anyhow...LOL...)

    I think she's a beautiful brute of a ship, and even love the way she looks now,
    without all her "make-up" on.....You're very taleneted, and I can't wait to see
    how she developes....please feel free to e-mail anytime if there is anything I
    can do to help....thanks a million!
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    Going to make a second (and maybe 10 for each colony?) and was wondering if there was a way to edit the images so I could write out "GALACTICA" along the landing bays?
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    The launch bays can be easily fixed. I'll just slice each into three sections ~ so the 'caps' can be separate parts, that way I can add an end plate to the 'tube' ~ act as a bulk head. ?? Maybe one for the Mid arm point as well? Actually that would make adding a recess in for/aft of each LB doable ~ for a teeny tiny little Viper... Lol

    I'll have a think about the internal bracing for the main hull, perhaps a 'slide in' frame, inserted before the 'box' is closed. Guess the Mid arm attachment point, would be a good place for a cross brace as well..mmm.. I"ll nut it out.

    No engine recess ~ oooppps... that's what beta is all about. I've done worse than that!

    The final release will be bitmaps so I needed to know the sizes ~ Good.... NO smaller!!!!!

    'Galactica' name plate ~ YEP you can edit the bitmaps to your hearts content! it will be on the final release version OR you can just add it your bitmap pages ~ add anything you like to any page/part and re print it, JUST DON"T change the page size. You mention the bitmaps were a little smaller but not much I hope.

    Just as an example here's P7 and P8 again in two different ways of doing it. The first two pages just have Galactica added to the LB's. The second page N7 just has the words with the unwanted parts cut out ~ Print and add it to the model as a "plate' on the LB's. Also on N7 I've added 'ATLANTIS' ?? not sure.. but I think the Gal had a sister ship??? read it somewhere maybe.... Sorry don't have the exact font but its close..

    Working on the Make-up/ fiddly bits now, so I'll post the extra pages when done.

    Thanks Doc, great feedback! First time I've worked up a model without a pile of test build rubble. Full credit to you in the Ai's. Also thanks for the comments, but the real talent is with the guys that build the meshes, without them I'd be out of business.
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    There are supposedly (at least) 12 for each colony...some of the names are:

    Galactica , Atlantia (not Atlantis....sorry), Pacifica, Rycon, Acropolis, Triton, Columbia, Pegasus, Cerebrus, Bellephron and Prometheus.....there are other names listed in fan fiction, etc....I'm still working out which home-world each Battlestar belongs to (BIG time battlestar geek with too much time on my hands)...the Galactica was Caprica's ship....still loving my rebuild...taking my time and using balsa to support the larger surfaces...she's gonna be a beaut!
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    Here's what I got from a Google search...

    Tour the Combat Information Center of the Battlestar Galactica
    The battlestars are the pride and joy of the Colonial Fleet. They were developed to defend the Colonies following the devastating Cylon revolt that left millions dead. The first five battlestars commissioned by the Colonial fleet were the Columbia, Rycon, Atlantia, Pegasus, and Galactica. The seven battlestars Pacifica, Triton, Acropolis, Solaria, Promotheus, Argo and Poseidon were built during the Cylon War giving the total Colonial Fleet twelve battlestars with one representing each Colony. The battlestars played a key role in defeating their former andriod slaves, the Cylons.

    Following the defeat of the Cylons, the Colonial Fleet built a new second generation battlestar with the Galactica being the first of to be refitted to be similar to the new generation battlestars. Over the next forty years the Colonial Fleet would mushroom to one hundred twenty battlestars. The Galactica was scheduled to be decommissioned while the Colonial Fleet seemed invincible on the eve of the Cylon attack.
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    Woooooooow 120! ... Now that would be one impressive fleet. Interesting bit of info Doc, might include it with Ai's plus the 12 name plates thanks. Always like to have options on a model, even if only minor. The nameplate link above has a new N7 page with the extra name plates. ? Curious thought 'Promotheus' was with an 'E' ??... hope its right, the name plate has 'O' ... ? might be confusing the it with something from mythology..

    Btw.. had a quick look at my collection of Basestar meshes... interesting.. looks to be a series of repeating quadrants, mirrored top to bottom? (Plus spine) The upshot being you'd only have to Dev one of the quad's, and the builders could duplicate it err.... 7 times to have a pretty impressive model = Dev time devoted to detail. Not as popular as the Galactica, but it'd be great for forced perspective, for all those Cylon Raider models out there. Recon its worth the effort?... maybe I'm asking the wrong guy! :wink:
  8. doc_harvey

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    Are ya kiddin?!?!?! Anything even remotely associatedwith the series would be great.....andI thonk you're right about the new Cylon Basestar....just a bunchacones, I guess....but would look really cool next a Battlestar!
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    hmmmm a heavily modified Black and Decker Dust Buster

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    Does anyone have Galactica/Viper meshes from the new series they'd be willing to lend out? (Usable in either 3dsmax or Blender)

    I'm trying my hand at some animation and it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hi Gearz,

    Anything more happenin' to your Galactica model? Can't wait see the finished thing, just Love this ship!!


  14. Gearz

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    Hi Modelnutz7 .. Yep The Galactica is a fine vessel!. I'd be happy to crew her.

    The plot so far ~ A few members are test building the beta V1 for me. That should iron out any major flaws in the basic patterns.. Concurrently, I'm Dev'ing some workable engine module ducting, hull detail and internal bracing. The next version/refinement will be to the individual modules (can't help myself). The original mesh was a bit dodgy here and there = not happy with the bridge modules shape for one. Apart from that it will be several... weeks? before the testing is done, and a few more to texture it and compile the A/guide ( don't get much hobby time). I'll probably post a link to the finished goods here until I find a permanent home for it.

    I've posted this on another forum (no takers so far) your welcome to lend a hand with the test builds if you like, any suggestions welcome.

    Anyone reasonably familiar with the original Galactica's design, want to help test build it?. There's a few other guys helping test build V1, but I'd like this new version of the bridge tested. ~ trying to work around a 'last flap' problem. There's 3 pages and a small Ai pic for the last parts (Step 7) = two 'recesses' in the side of the hull.

    Assuming someone builds it and inserts those parts last of all.... What I'd like to know is ~

    1. Were the two holes big enough to get your fingers inside the hull = aid closing the hull up.

    2. Were the internal braces of any use in retaining the 'trench' shape of the underside hull? or maybe not needed. ~ Tricky to find out unless I get two or more offers, and its built with and without them...

    3. Which bit/part did you find the hardest.

    Any other suggestions comments welcome.
  15. doc_harvey

    doc_harvey Member did I miss out on this post?....This'll be my third build! The second one is going together very well....stiffened up all the "wonky" parts with balsa far all the seams are straight, tight and very strong.....nowarping or bending at all...just have to cut out, strengthen and build the landing bays...I'll definitely send a pic of build # 2...can't wait to start the new bridge section....the newer insertes look cool...thanks again for your continued work on this, Gearz.....yer my new hero!
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    Even this? :D

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    Holy COw! That's freakin hilarious! Nice work
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    Awesome job Steve, gonna do the rest?

  19. doc_harvey

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    Yeah!? How about a Cylon!?
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    hey Doc.. don't get to crazy building the beta files ( unless you are just using it as a base for a scratch model) the final version will be a lot better and there will be quite a few changes from V1. Not to mention a slightly different scale ~ as big as the LB's can be printed in one piece!

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