Battlestar Galactica models?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by doc_harvey, Apr 10, 2005.

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    I'm thinking of either shortening the interal brace you made for the LB's so I can cut out the openings and put a small recessed box made from black constrution paper inside each end (give them some 3-D detail) OR, omtting the brace alltogether and making an open-ended rectangular box that travels the length of the LB's so you can see all the wat doen the length of them...whatcha think?
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    "...all the wat doen..."? What am I, Scottish? sorry about the very poor typing skills demonstrated this morning....haven't had any Go-Go juice
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    BTW...I have some pretty detailed pics of the Galactica (like Coby-Wan's schematics from that I can send you for higher res pics of the engine module...interested?
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    Oh boy we really started off behind the curve with this low poly mesh! I thought your idea of the 'through' tube had merit Doc, so I did a bit fiddling to make a few patterns ~ Bad Karma!

    The 'entry/exit' bays are different shapes and out of position ( relative to each other), checked the high detail mesh, did a bit more research = horrible realisation that the forward end of the Gal's LB's must have been blocked off !!! From what I can gather, the Vipers must have been launched ? elsewhere/other ways? Close inspection to some of the reference pix I have, seems to confirm it.... I do agree that a recess of some sort would be a nice touch, so I'll make one for the rear end..

    Having shot that one in the foot, I still think it was an interesting idea, probably won't include it in the final V, but heres a pdo of the LB with a tube + three braces? with the 'tube' position marked on them (relative to the rear port).. Same scale as all V2 modules, its a bit add hock, guess the braces could be 'slid' over the 'tube' ??? also, not sure how the front end can be terminated, its just the correct length.. you'll have to experiment, at least its a pattern to start with etc.

    Gal Alternate LB

    Re your offer of extra reference material.. YES please. I thought I had enough... Ho Ho, I've got plenty of pix of models (original and otherwise) but I need MORE = Any schematic, 3 / 5 view type, high rez pix you have would be most appreciated. Email
    Thanks Doc
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    Vipers were launched out the side ... the landing bay area is larger because one would want the largest available area to set down in especially during heat of the moment situations.

    The newer series points out this fact even moreso especially since you can have a whole squadron set down in a hurry.
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    Bridge module


    You were asking if I had finished the bridge B2 yet. Haven't quite finished it but will be done today or tomorrow. So far it looks good for scale. I'll post photos of it with the plastic kit when I'm done. The simple forms you supplied to stiffen the bottom work just fine. I made them two layers of card stock thick and added tabs for all the lower surfaces. It gives enough support to make assembly easier and help iut hold it's shape. Personally I don't think you need much more than that.

    For building instructions I'd recommend leaving the rear open until the very last so you can reach in with a knitting needle or something to help press tabs down as you glue.

    I started building the new LB modules as well then saw that you've posted another update to them. I'll abandon these and get the new version.

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    Thanks StevO.. puts paid to that question, tactically sound design when you look at it. Explains some of the holes/tubes in the detailed mesh I have. The launch tubes are out of the question on a model this scale but the approach/retrieval bay is a green ( up to the brace wall anyway) Love the cutaway shot! they always inspire interesting ideas ~ A large cutaway/internal detail LB would be a fun project. I'll have to experiment and see how small a Viper can be practically dev'd and work up from there. Oh well another one for the list..

    Doc Thanks! got the refmat ok, the elevation gfx is way better than any I had ~ the V2 LB's were to far from the hull, so the pix have paid for themselves already. Their going to help a bunch with the detail on the Engine module as well. btw. The more reference material I see, the more I notice the differences in model versions. Was there / did they, upgrade the Galactica through the series??? ~ mmm... probably a dumb question, guess it would have been to expensive to change stuff in those days.. guess its same same as the names, fans back filling the story/interpretations.

    Steve yep sorry, I've started posting stuff piece meal. I'll clean up what I have to date and addend links to the current files with each post. ~ I'll just standby to see if you guys find the braces for the LB's are a go, then I'll put the complete bridge and mid section up. Unless you advise otherwise V2 scale will be standard. ? just out of interest, can you give me the rough dimensions for your ? resin/plastic model.

    Progress so far ~ The V2 Engine module is coming along, discovered why the recesses were to small ~ on the mesh their slightly conical, just enough to be a problem, I should have noticed from the wonky patterns sorry = their fixed. Trying to dev a 'workaround' for the EM 'trench' ~ I'd like to eliminate the buckling problem from the form altogether = no braces required. If you guys commented on it, a novice will have no hope. So far I've got two set of files going, one has the 'trench' eliminated by making the 'ridges' two/four separate parts attached to the sides, although it looks like it will create problems attaching/closing the rear panel, ? think it might end up in a dead end.. The other set has the 'trench' as a separate part, added to the sides = eliminate complex folds, but its not doing it for me either, both will make a bunch of extra parts unfortunately, thought better that than needing a triple joined thumb. Still considering/leaning towards ScottK's suggestion of separate sections + bulkhead, if these two ideas bomb out that may be the ticket.
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    just for FUN?

    Nothing like a new idea to send me off on a tangent! The idea of a large LB had me wondering how small a viper could be dev'd. So I played around with a simple viper mesh last night and ended up with this, the smaller version's a shade over 3/4 of an inch ~ ( for all you crazy base twelve guys)


    Sorry for the crappy quality, my scanner's the only bit of equipment that hasn't folded yet, and even it's making some hideous noises of late. :cry:

    Here's the bitmap, no BS... all the textured parts are in top left-hand corner! The engines just fit/wrap around a tooth pick. there's a box shape that sub's for a lot of the rear body, it fits into the nosecone section a mil or two, so if anyone's game enough to try and make it, I'd suggest starting with those two sections. There's also an extra .. 'Y' shaped part that was intended for/as a rear end cap, but it was too small for me to handle. The page is 2300 x 3200 so NO cheating by cropping the image. Of course... MEGA hero points to anyone that can make it even smaller !!!!

    Teeny Tiny Viper ZIP

    Sorry couldn't workout the scale..
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    Shouldn't have said that, because I know of at least 2 people here on the site who have in past made models smaller than a dime.

    SteveM, DTO, Care to take the challenge?

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    Info/Feedback for Gearz


    I've finished the builds of the bridge B2 and the LB B2 and alternate. The bridge module worked well. I posted comments on that already. I had some trouble with the very front - some buckling and edges not quite lining up. I think most or all of the issues could be solved by moving the tabs off the very front panel so that everything gets glued in place, then the front panel folds down to hide it all.

    Here's what I mean.


    As for the LB modules I prefer your B2 version over the alternate. Keep the main section of the LB the way it is in your B2 and add recesses in the end caps which then glue on as a unit. Is that clear?

    Here's a bunch more reference pics of the paper and plastic kits.

    Plastic kit on cutting board for ref
    Paper and Plastic Bridge modules - top view
    Paper and Plastic Bridge modules - front view
    Plastic kit - side view
    Plastic kit - elevated side view
    Plastic kit - bridge module
    Plastic kit - engine module - side
    Plastic kit - engine module rear
    Paper and Plastic LB modules - top
    Paper and Plastic LB modules - front

    The plastic kit dimensions are roughly
    17" long by 7" wide by 2-1/2" tall (length is nose to tail, width outer LB edge to outer LB edge, height bottom of LB to top of engine module. See reference pics above for a side view of the plastic kit)
    LB measures 8-3/4" by 1-5/8" by 3/4" tall
    Bridge module is 5" long by 4-1/2" wide by 1-3/4" at the rear and about 1/2" tall at the front.
    The section immediately behind the Bridge module is 2-1/4" long.
    The central section (where LB arms attach) is 5" long by 2-1/4" wide by 1" tall. The bumps on the bottom add another 3/4". I'll take another reference pic of that next time - didn't think of it this time.
    Engine module is 4" by 4" by 1-3/4" tall not including the bumps on top and bottom.

    If you want any other ref pics or dimensions let me know.
  12. sjsquirrel

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    Do you have the mqo or pdo for the teeny viper? There's a part I can't identify.
  13. jleslie48

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    you know, I would just take those photos of yours and paste them directly on the model. I would print the sheets 2x, and laminate the raised sections onto the build for a 3d effect. done.
  14. sjsquirrel

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    I hate when that happens...

    So, I just couldn't resist trying the little teeny viper. It just looked so cute.
    But Gearz, really, you should warn people. :roll:
    I printed it out and started cutting and pasting.
    I made the front section.
    I made the little box for the body.
    I rolled and attached the engines. :)
    I made the tail.
    I dropped the tail on the floor and couldn't find it so I had to print another.
    I made another tail and glued it on. :grin:
    As I sat admiring my work I noticed how nicely the little ship fit inside a square on my cutting board.
    Then I realized that it shouldn't fit in a square. :-?
    Then I realized that your printer must print at 600 DPI and mine prints at 1200.
    And I had scale to fit page turned off! Damn that thing is small!


    It seems to be about the right scale for the landing bays though.

    Here's a shot of the launch, and one of the landing approach. And here's a shot of the cute little nipper with his mom.

    Have a great week everyone.
  15. Gearz

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    LOL ... with head bowed, I offer up my x-atco in humble reverence to a master!! ... damn!... that's a Teeny WEENY Tiny Viper. ~ I should have also included a disclaimer against any liability for optometrist bills! sorry bout' that!

    Thanks for the ref shots Steve, Woooow... MOST EXCELLENT they are. (Lament ~ you guys build better beta models than my finished versions! think I'll give up building and just farm out the dev's for testing/revision.) Got your reco's for the Galactica and am working on them now, should have the updated V's ready to post in a day or two.
  16. Gearz

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    Trying to ramp up a new skill in the middle of developing a model was a BAD idea! The textures will have to wait until later.

    Cause' PEP has such a sucky text tool, I've added part numbers to this update that double as assembly steps ~ sorta', plus a few notes for a couple of parts that look ambiguous. This V of the Bridge Module has some radical changes from other two versions, hopefully it will correct most of the issues you guys have pointed out.

    Re the flaps on the nose,Yep! I see your point Steve ~ I've moved all but two flaps on the nose as you've suggested, I still recon it needs a bit of help to retain shape, so these should interlock. Nose panel last! ~ errr.. yeeeaah but naaah but yeah but nah but yeah but naahh.. I made the alcoves as inserts to avoid doing that, cause it'd be hard to get fingers inside the form finishing in that direction. Its a bit sloppy so far but there's a AG gfx with this V, ~ experienced modellers might not assemble it this way, but its the novices we're shooting for.

    Notes.. there's an extra panel ~ part 10e that I'll replace with textures etc on the final. Oh yeah.. it may look a bit weird without textures, part 10 overlaps onto part 7 ~ just provides a nice fudge factor when closing the form.

    Re LB's ~ LB v2 it is! There was a bit of discussion above, about the recesses entry/exit bays, as StevO confirmed the nose of the LB is closed. So I'll include a recess/bay for the arse end. I'll post the complete mid section V2 with all the suggested changes incorporated by the end of the week. Sorry its a bit slow, but I'm trying to get a few other Dev's moving along as well. :roll:
  17. Stev0

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    Hehe ... you said ARSE.

    Anyhow... the Nose is 'shaping up' quite well.

    I have to admit I think you are deffinately on the right path for constructing the final project.

    As a digital modeler I tend to take a complex project and break it into modular form and those module would be comprised of a 3 tiered amount of work depending on the level of detail I want. First level is the basic shape of the underlying object. Second level are structures atop the 1st level which are more complex. The Third level consists of additional details that fill in areas to compliment the 2nd level with the 1st level.

    So again. Your work is deffinately coming together. Keep it up.

    PS. Love the micro-vipers. <3
  18. Gearz

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    Thanks StevO :-D modeller !! whhhoooo.. should have kept that to yourself! My meagre 3D skills were self taught out of necessity ~ modifying other guys meshes etc, there's many a time I stare blankly at the screen scratching my head and wondering how to do something, so you guys are my hero's ~ wish I had your skills.

    :roll: :roll: :roll: I've started my first mesh from scratch to Dev into a cardmodel, and I've gota say the results were a little disappointing. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  19. Stev0

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    I traded my sanity for those 'skills'. [​IMG]
  20. Gearz

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    Hahaha..... Perfect recipe for some brilliant work !!! :yep:

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