Willys Jeep from Modelik

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by lriera, Mar 8, 2008.

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    One of the reasons I avoid trying to build doors, hatches and hoods that actually work is because they are nearly impossible to fit perfectly in all corners. But your build is so "straight" and accurate that the hood fits as if it was glued shut. The gap is perfect! You've done a great job on this one. :thumb::thumb: As I said before, I have this model... I am thinking about building it to go with my Dragon Wagon and Sherman. That would make a nice diorama I think.

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    Hello companions,

    Ken, go for it, it is a very nice model and the build is not so difficult taking in account your experience. And thank you for your nice words, they are very helpful. :thumb:

    This moves, moves, and moves…

    Now it was the turn of the windshield and a lot of small pieces. It already lacks less for D-day, H-hour.

    With the enthusiasm of the end, I forgot to take some photos of the process, but you understand me, correct? It is that I want to finish quickly.

    In Photo 359 you can see that I have already stuck the two plasters in form of Ls that serve to unite the windshield to the body. These pieces have 1 millimeter of width and two cardboards of 0.2 of depth, that is that I was not sure that they went to support the movement up and down of the windshield, so I submerged them in cianocrilate and they have really stayed as of steel (good, it is joke, like of plastic). But they hold perfectly.

    359. [​IMG]

    And in Photos 360, 361, 362 and 363 you can see the aspect of the Willys with the mounted windshield. It begins to have good aspect, truth? Good to be sincere, there is a white line in the windshield that I have seen in the photos. In fact it is not appraised, because I had not seen it until I watched the photos. So please don’t be too cruel, anyone can have a failure. But I promise to you that in the real model, you can’t realize it.

    360. [​IMG] 361. [​IMG] 362. [​IMG] 363. [​IMG]

    In Photo 364 a pile of pieces. Many of them are only to cut and to paint edges, reason why I do not show its process to you. Only the siren has had some difficulty.

    364. [​IMG]

    In Photo 365 you can see the pieces that compose the siren and in the 366 the siren in assembly process.

    365. [​IMG] 366. [​IMG]

    Finally, in the Photo 367 those small pieces already mounted and ready to stick them to the Willys.

    367. [​IMG]

    It already lacks very, very little. Be tuned because next move will be the end.

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    Hello to all

    Weeeeell, finally the most waited moment for me of the latter months has come THE WILLYS IS FINISHED. Yes, yes, as you read, ALL finished. And this time I am going directly to show you the “photo finish”. In a few days I will make a balance of everything what I have learned, that has been much.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ah, thanks to all by the support that you have offered to me during these long months, that have been much and very good. And as I said to you, I dedicate this model to my mother, she did not know anything of Internet, but I would have taught it and certainly it would have liked very much.

    Well, that is everything until the moment. You will already say to me what it seems to you.

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    Wow Lluis!

    The Jeep came out FANTASTIC! I must build it now. Very nice job.

    I wonder if anyone makes the Bantom trailer that goes with the jeep? If my history is correct, Bantom developed the Jeep, but did not have the manufacturing capacity to build them; thus Ford got the contract. For their effort, Bantom got the contract to build the trailer.

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    Oh, and Willys also got a share of the production build! :oops:

    If anyone knows if there is a paper trailer to go with the Jeep, please advise.

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    A fantastic build, Lluis. Excellent work, mate. :)
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    Ken, Logicman, Nemesis, thank you for your kind words.

    Ken and Logicman I will try to make the trailer. It is not first in my ToDo list, but I sure will do it. Logicman, thank you for the links, they are very informative about the trailer. I will keep you informed.

    See you later in the Forum. Greetings.
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    Johnny and Lluis,

    Thanks for the link to the trailer. Although this appears to be Russian, it will be very helpful in developing a paper version of the Bantom trailer.

    Sometime in the future, I plan to design a Bantom trailer to go with the Modelik Willys. I just cannot say exactly when. It is a relatively simple design (no complex shapes to unfold), so it should be a quick project.

    I'll post it here for free under "downloads". Lluis, if you can wait awhile, I promise a quality job! (Cad designed).

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    Johnny, thank you for your nice words. Comming from you they have more value to me. You know I am a fan of your builds :thumb:. How is going your time outdoors?

    Ken, do you want we both design the trailer. I have some knowledge of 3DS MAX, Pepakura, Photoshop, etc? We will make it free to some one interested on it :thumb:.

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    I could design it in CAD, flatten the patterns as "lines" only. Then you could paint the colors on the patterns and publish it to the Zealot website. I can start next week. If you like, we can start a thread to describe what we are doing and report progress as we go.

    This will be fun!

  13. lriera

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    Yes, Ken, we will do it and sure it will be fun. :yep:

    Next week, from 24 to 29, I take a little holydays, but after that, I will be disponible to do the job. :thumb:

    If you want, you can start the thread explaining what we will do.

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    Your little Jeep turned out beautiful! Your craftsmanship is excellent.

    It looks like it would be a lot of fun to take out and do a little 4-wheeling. sign1
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    HeavyKevie, thank you for the words. Keep tuned, because Ken and me are going to design and build the trailer for the Willys. :thumb:

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    Willys Jeep: Arriba!!

    Lluis: A beautiful build!
    Su amigo
  17. lriera

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    Jim, thank you for your nice words.

    Muchas gracias y hasta pronto. Amigo.
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    Hello companions,

    After a few months I retake this thread, but I am not going to make a balance of the construction of the Willys… that I will still leave up to in a time… but to show you what happens when a paper model is painted. Very well painted.

    The truth is that when Piter at the Gdansk Meeting proposed to me to paint the Willys it gave much fear to me. As you can be imagine, to put a brush on to the Willys, after the months of sweats that cost to me, was not something that I enjoyed a lot. But it could plus the confidence that Piter inspired to me. To see the works that Piter has done with his models as of paper or of plastic. So… I said yes to him. And next I show to you the result of his works with the brush.

    More than to write I, hope that the photographies that I show to you following are enough to justify that I have brought an aerograph and I am thinking very seriously to begin to paint the models me too.

    So here we go. In Photo 390 you can see the aspect of the Willys that all you know, on the table of the workshop before Piter did the intervention to him.

    390. [​IMG]

    In Photos 391 and 392 you can see Piter in two moments of the work.

    391. [​IMG] 392. [​IMG]

    And finally in Photos 393 to 398 you can see the final result. The best is that at the Meeting Piter also presented/displayed a Willys… but of plastic. So you can compare how they look one next to the other, the plastic and the paper one.

    393. [​IMG] 394. [​IMG] 395. [​IMG]

    396. [​IMG] 397. [​IMG] 398. [​IMG]

    Finally, Piter requested me to invite to you to participate in the Forum 1:25 that he coordinates. It is a Forum dedicated exclusively to military scale vehicles in 1:25, as its name indicates, as much in paper as in plastic. You can visit the 1:25 Forum here.

    For registration, you must send a message to him, because to avoid Spam, it has to register to you by hand. The Forum is in English, besides in Polish and German.

    Greetings to all.

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