Welcome Paper Car Fans! 2011.

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  1. this is the last page.

    OF THIS MODEL enjoy building it? i am!

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  2. added the missing parts sorry?

    and as needed to look like the real one.

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  3. add this to the front of the car.

    too short. not enoph space to fit so i add an extra part to it it should look like this!

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  4. Bhelliom

    Bhelliom Member

    Good stuff as always, Mike. I think I feel a mass download coming on.

    Scott K.
  5. new concept car.

    this one will be my first 3 wheeler ford cockpit (ghia) concept 1981. a1

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  6. page 2 is now colored and up!

    enjoy. more comming very soon look for them. ok?

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  7. page 3 is now colored and up!

    enjoy. last page tommarrow.

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  8. and the last part!

    now it's time to build which is the fun part of papercrafting!

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  9. two concept cars up!

    this is a true masterpiece i tell you shaping of the future all righty then!
    3 wheeled concept car prototype ford cockpit 1981

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  10. anothere prototype concept

    with a motor ( engine) added it the rear of the car and all 100% card stock too.

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  11. part 2 is now up.


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  12. page 3 is now up and done.

    motor and engine parts galore.

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  13. tire next

    enjoy special fx!

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  14. last page finally.

    enjoy test building it!

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  15. WOW!! what a MASTERPIECE!

    I DON'T KNOW? what to say i'm speechless. right now. eat your heart our papercraft world.

    it can get better then this?

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  16. next project i'm working on is?

    the ford probe v my most futuristic concept car here's the page 1 enjoy.

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  17. more paper colored part to post

    enjoy page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5

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  18. the cadillac sixteen concept car!

    everybody will want this for a papercraft model. colored in bright red with blue tinted glass.
    2 pages allready done for you enjoy.

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  19. two more parts.


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  20. the cadillac sixteen concept car!

    of tommarrow now this is history in the designing!

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