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  1. anothere cadillac concept car.

    this ones new and i saw it at the new york auto show last week urban luxury concept
    there not going to product it to anyone just show so i took some photos of it and i desided to make one to share with every one and here is the real one first.

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  2. and now here's the papercraft version

    enjoy page 1 is up and allready colored.

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  3. whulsey

    whulsey New Member

    Interesting work going on here!
  4. sorry for the long wait.

    here is part 2 the top.

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  5. i got a request from fans!

    can you create Lightning McQueen in card stock? and i said yes! so i did a free hand style of lighting mcqueen but? i'm doing it from a movie clip with white walls and moon caps from cars one not cars 2? here are the lay outs. part 1 is all ready done!

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  6. part 2 is now up.

    and colored enjoy.

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  7. now page 3 is

    up and colored enjoy

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  8. now for the finnshing part.

    the last page enjoy now it's time to building the results see it soon!

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  9. now for the.

    nnneeeeeeeewwwwwwwww Lightning McQueen!

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  10. more cars to be made here's the list.
    1. tex dinoco 2. mini & van 3. patti 4.flo 5.chick hicks 6.mrs king station wagon

    and comming soon cars 2 papercraft exclusive's!

    and any request are welcome here.
  11. i don't know what to say right now!

    this looks gooood i out did myself look at this and tell me it's not good enoght?

    but? i like the way it came out! don't you agree?

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  12. This is greaatt!!!

    PAGE 2 is now up and colored

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  13. 3 is up

    now and colored enjoy!

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  14. and the last page.

    now for test fitting time good luck who ever builds it enjoy!

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  15. i need help! can anybody help me how to make a 3D horn in front of tex dinoco's grill
    please if anyone can do if for me i'll be happy thank's!
  16. never mind i did it myself

    good looking would'nt you say so?

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  17. my next project is?

    mrs the king! from cars 1 not 2? here's a clip!

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  18. page 1 is up and colored!

    nicely done job on the details hum?

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  19. page2 is now up and colored


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  20. now page 3 is up and colored!

    enjoy my works of creation!

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