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  1. here's the last page

    now you know? it's time to building this collective character!

    have fun building!

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  2. anothere project cars done!

    introducing mrs the king! station wagon!

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  3. comming soon cars 2 hollyshiftwell finn mcmissile and lightning mcqueen new version like the movie!
  4. allready then!

    here is holley shiftwell from cars 2. enjoy.

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  5. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Nice to see this iconic cars represented. I think that Vauxhaul has never been modeled before! Impressive, the way you bang these cars out!
  6. thanks zathros.

    and here's part 2 ready and colored!

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  7. and your right Zathros! the Vauxhaul has never been made into a cars character?
  8. two new pages of parts reveled!

    and geared up for action!

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  9. the next two pages are up

    and colored! enjoy techtoonnology!

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  10. last page is now up!

    enjoy building.

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  11. and here's more!

    and a free display stand to go with it!

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  12. did someone requested finn mcmisslie?

    the next cars2 character is the spy car finn mcmisslie!
    part 1 is up now enjoy! i'm now up for request! any cars and cars2 character you like to see here and on my blog! e-mail ozzadm1@netzero.com or ozzadm1@netzero.net or right here in this forum or pm me!

    i hope your building my masterpieces and if not? i like to know why??
    your friend michaelbunnyexclusivedazzo!

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  13. 123yokomo

    123yokomo Member

    nice! i wanna see that movie
  14. allhallowseve

    allhallowseve Member

    Well !! he not a car .. He Crabby ! ha ha

    Give him a try !

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  15. allhallowseve i'm sorry but i don't do ships and planes and boats

    i just do cars characters sorry about that but if you asked somebody eise in this forum
    who does! i'm shore he or she will do you a favore! or do it for you i mean?
    i hope you understand me?
  16. allhallowseve

    allhallowseve Member

    LOL i know your only doing the Cars :) It be a cool model.. he' also one of the crab boat from deadliest catch ! i saw they got Sig to do his voice in the movie !

    Waiting on the rest of Finn

  17. page 2 is now up and colored


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  18. to allhallowseve are you doing this? by requested or a friend?!
  19. more of??

    finn mcmisslie parts coming right up!

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  20. allhallowseve

    allhallowseve Member

    More of other idea's for Character.. Found the Cars2 movie site to see all the new ones. Crabby was one of the pic on the site ! I watch deadliest Catch so when i saw the boat it look way to much like the Norwesten from the show. Then i read that Sig boat and voice were use in the movie !

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