USS Tarawa LHA1 1/200

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by barry, Jan 19, 2007.

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    That's great Barry.

    Production line is a good term to use. You can feel like a slave laborer putting that many together.

    When folks complement my 1/700 USS FRANKLIN, I tell them the 3 squadrons of planes on the flight deck were a completely different project than the ship itself. I'm sure you feel the same way.
  3. barry

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    Do you think we need a bigger ship

    This is about 30% of the airwings carried by Tarawa getting a bit crowded on deck. You right lads some days it gets a bit mindless building this many. Thanks for the kind words.

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  4. Jim Krauzlis

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    Wotcher, bazzer!

    Quite an outstanding achievement, Barry, and more to come, I gather! Those choppers really came out brilliantly, adding quite a bit of interest to the overall project...I don't envy you taking all the time to make up so many little gems, but, trust me, it is well worth it from what I see. So what if it's slow going, it is truly showing admirable results.

    As always, I look forward to your further updates as you continue in this amazing project. Every time I recall that this entire project is all scratch built, well, I just have to shake my head in amazement!

  5. barry

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    Upgraded CH 53

    Engine nacelles are now in the right position, walking strip on the sponson is at the right end and the side pods have been added.

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  6. Teamski

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    Simply amazing! The bow must of been a real bugger to do. The helicopters are spot on!

  7. airbob

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    Simply amazing creation tho got there! A most magnificent fighting ship!
  8. Jim Krauzlis

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    Wotcher, bazzer!

    Outstanding job on the chopper, and the other parts of the air wing. Actually a wonderful little model project in themselves!

    As always, it's a treat to see your progress on this build...keep at it, mate!

  9. Bowdenja

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    Better and better Barry!

    The color schemes are just about perfect!:thumb:

  10. barry

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    Osprey test landing

    The Osprey is a sod to get right but you can look at the third attempt. Tried to fit too many formers in too small a space then got lost where they should fit. I kept one aft of the cockpit and threw the rest away and butt jointed it wanted to see what it looked like. Please ignore the standard of drawing on the parts. It's shape is enough to make it distinctive. Still a good clean up and it may look ok. Needs the obvious bits as well.

    I guess if it is coloured white with some red bits on it we might just get away with explaining it's presence on the deck.

    A belated thank you for the kind words !!!!

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  11. airbob

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    Those "teenies" are coming around really, really well mate! I love your pictures!....:thumb:
  12. eibwarrior

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    Nice lineup of choppers you have there Barry.

    I can't imagine doing the Osprey at this scale, let alone test/scratch build. Well done! That's some difficult shapes to merge at that size. I can't imagine where the formers even go?
  13. barry

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    Engine pod

    Spent most of today cleaning up the graphics my texturing still comes out like it was done with a charcoal stick.Kindly note the transition from the round nose of the pod to flat halfway down the engine cos it took me ages to do and at the end no one will ever notice it again.

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  14. barry

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    Osprey 2

    Another rebuild of the Osprey still requires the prototype red markings to make it somewhere near authentic. The twist in the rotor blades will have to wait for a couple of days while the glue joints harden enough.

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  15. Lex

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    Great job on such a small scale Osprey Barry!
  16. barry

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    One of those mindless jobs but they do help straighten the hull sides a puts up the parts count a bit.

    Thanks Lex a bit belated

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  17. eibwarrior

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    Barry, I'm not real familiar with the Tarawa class. Is that a catwalk just below the flight deck? How did you make that?

    Nice job on the Osprey by the way. Looks like you worked out the kinks rather nicely.
  18. barry

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    Hi Elb

    yes the catwalk sits on top of a wire frame which is soldered standard 4 rail with the uprights extended and two extra rails added then bent into an "L" shape and the cantilever is glued to the bent over portion. I think there is a photograph earlier in the thread.
  19. OhioMike

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    I looked thru the thread for the most part and apparently missed it, did you enlarge a smaller model of this with Photoshop or did i miss-understand? Thanks.
  20. barry

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    Elb picture is #182 in this thread

    Mike not sure of the question it was all designed using Metasequoia and scaled up in Pepakura.

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