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    USS Mousemuffins sounds better, you need to lay off of the cough syrup.sign1

    Has anyone noticed the significance of the Sulaco being the 13th Conestoga class ship, sent off on a suicide mission, only to be left floating in space abandoned and derelict? wall1
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    btw....have someone clue about the eev units"hangar" location?...where can be situated?...i think somewhere in the front of the ship..on the belly maybe?...:confused:[/quote]

    There maybe a refference to the eeralloctaion of this in the CMTM, even though we have all agreed that that Manual is merely a refference an not Canon, it would be a good place to start, me thinks.
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    Self Editing, I can haz it. I apoligise if this was previously offensive in any way.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    check the shots of the queen being expelled in Aliens
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    I'll have to rummage through my Dark Horse collection because I think I picked up every Aliens comic they put out.

    There should be some references in there somewhere.

    Hey Jan, I know you prefer the Alien and Aliens but what do you think of 'The Betty'?

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    im not a fan of the aliens ressurection movie, it seemed rushed and completely bypassed the whole alien and aliens and even alien3 timeline.

    however i did like the betty, a small junker transport ship. :p
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    The main body of the Betty was an old jackhammer...
  8. BradAmeerBeg

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    How does being set 202 years after the events of Alien 3 "bypass" the time line?
  9. Paladin

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    I think the time line fits fine.

    I have a question maybe someone else could answer. From the first movie on, they never really explain where those pesky aliens came from. The first movie and the second told us that the aliens were "not indigenious" to the planet that they were first found on. Even in the AVP movie they didn't tell where they came from other than the fact that the Predators brought them to earth. I keep wondering if the writers will ever show some poor colonists or other explorers landing on a planet full of them:eek:
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    As i Understand it, there is a hive world mentioned in the comics and novels, but... i don't really know if they'e storlines are accepted as officallyconnected to the movie series.
    I agree with you, i'd like to see some more on the Xenomorph background, it would be cool. Since the Predators have been linked to them since Predator 2 (the suspiciously shaped skull in the trophy trove) mebe they know where the Xeno's come from.
  11. Stev0

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    Yeah the comic books talk about a planet of origin. Two alien hives fought for dominance with the Queen at the center of their reason for being.

    The comics were awesome because they were published as 3-5 issue stories. Some were a little over the top but not as bad as the story for AvP2.

    The best was the AvP miniseries.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    I had postulated that they were a terror weapon of a long dead alien race and that they do some amount of adaptation when they infest a new host planet. I also postulated that the queen was the result of this adaptation as the original life cycle written in the book (Alien) and filmed, but cut from the final cut of the first movie, lent itself to my first hypothesis.
  13. BradAmeerBeg

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    There is background story supporting this idea. And others suggest the mysterious "Space Jokey's" might have had something to do with there existance, like some sort of bio-weapon that was used to wipe out a planets dominant specises without having to show themselves, and then just introducing some sort of chemical agent that killed off all the Xenos, leaving a planet ripe for take over. Kind of brutal way to conquer a world, but poetic as well, if you like horrid violent poetry that is. wall1
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    All of these ideas are cool, I have always postulted that the Aliens were a bio weapong or some such thing. But a Von Neumann device would be more efficient in the long run due to the fact that it could be programmed to make any world conquered habitable for said species.
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    Never Heard of a Von Neumann Device... what is it? and from what sci-f universe?
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  17. Ronson2k3

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    The one problem I had from the series or that of the aliens themselves is there survival depends on a parasitic element. That is if the humans never found them they would have died off not being able to 'incubate' inside one. This happens by pure accident. There entire survival depends on this. As the colonists are used as hosts as well. With ships going to a from the now being Terraformed planet the aliens never spread as they had tried to do in the first movie.

    Every creature has two priorities in life. To survive and to reproduce. Neither of which can happen without the humans (alien to the alien) species. So killing the humans does neither of these things. As the aliens require 'at the time' humans to survive and to reproduce'.

    In the second movie we find that Humans want to use the aliens 'Bio Engineering' to there own advantage. This is perhaps the reverse of the Aliens nature as they had been using humans here to for.

    This doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the movies.. Great films from a SFX and Action standpoint. But it's much like Jaws in space. Even Jaws had a purpose but the aliens seem only there to give the humans something to fight against. A plot device more then Character.

    Would have been cool.. Humans in an effort to terraform a planet deliberately destroy all life there accept the aliens which manage to escape. Then Humans find them 'crash landed' on the surface 100's of years later and the aliens exact their revenge... This gives them purpose. Be it an old cliched one but one non the less.

    In an effort to avoid understanding them to make them more scary you take away from them there intelligence and turn them into shark like creatures that only exist to give humans a really hard time. It was human curiosity that started the whole thing off so playing against that would have been pretty cool.

    Just my opinion folks .. Still loved the movies anyway but could have been richer if they tried a bit harder.
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    Ronson2k3-I follow you on your line of thinking. But if you'll remember from Alien, the ship was derelict, it crashed on LV426. Due possibly to one of the aliens getting out and hosting in the pilot of the ship. Would that not suggest that the Pilot and his race were on their way to drop off the cargo somewhere? Then oops, so sorry Mr. Pilot, you're dead. You are correct with the parasitic element, but that just goes to show thy were designed specifically as a bio-weapon already. (At least to me)

    You are correct with thir entire survival depending on a living host, but not the entire species. Just the ones on LV426. What would it benefit the Pilot and his race, of only building one cocoon/cargo ship? There had to be many more ships like it in the universe.

    To me, the reason the aliens never tried to get off LV426 was because they weren't designed as pilots. While they are smart and adapt quickly that just wasn't "programmed" into them. Kinda like a bee hive or ant colony, each ant/bee has a specific job to do.

    Now if the Humans had never come along, nothing would have happened. While the ship had been there on LV426 for an undefined length of time, those eggs would have more than likely died off over time. But other ships would have dropped off their deadly cargo and spread across the universe, quite possibly reaching earth at some point in the distant future.

    Just my 2 cents worth here.:mrgreen:
  19. Paladin

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    I don't know about those eggs dying off theory. They seemed to be on that derelict for an awfully long time. It just seems that in the first movie, the indication I got was that that other ship had been there for many centuries. So perhaps the eggs would die off after awhile, but it would probably be a very very long while, perhaps several thousands of years.:eek:

    I thought that perhaps the "space jockeys" ship had picked them up somewhere, and they were infected and killed off just as the humans did when they first landed on LV426. Whatever the case the two mysteries to me are: who, what, and where did the "space jockey" and the "aliens"come from. I guess some things are just always meant to be a mystery.:confused:
  20. Ronson2k3

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    To work as a Bio Weapon they too would have to be 'Killable' or at least subdued in the sense that such a weapon be used to prepare a planet already inhabited by an enemy say for you to take it over. If on the other hand you just want to eliminate an enemy that would work out fine but you would then perhaps have a greater enemy.

    The Cane Toads of Australia used to eliminate the cane beetle where the toads then became the problem not the cure. Such a situation would exist here if after you get rid of your enemy then you have to get rid of the thing you used to get rid of your enemy.

    The ship was en route to somewhere when it crashed. There was still bio reading and an energy source 'reason the nostramo went there'. Still the do seem very adaptable to the humans in that it took only seconds to get one in them.

    It's an interesting Hypothesis though about it being a bio weapon or perhaps even a environmental controls (cane toads).

    I thought having them meet up with 'Predator' was a Camerin grudge match kind of thing. Kind of like the Enterprise going up against a Star Destroyer.. I would have said Indiana Jones versus Darth Vader but that kind of happened.. hehehe (Han and Indi same guy - in the flesh anyway).

    I was so hoping to see the card game where Han won the Falcon from Lando in one of the prequels. Darth 'Anakin was 'The Star' but I loved all the characters and Darth wasn't that complex that he needed much going over. Then when we did find out why.. I laughed.. it was so very lame. Watched 6+hours of film to find this out.. Oh Please.. He was so strong with the force yet he couldn't even see through palpatine's deceit. I think they were trying to show the Father Son relationship. How the sins of the father are visited upon by the son (many episodes later).

    But I digress... Back to the build.. Hoping for more updates.. Pleeeeeease.:mrgreen:

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