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    Actually, according to what was found out later in the movie/book, the message being transmitted was a warning to stay away.
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    I think I have only read the book once or twice...maybe it is time for a reread!
  4. It was once explained in an interview on a DVD that the egg cave was NOT part of the derelict ship, but underneath it in the ground of the planet. The ship did not crash-land, it landed there (maybe to exermine something), and then all the mess started...
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    nice discussion here...:mrgreen:

    I have another problem(s)....With the Sulaco and the EEV.

    this is rebuilded EEV....I must do that because of sulaco....minor thing of that will be the papercraft of the EEV REVISITED .:cool:



    first problem was the scale of those things....but it wa solved....


    and some close ones...:rolleyes:


    close to the hull...

    [​IMG] problem is open fo discusion...

    don´t know where is the EEV hangar located.....i have a few clues, but....

    David Fincher is good in atmosphere and efects but in the tech aspect ....
    he makes a crap......The EEV has no fuctional background ....u know.....
    "how this thing work?" is the cryo tubes just look


    if the hangas is situated vertically the one possible place for it is top structure in front of the ship.



    any ideas???:confused:
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    If the EEVs are like lifeboats, I would have thought that they would be positioned all around the vessel in case there was a sudden and urgent reason to leave town quickly?
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    Then again if these particular EEVs are made for stasis beds, they would likely be located near the part of the ship where crew-sicles are kept so they could be more easily shunted into the EEVs. The actual mechanism for delivering these chilly tubes to the EEVs should perhaps best be left to the magic technology of hand-wavium. There may be different and more sense-making lifeboats for warm crew located elsewhere throughout the vessel.
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    Chalk it up to poor continuity and planning.

    It would be like trying to actually build the MC Escher Stairs for real.

    That and the Cryotubes for Alien and Alien3 are somewhat identical yet the Aliens Cryotubes are different the the former and latter movies. Since Alien3 takes place right after Aliens, wouldn't the Cryotubes be the same for continuity???
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    heya aliens 99 glad to see you are still working on the alien meshes :)

    did you see my thread of my colony buildings I built from your web site. will you be doing any more soon? and when is the ETA for the landingpad base? also when will you be be doing the windwall?

    also a bit off topic but are you still planing on finishing the skynet unit meshes?
    the the terminatorfiles websites have links for two really good huntkiller tank meshes that are free I would use them to redo my Skynet paper models but I dont have max so unless someone who has max can save them to obj I will not be able to redo my HK paper model so I am waiting on your HK Tank paper model.
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    I see your problem, Jan, that is really kinda wtf? I had another look at Alien 3 and was like, um, it comes off the hull? That's actually kinda weird but cool at the same time. For the same reason, you don't see where it comes off, cos i think even they couldn't figure out where they should be, maybe?
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    raaaaaaaah, i can't wait !!!!
    i want it noooooooowwwww it's too beautifull !!!!!! wall1

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    I still think it looks like a door hinge (and the designer got paid HOW MUCH for the design?!!?). :p
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    Lets pretend that the EEV's on the wall were for non-cryotubed occupants. Personnel were required to board them for jettisoning.

    There are similar EEV's located near the cryo chambers that were setup to receive the cryotubes from the chamber. These EEV's had attachment points to recieve the dumped tubes. The ones on the wall were accessed via ladders and had seating/provisions for 5 people.

    Does that explain it all away? =)

    It's cheaper to construct one Escape vehicle and modify it for cryotube support. Then to create several versions.
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    As pretty as your EEV is, I wouldn't add it to the model, as it's just not on the model in the first place. Adding it may make it complete, but it also makes it inaccurate. The millenium falcon has exactly the same problem, there are supposed to be escape pods, but they're just not on the model.
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    I agree with HMAS Mousemuffins, and Armorman. I believe it to also be a simple conituity problem. I wouldn't try to make it fit the Sulaco Model, it would detract from her gorgeousness... ness. Plus, not seeing it from the outside in the movie shows the prop guys did try to make it fit either. They didn't know where to put it or what to do with it and winged it!
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    The pods are at either side of this ship on the Falcon.

    Here is one interpretation of them.

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    Cool. that's one way it could work I guess, there real problem with the falcon is it's way too small to fit everthing in, in a logical manner, assuming you take the movies as "cannon", which you really have to. For example, easily seen in the scenes on hoth, the outside diameter of the cokpit is only about 6 1/2 feet, and the depths of the side panels no more than about 3 1/2, yet folks are supposed to be able to stand up in this thing.
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    Yeah... lol... whoopsie.

    I think as far as the Cryotubes for the Sulaco... I think we are looking at 2 types. Regular for awake personnel and Freezer types.

    So that's Regular and Extra Crisper.
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    ALIEN3 is a good movie, with good atmosphere , excellent props and director ,but really p*ssed me off in technical way.wall1
    The EEV modul itself looks great the 1:1 scale prop is perfect copy of the model. Interior is functional, design is perfect.:thumb:
    But the way, how it was loaded and released that is pure nonsense.:confused:
    I am allmost like Cameron. I want that things must work somehow. The Dropships, Powerloader, APC, Colony...Everything works fine.
    except the EEV.
    I don´t know if the the Ship like Sulaco with its "Aerodynamic" dropships will be carry those cube-like edged "german" EEVs.
    I like that design (EEV),but i don´t know if it´s siutable fo reenry vehicle.
    The guys from United states technical manual counting with the 20 EEVs and 100 men of crew.
    I maked my own calculations: hmmm....One dropship can carry 15 people even pilots, 2 dropships=30 people.
    And some crew for the cargo hangar means ± 40~50 people means 10 EEVs.
    I´ve analyzed the process of loading cryotubes onboard and closed it with this result: Evacuating of the people in cryostasis must be smooth and quick.
    I´m willing to accept the replacing the tubes from cryo room industrial "Cameron" one for travel model"Fincher" seen in the Alien3.
    Thats all.......(info:Fincher liked the model of cryo statsis from Scott movie so he decided that this design will be in his Alien3).
    The loading tunnel must be straight (without curves) direct into the cryo systems of the EEV....In the moment, when the people
    are onboard the outer cover plate is thrown away and the EEV is dropped into space like Dropship smooth move..
    .away from the structures of Sulaco (like particle beam weapons-those arms)...I missing all that things in the Alien3 movie.:cry:


    If we look at it technically, there can be 3 situations occur.
    case 1) The crew is in cryos...In the emergency situation can be transported into "low budget" EEVs and dropped away, OR (i like this idea) The whole cryo room is a EEV
    and can be separated from the ship in emergency situation-this is more expensive way, so the EEVs are good alternative , but for the cryostasis only.Not for waked people.
    case 2) The crew is partially "on duty".There can be 2 chances: Wake up the rest of the crew and abandon ship in something else - like lifeboat(Narcissus).
    -This situation calculate with the same number of cryo stasis in EEVs and lifeboats so if u have 30 people, then u need 60 cryo stasis.-
    ...if there will be some time for rescue...if not, there is secon chance, The ship automaticly release EEVs with the sleep crew ito the safe distance and the life crew abandon
    ship in some lifeboats...this situation is in the name of everyone fight for himself....separately...people from eevs and lifeboats.
    There can be chance to connect them into transport(some sort of snake or chain), but u cannot open the EEVs for obtaining more cryo stasis.
    There can be other , more interesant, situation. As i wrote above, in emergency the whole cryo room can be separated as a huge EEV (even the empty cryo stasis).
    The live crew in the lifeboats can be connected to the Cryo room EEV for obtaining more cryo stasis. From now on the Cryo room EEV & one or more lifeboats together are
    fully operational craft with life support and navigation and so on.and with the same number of cryos like crew.(good idea?)
    case 3) The whole crew is on duty. If the situation will be positive for time...there is a chance to abandon ship with the EEVs...If not and the crew must go to the lifeboats
    ..there must be more (2x) stasis on board The Sulaco (In the EEVs and Lifeboats).
    In the other hand - The ship (Sulaco) can be separated into pieces. The cryo room and lifeboats will be released and after that all the necessary components will be connected together.
    So there can be new ship born....I am counting with the idea of Sulaco connected from small ,fully operational blocks (ships) connected together...
    OH MAAAAN....I AM FRUSTRATED :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

    nice EEV discussion..the milenium facon specially ...i like it:mrgreen:
    nore..nore more....ideas.....sign1
    I have something too...I´ve printed 3 test pages of the side plate....:wave:
    ...I´ll glue them in this week...i hope..:twisted:

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    OMG that looks amazing...

    John John

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