UHU02 Submarine?

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Gixergs, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Gixergs

    Gixergs Well-Known Member

    We really need a walking of with slumped shoulders smiley, yep beaten to the punchline again go get her 19 sheets number 14 is a slow one to download but Worth the wait.Thank you again UHU02
  2. MT Hopper

    MT Hopper MT Hopper

    A penultimate paper model. Being a newbie I must ask what scale is that model?
    My brother said if that was a paper/card model he'd eat his hat. I currently am assembling a baseball cap shaped cup cake for him.
    Please add my thanks to the many others to UHU02.

    MT Hopper

    p.s. how do you deal with the fact that the instructions are in grass script or kenji. While google translates it online I would like to download the instructions but in english if possible
  3. Gixergs

    Gixergs Well-Known Member

    UHU02 uses the build photos as his instructions so I'm afraid you just have to study them and go for it. I would guess the scale at 1/72-ish as from the pictures it look comparable to the Revell and Kooklik ones in size.I hope your brother enjoys the hat.
  4. MT Hopper

    MT Hopper MT Hopper

    Thanks for the info.
    He enjoyed the hat

  5. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Anyone notice that instructions pages 18, 19, 20, aren't there. I don't know if it is sequential, just something I picked upon. This model is saw awesome. The definitive U-boat model has bee released for FREE!
  6. Dragos

    Dragos Active Member

    I guess this will be my second submarine that I should build in the future ( after the Whisky class sub)
  7. Hello,
    the 3 parts on sheet 14 together have a length of 66cm.
    This is approximately the length of the model.
    So it should be 6710cm length of U96 / 66cm
    length of model = 1/101,7 scale.
    which means approx. 1/100 scale.

    This is a very impressive model.
    Thank You very much, UHU02.

    Kind regards
    Markus Schweizer
  8. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I was able to get pages 18 19 and 20 by editing the http: address. If you change the -96** (put in the page number in place of **, so it would read, as an example, -9620-.html , it will get you to the page you wish, in this case, page 20. A little quicker to navigate like this. Essentially, -99** (put in page you want, leave everything else the same).

    It starts at: (not full address) ...............ver2/2011/05/das-bootu-961-d.html
    and ends at : .....................ver2/2011/07/das-bootu-9634-.html

    Again, these are not the full addresses, just to show the structure. Sorry if I beat this to death. :)
  9. paulhbell

    paulhbell Member

    I thought there was only 19 pages for parts. Am I missing something here. I can see 34 pages with photo instructions.
  10. Gixergs

    Gixergs Well-Known Member

    I made it 19 sheets of parts and 34 or so of build photos.No sign of any others.
  11. paulhbell

    paulhbell Member

    Thought I hadn't missed any. Has any one any idea what thickness paper/card has been used for this.
  12. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I hope you mean 34 pages of build photos, because I think I have around 194 build pics!

    Framing is done with 1 mm stock, laminated cardboard. All other work is done with Canon Matte Photopaper. This is what I read from the translated pages, using Google Translate.
  13. paulhbell

    paulhbell Member

    Thanks Zathros, I saw that the frame was made out of 1mm card, but could not find the shell thinkness.

    I have 19 pages of parts and 197 photos of the build, don't know why I got extra.
  14. rjm

    rjm Member

    Zathros, I figured out the same way to get p18,19 &20 of the instructions and
    mentioned it on the "other" forum, but I got the usual smarmy replies. Maybe
    I should come back here more often or quit replying over there.
  15. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    There are good people here, and good people there, most of the really good people are here and there (some aren't though). This is what I have noticed. I don't appreciate "smarmy" responses, but I assure you, it is the individual who gives it, who ultimately owns it, and is more reflective of those individuals, and not the forums. Papermodelers is a great forum. It's really big though. Sometimes when a place grows big, and fast, things get lost.

    With a join date of 2005, I can only say, Welcome back Home RJM !!.

    That being said, there is a lot going on here that is not going on over there. So, yes, do post here. I post both places, but have found this forum to be quite a pleasant surprise as of late. Ekuth has done a great job. The members here are also doing a great job. It's all good! (besides UHU resides at this forum, that of course, has always kept me linked here!).
  16. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Always good to see another old-timer poke their head back in the door!

    And, damn, UHU02... stunning, stunning stuff. As usual. LOL.
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  17. uhu02

    uhu02 Active Member

    Thanks Ekuth,Zathros and Gixergs:wave:
    In many ways, "U96" is incomplete. I work with it again someday…for completion.

    Over scaled rivets, hull color representations are exaggerated ... experimental(accuracy or beauty):cry:

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  18. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I think she is a work that is much appreciated by the community. If you ever rework it, there will be many wanting the original! That is how fickled people are! The Thanks all go to you Sir!!
  19. OhioMike

    OhioMike Member

    An incredible gift to all of us...Thank you sir!
  20. scifimodelfan

    scifimodelfan Member

    I have printed out all my sheets and am at awww over the detail of all the parts. I can not wait to start it. Beautiful work uhu02 as usual like all your other works or art.

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