Uhu02 "Discovery" Model

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  1. jagolden

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    I'm considering many different ideas for the spine support.

    My concern with a wood dowel is that it will bend (warp, sag) over time - even oak.
    PVC pipe and acrylic rod will have sag.

    Maybe thin-wall brass or copper tubing filled with expanding foam?

    I do have a 1/12 Gemini capsule w/ docking target hanging by a single line over my desk in the basement (location: New England, US).
    I used a wood dowel down the center of that. I does not seem to have sagged over the last 4 years, but with the disparity of shapes, it would not be too noticeable unless severe. The length is just over 36".

    With the Discovery, and the repetitious shapes, I think any sag would be much more noticeable.

    Thoughts anyone?

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  2. NYC Irish

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    Im thinking that a 3 point system to hang the model might be the best option...Start, middle and end point...leaving the middle adjustable for any sag that may develop?

    John John
  3. jagolden

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    That's probably going to be the best way to handle it.
    I like the 1 point hanging system because it gently spins easily. But sure could still make that happen with a 3-point system.

    I do have to say that on the Gemini, the wood dowel has only about .25" thick and it has held up. you can see a little point sticking out the end on the Target in the photo.
  4. NYC Irish

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    3 points tied off to a single point from the ceiling hook?

    How did you get that at 1/12 scale?
  5. jagolden

    jagolden Guest

    It's from the 1/24 Delta 7 Studios Gemini series of models. I just scaled it up.

    Good Price for LOTS of building fun!
  6. NYC Irish

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    Sorry for the double post..there seems to be 2 identical threads but...

    Thanks for the heads up on 13X gents

    Bit of note here...I went to local Hardware store this morning and brought along a sample of page two, to use the members as guides for suitable Diameter Dowel, Got one that I was happy with as you see in Picture 1 but when I attempted to wrap it with the main spine members I got a significant gap as seen in Picture B.

    Both pages were printed with same scaling sizes and I have cut as much of the black line off the spine member...any hints or tips?

    Thanks in advance

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  7. Mousemuffins1

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    well, there's a couple of ways you could deal with this.

    1: cut the holes in the hexagonal widgets a bit smaller(just inside the black line), which is probably what I'll do.
    2: cut thin strip from a second printing of page one to fill the gap. (I may do this as well).

    As said above, I'm going with 8mm dowel.
  8. Gixergs

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    Hi, I see on Uhu's site something about Gen11 but I can't get the page to translate very well, would I be right in thinking that he is working on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
  9. fireroze22

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    Has he ever made a copy of the inside??
  10. JackAce

    JackAce New Member

    that's pretty freaking crazy
  11. Airborne82

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    Looks cool, is it from a movie or show or something?

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