Uhu02 "Discovery" Model

Discussion in 'Events & News' started by allhallowseve, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. allhallowseve

    allhallowseve Member

    Well from the look of it this one will be released soon WOW !!!

    it's huge :) And very nice detailed form the blog pic's ...

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  2. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    where is the blog?

    Looks like fun

    John John
  3. sneaker

    sneaker Member

    :mrgreen:I have been following this one since he started it. I have been using the babelfish translator, seems very confusing. I think he had a problem with part of the design and needed to fix it before release. Otherwise I believe it would have been released already. Also He has designed an interior to go with it, but I am unsure as to whether or not he will release it with the final model. Is there anyone who can translate some of the blog more precisely. It would be most appreciated. :thumb:

    "where is the blog?

    Looks like fun"

    We don't link to the site per the designer's request (is this accurate?). However just Google the title of the post and you will be able to find it
  4. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Yep. He's been burned repeatedly by pirates and doesn't want his blog address published. As a matter of fact, he's pulled his blog and all of his models at least once because of this.
  5. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    thats a big shame but...there are scumbags out there..

    I found the blog..My God there are internal details too...:)

    How big is it?
  6. THE DC

    THE DC Member

    A worthwhile "Discovery" it is!

    Looks impressive and sounds even better!

    The DC

  7. sneaker

    sneaker Member

    Nice one! sign1
  8. Vortex_4200

    Vortex_4200 Member

    It is a very impressive model...
  9. davelant

    davelant Member

    Searching for uhu02 on the google works very well.
  10. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Yup I found it..woo hoo
  11. sneaker

    sneaker Member


    UHU02"S Discovery is available for download! 22 pdf files worth, along with 3 jpgs of instructions. YAY!! :thumb:
  12. Thanks for the heads-up Sneaker. It looks quite a challenge. I'm about a third through his spacepod but this looks easier?
  13. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Thanks for the heads up..sweet kit allright..

    Anyone know how I could get a copy of the Metropolis Maria?

    Thanks for the great Design Mr. Uhu02

    John John
  14. TonyG2

    TonyG2 Member

    Am I missing something, but I didn't see any files of parts for the interior details for the discovery..
  15. Mousemuffins1

    Mousemuffins1 Member

    Just a quick note: The OUTSIDE diameter of the spine is about 8.5mm according to my fudging about with the parts on sheet 1. (at least when I print it out) that means you'll probably want an internal rod of a bit over 8mm in diameter. I suggest doing your own calculations based on the thickness of card you print it on. I'm still not sure how far I'm going to go with this model, there is so much repetative duplication of parts my boredom threshold may expire. I'll give it a try anyway.
  16. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    you arnt kidding about the repetitive parts. looks like a seriously awsome model though. thanks to UHU02 for making this available!!
  17. THE DC

    THE DC Member


    My appreciation to the designer and to Allshalloweve for alerting us!

    THE DC
  18. davelant

    davelant Member

  19. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    I think he left out the interior.
  20. Mousemuffins1

    Mousemuffins1 Member

    Okay, just tried it on 8mm dowel, printed on 200gsm stock. there is still a small gap, and the final diameter is somewhere between 8 and 8.5mm. it may not seem like much, but when wrapped around 9mm dowel, there is a 3mm gap.

    ..now I'm gonna have to get me some 8.5mm diameter brass to sharpen up to cut all those holes....

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