Think Jays Galactica is lonely, need some help

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by jwhawk04, Aug 16, 2007.

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    Awesome job on the models and meshes...actually gonna start a BSG this week :)
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    To Rhaven: The Resurrection Ship looks awesome; a great mesh!
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    Thank you, but unfortunately I did not do it. I can not take credit for it. I found it online. I posted it in hopes that some one could take it and run with it. It would make a great model. Unfortunately, I do not have the skills to tackle such. I do have these saved, so if you (or anyone else) want to build it, I can email it to you.
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    My compliments go to the original designer for making it and to you for finding it. :thumb::thumb::thumb:
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    Some progress on Colonial One. All parts are glued from behind. The head seems to be the hardest part because it comprises of thin strips which have to be pre-curved and aligned carefully. I'm thinking of adding some formers so that they keep their shape.

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    Tubeship R2

    Greetings BSG fans. I have finally gotten around to finishing my updated version of the colonial tubeship. The new version corrects the problems reported in the original release, and is generally much better overall. It will be available in the downloads section as soon as approved by a moderator.

    Download page


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    Hello all, New here and I'm quite blown away with the work you guys do, really amazing. My modeling experience is limited to plastic planes/ships about a million years ago at the kitchen table when I was a kid.

    I'm a big BSG fan and after perusing this thread and some of the beginners tips would like to effort one of these ships. I'm home with the kids a lot and need a new hobby. Can anyone suggest a BSG model for a beginners project? Any input would be appreciated.

    As an aside, I see BSG will be starting a new pilot/series called blood and chrome, about the early years of Adama and the 1st Cylon war. Looks like new meshes will probably be popping up in the next couple years of reimagined old school ships. Pretty cool.

    Thanks guys and look forward to talking to you.
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    Beginner models

    Hi Coda Vex,

    Welcome aboard. I got started with this hobby when my son was little and I needed something that wouldn't break my heart and bank account if he got his hands on it. Now I'm totally hooked. Great to hear about a new BSG series. I'll be watching for news on that.

    Jaybat's site (the source of the reference to Jay's Galactica in the title of this thread) has some good, "relatively" easy models from BSG and several other TV shows. Check his out first.

    Of the kits released as part of this project a couple are probably suitable. You could try the Gemini Traveler first, and then the Gemini Transport. The others would be better after you've practice a bit, but that said others have done the Galactica as their first kit and gotten good results.

    There's an original series Cylon Raider and Colonial Viper by murphyaa available at JLeslie's site. The raider might be a better first model, but I did a build thread on the viper here at Zealot. The original Battlestar Galactica by Gearz' is also available there. There is also a thread here on zealot covering the development and test building of that model.

    Google around and you'll find more - there's a TOS Cylon basestar out there, the new Cylon raider and basestar, and plenty more models of every kind imaginable.

    Have fun and we'll see you around the forums.


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    Steve, Thanks so much for the links and the advice. I have a lot of info to go through and trial and error as well. Thanks again.
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    :-owow... that's great
  12. gogu13

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    wow... great... can't wait to get my hands on them
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    where can i find bsg pegasus 4 download??
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    Take a look at this site:

    The Pegasus is part of the 2nd wave. I'll be doing a new version using the Pegasus from the BSG ship pack as soon as my other projects are finished.

    To Steve: Greetings! :wave: Nice to see your version of the Tubeship!
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    Thanks RF

    Thanks RF. Glad to see you're still working away at things. I started reviewing the Big G to make sure all the fixes are present in the 3D model and all looks good. Now I just have to get motivated to realign the landing bays as per your previous notes, then unfold and repackage it all again. Hopefully sometime this decade, but life has been very full lately and I keep getting distracted by other things. Tis the way of things I suppose.

    Bye for now,

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    I'm glad to see that this happens not only to me! :wave:
    Don't worry, I am still around. I am working hard on the blaster and the Landram. In addition, I am preparing two more threads. Stay tuned! :wave:
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    Great job
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    Hi there... I know this is an old post but... if I were to build the fleet, wich ship should I build first? I know some would say Galactica itself, but I haven't done models since I was a little girl... wich one would be the easier to start with?

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