Think Jays Galactica is lonely, need some help

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by jwhawk04, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Vger1981

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    Who will be first to create some BSG online models? There is a lot of nice designs , Rhino, Maul or Banshee would be great in paper.. :twisted:
  2. sjsquirrel

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    Hi Maya, and welcome to the forums. Which would be easiest? Hmmmmm. I guess I would suggest the Colonial Shuttle and Geminon Traveller as the easier ones.

    The Mining ship and the Colonial Refinery ship would not be too bad either. Both have a lot of repeated parts. In the Mining ship the parts are generally a decent size so a little easier to work with, but the Colonial Refinery ship has a lot more smaller parts.

    I was going to give you links to the downloads section but for some reason I can't find the download section at the moment. Very strange. What's also strange (sort of) is that even though I did the 3D model work on almost all the models released in this series, I don't actually have a lot of the kits that were released because someone else unfolded them and posted them to the downloads. I'd like to get my own collection completed too.

    If I can be of further assistance don't hesitate to ask.

  3. sjsquirrel

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  4. mayagaarda

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    Thank you for your advise, sjsquirrel :)
    Must confess, yesterday I still don't know how I managed to sneek into the downloads section. The glitch is fixed now, so I'm working on the 10 posts issue. I've never been one of those who just comment "wow, amazing", "LOL" or whatever to get more posts so It's going to take me a while to find threads in wich I can positively say something interesting.

    That said, the important part here is:

    You all have done an amazing work in this thread, I can't imagine the hours you've spent and the work you've all done to get this project done, and to make it available at no cost. I think every BSG fan would be grateful.
    :mrgreen: THANKS :mrgreen:
  5. MTK

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  6. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    No idea. I use Firefox.
  7. Zathros

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    Listen, a "Wow", or "nice job" can be very encouraging, especially if it is sincere.:thumb: I believe in copious use of emoticons.:p The convey much more than just the written word.announce1 Also, in the short time you have been here, your genuine nature has come through!:goldcup:

    Unlike mine, which at times, must be deciphered, or divined, anybody got a stick!:twisted:
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    *produces a stick*

    RUN, Zathros! RUN!

  9. scifimodelfan

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    Hi There Revell-Fan love the Colonial One, is it available someplace? Would love to build one. Thanks

  10. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    New Cylon Base Star

    Hello, friends!

    It's been a while but I'm still here (with this thread). I have finally managed to unfold the New Cylon Base Star from the ship pack. It is 53 cm long and can be scaled up if necessary. For the first time you'll get a New Base Star with accurate shape and texture. In addition, this model features a ROTATING CENTER so that the atmospheric flight configuration can be displayed (as seen in "The Plan"). I have passed on all parts to scifimodelfan who is test-building the ship. Stand by for further updates. CU! :wave:

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  11. MTK

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    Nice! I've got some Zoic textures if you want to really make it pop!:thumb:
  12. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    NICE, very NICE indeed!!!
  13. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Thanks! (I have them, too!) Anyway, the model looks great even with Coxxon's texture. :wave:
  14. MTK

    MTK Active Member

    Cool! Can't wait to see it. You inspired me to go back and finish a couple of the BSG models. Worked on the Shuttle last night until my head started nodding.:thumb:
  15. scifimodelfan

    scifimodelfan Member

    Sorry guys I have just begun testing for Revell-fan, one thing leads to another these days, that work thing and a hurricane getting in the way. Well back on track and will post some pics soon. Revell-Fan has done a beautiful job and I think everyone will be pleased. Take care
  16. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Colonial One update

    Hello again!

    To all of you who might wonder what's happened to my Colonial One: When I teamed up with Rhaven Blaack to make the Thunderfighter fleet bigger I put everything I already had in my "Drydock" - and lost it! I was about to start the build again when I accidentally found the parts again (Phew!). With my SketchUp skills of today I revised the internal skeleton and the engine section so that it gets closer to the ZOIC version. When I compared the ship pack model and the original ZOIC model I noticed that there is a second bridge on top of the pylon ring. Its shape and texture has to be corrected, too.

    Assembly of the model is very straight forward. I have encountered only a few problems which could be handled easily. The ship is absolutely gorgeous and will become the centerpiece of any Galactica model collection. I'm sure the 100 cm version will blow anyone away. I'd like to release the kit asap and give you some pics to make your mouth water. Enjoy!

    To SFMF: I hope you are OK. Please take your time; I'll send you revised and additional files asap.

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  17. paulhbell

    paulhbell Member

    Looks really nice. I've just started to watch the series again, might get me in the mood to build one of rag tag fleet.
  18. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Hey RF, the Colonial One is looking fantastic. Great to see you back to work on it and I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  19. SEBRET

    SEBRET Member

    As sjsquirrel said, Great to know you're back on this. Love the One so far.
  20. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Hello all! If everything proceeds as planned you will see the completed model in a few days! Stay tuned!:wave:

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