Pillar of Autumn - Anyone doing this?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by TonyG2, May 11, 2008.

  1. TonyG2

    TonyG2 Member

    Despite its popularity as a ship, the PoA seems to have been overlooked by the modelling fraternity. I know someone over at the Bungie forums was building a HUGE one from sheet styrene with full lighting etc but other than that if seen nothing.

    I seem to recall it was discussed a while back at PaperStarships but if I recall correctly, no one knew how to extract the mesh from the game file.

    With its generally slab sided and boxy/modular design, it looks like building a model - constructing that is - would be relatively easy. Couldn't say about the actual creation side of things though. My one successful model was an SR-51 Seahawk from Wing Commander that I created back in 2004 when I first ventured into paper and card modelling .
  2. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Hey TonyG.. can't quite recall how I came by it ( maybe from the old lightwave group) but I have a .lwo mesh + textures here if anyone would like to tackle the PoA.... not sure of the status of the mesh ....I'll go check..
  3. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    My Apologies,, it is from the old lightwave group, created by infinityloop

    Wooow.. Highly detailed mesh.. the textures are included, although they don't seem to load with the mesh in META. Uuuuuhh... My system doesn't have nearly enough grunt to handle this m.o..d...e......l. PM me with an addy, if you'd like to keep it for safe keeping Tony, someone might like to have a go at it.

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  4. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    N time right now...but I would love a copy of that mesh for futire efforts :)

    I kind of assumed someone would have already taken this on.... but it seems not. Big task....but eminently possible
  5. TonyG2

    TonyG2 Member

    Thanks Gearz

    I'll PM you. Would be great to have a go at that although I suspect I'd go insane before I got anywhere with it:mrgreen:
  6. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    The Pillar mesh is still available on Foundation 3D...which I am a member of... so I downloaded a copy.

    It even makes my system slow when I try to view it all at once. It is a work of beauty.

    The armour plates are all there to make up and lay on as layers. It's just sitting there screaming at me to build it...Will take many weeks to build, but I can just see it sitting there, about 18" long, on top of my desk. Soon as I get a window in my build schedule, this one is going to get done.
  7. Tars

    Tars Member

    As a matter of fact I have already a simplified mesh of the Autumn ready and waiting to be properly textured and unfolded! I also have the textures, but unfortunately I'm not really into texturing, so I put the project aside to focus on other things for now... The model is in Metasequioa. Maybe there is someone who wants to join up with me and texture the thing? Just that part, unfolding I'd rather do myself because I already did some thoughts on that when simplifying the PoA model.
  8. NSCXP2005

    NSCXP2005 Member

    Hi mate,

    Have you asked Skip, he is doing great things with Meta.
  9. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    A lot of the texturing and colouring on the model is doen using Lightwave materials, rather than actual UV mapping. This stuff would probably not show up properly in Meta. It looks sweet in Lightwave though ;)

    I couldn't resist doing some tinkering and simplifying with a view to unfolding. The way Infinityloop has modelled it makes it very nice to detail up, and makes for a pretty good conversion to something that would unfold. Lots of layered parts etc.

    Made some quite good progress on the engine section, and can see how this would unfold into a really nice large-scale model. Around 24" would be the ideal balance between size and detail.

    The Lightwave mesh is made up of parts, which make life a lot easier to work on when simplifying. Saves having to load up the whole beast and kill the CPU. I was getting lag on the display with the whole mesh, and my PC packs a quad core and 4Gb RAM. Will post some pics of progress soon.

    Next taks is to throw in some dummy blocks to get a scale factor on the project, so I can test build small sections. Going to have fun doing the engines!
  10. stackw

    stackw Highly Dangerous Mind...

    You gotta be kidding!!!!!
    I Re-started playing Halo 1 Yesterday and TODAY I see this topic!!!!!
    :D :D

    It's a nice ship.. if there's something I can do to help to make the model, please, tell me!sign1
  11. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student


    I'm taking a short break on the Great Fox. I was originally modeling the Steelhead for someone, but, I had some free time and started modeling an EU sniper rifle, then I vaguely remembered the Pillar of Autumn. That ship is still amazing, and I've decided to pick up this project. I'm nearly done with getting the overallshape, next is all the details and stuff. I tried a pepakura unfold test, and the parts came out great ;) Here's how it looks so far

  12. stackw

    stackw Highly Dangerous Mind...

    Thou shall have my eternal gratitude for that, sire....

    All right, serious now
    MaaAaAaaaN!!! I'll name my son after you for that!
  13. Tars

    Tars Member

    That looks great! How big are you planning on making this one?

    I haven't worked on my PoA since January... but by then it looked like this (see below). It's exploded for improved mesh accessibility :) I estimate mine would have to be around two feet long to be built very conveniently!

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  14. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Hey Gearz, I've got a pretty powerful machine. How about I take a whack at it? PM me if you're interested. :)
  15. SEBRET

    SEBRET Member

    This looks promising. Good luck to whoever knocks this out.
  16. RocketmanTan

    RocketmanTan Well-Known Member

    Non-mesh pillar of autumn

    Sorry for sounding like a pompous @$$ (is that language allowed here?), but, I made a PoA paper model a while back. It's quite crude, not much detail, nor is it quite accurate. It's, for the most part, to scale. It's just missing some details. Also, there isn't any armor-plating details on the thing. However, if anyone wants to have it, I'll be happy to post it.
  17. stackw

    stackw Highly Dangerous Mind...

    Do want!
  18. RocketmanTan

    RocketmanTan Well-Known Member

    Here goes nothing! (I hope)

    Well, here are the two pages of the model in .png form. For some reason, the images are quite small wall1 Good luck to whoever wants to build it. Please post any questions/comments/improvements/ways to make the uploaded image bigger :wave: And, if anyone wants, I'll post the thing as a .pdf in the download section.

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  19. stackw

    stackw Highly Dangerous Mind...

    I'll post it...
    Thanks a lot!
  20. RocketmanTan

    RocketmanTan Well-Known Member

    Glad to be of service. :thumb: I will most likely post a neater version with tabs and those trapezoidal protrusions that go on the main hull :confused:

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