Other hobby's?

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  1. I have waay too many. I build computers, hot rods, ride my harley, shoot pool, play video games, and build railroads now. I really don't know how I manage all of them. But it manages to keep the family amused and myself.
  2. Dan Vincent

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    I have several hobbies in additon to N, HO and On30 trains.

    Back in 1951 I discovered they had model airplane engines that actually ran and I said goodby to gliders and rubber power from then on. Guess I'm up to around 500 model airplane engines.

    Also wrote quite a few magazine articles on RC Jets and Giant-Scale models at various events held here in central Florida. Coined the word "Jet-Together" to describe jet events.

    One of my main passions at the moment is collecting 1/24th and 1/18th diecast model cars.

    Also like pan-fishing and .22 Winchester rifles.

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  3. LR&BRR

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    well my other hobby is pottery and acting in plays
  4. dmb3006

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    I reload rifle ammunition.Try to keep my 1979 Corvette in good working order.Rail fan the old New York Central locations in central N.Y. state.DL&W also.I'm active in my church The Knights of Columbus;and I'm active in AA. Train shows & Gun shows
  5. Hello, Crew!

    I collect vintage railroad postcards, have a couple of websites, and work on our old house. I also check in with AA...grateful that I do!! :wave:

    Russ :)
  6. ddavidv

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    Model RRing is my secondary hobby. I got back into it for something to do over the dismal winter months, since I'm not the outdoorsy type.
    I'm a complete car geek and always have been. I've currently got 3 hobby cars: 65 Ford pickup, 79 Austin Mini and 86 Audi GT (the latter I actually sort-of race on the track and at hillclimbs). 1/1 vehicles are expensive, however, and create a storage problem so I'm limited to 3 at any given time. I also enjoy my 2 dogs, maintaining the web site linked above, participating on numerous car message boards and hanging out with my N trak club. I like to tinker with anything that has an engine, and someday would like an old hit-n-miss engine to amuse me. I'm also partial to US history and enjoy checking out abandoned RR sites in the area and on the web.
  7. yellowlynn

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    A few years ago I used to do a lot of woodworking. The church I went to needed a childrens church. I built pulpit table, pews, choir pews w/rails, cross, windows, everything.
    Now I play golf military style, left-right-left-right.


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  8. kf4jqd

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    Other Hobby?

    My other hobby is Amateur (Ham) Radio....KF4JQD is my station callsign. :thumb: When I am talking to my friends on 3.913MHz at night. You can hear my trains running in the background!

    Andy-KF4JQD :thumb:

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  9. TrainClown

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    Some people say what I do for work is a hobby, and I guess it is for some. I'm a puppet builder, and I build all sorts of puppets for TV, movie and live shows. There is a lot involved with some of the puppet constructions I have done and over the years I have developed quite an arsenal of skills, all of which come in handy to do hobby stuff. :thumb:
    So when I'm not engrossed in some puppet construction:
    I do mechanic work, love it, and keep my vehicles running.:rolleyes:
    I make strange paper mache' sculptures.:eek:
    I paint portraits, still life and landscapes.
    Paint white-wear plaster figurines. (love those carousel figures)
    I draw. From real life and cartoon.
    I had some strange ideas, I told my wife, she told me to wright them down and now I have 5 storys/books in various stages of compleation. As a wrighter, I'm a good carpenter.:confused:
    I'm getting into photography now, since I bought a decent digital camera, and take pix of everything.;)
    I have fish, cichalids are my faves. I had fiddler crabs for a few years and I really like crustaceans.
    I use to have pet mice and a hamster, until the cats figured out how to open the cages. Those cats! I tell ya!:curse:
    I sew. Mostly in the building of a puppet, but once in a while I make something useful for my wife or myself. I started a quilt a few years ago. It's someplace waiting for the mood to strike me. Just made me a work apron with lots of pockets for nails and tools. It's swell!:thumb:
    I noodle on the computer and swap parts.:rolleyes:
    I build 1/32 plastic hot rod models. Just got into 1/82 military tanks. Love them WW1 machines.:cool:
    Build stuff out of wood for the house and yard (just finished the kitchen counters):thumb:
    Just got into gardening and growing flowers from seed. (the seedlings are taking over the new kitchen counters!):D
    I collect old and odd records (you know, the round vinyl type)
    I collect collections, now that I think about it, from tools to tea pots.:)
    And I model trains. :thumb: Right now I'm hand laying track in a switching yard just to see how I like it. Making my own ties and spikes and using old brass sectional track for the rails.
    I got scads of projects in the works. But I find that if I keep picking up this one or that one as the mood takes me, then sooner or later they all get done.

    TrainClown ;) :wave:

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