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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by insinu8, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. ocalicreek

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    Chris...I've been sick the past 2-1/2 days so no real progress on a plan.

    Have you ever seen any pictures of Robert Smaus' Port of Los Angeles layout project?

    Also, I just read an article online about a rock aggregate company using rail to move their product into Portland (OR). Could be a possible locale/theme for your layout.

  2. ocalicreek

    ocalicreek Member

    Have you seen these plans yet? Perhaps they could spur on some ideas for you, or become kernels or puzzle pieces of a larger 'someday' layout that find a home in your space now.

  3. insinu8

    insinu8 Member

    Oh man, that's some NICE examples! I especially like Dockside Mk1. That would fit into the east side closet space as a staging area, or I could use it...or...damn.
    More to think about and play with! How in the world does anyone actually BUILD anything when there are so many choices to consider?

    A larger layout....I think multiple layers is just going to have to happen somehow :)
  4. insinu8

    insinu8 Member

    I looked around but couldn't find any pictures of Robert Smaus' design. It dates back to 1990/91 in Model Railroader...I suppose I could try to find a back issue :)

    I'll look into the Portland aggregate line. Thanks for the suggestions!

    I hope you are feeling better soon, Galen.
  5. ocalicreek

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    Some folks never do, they just perpetually plan. While there's fun in planning I think those who get beyond the planning stage would agree there's more fun in building (while many who never plan beyond the next step find building very frustrating at some point, throw up their hands in despair and throw in the towel...sadly)

  6. ocalicreek

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    Go for this plan


    I've been rough sketching my crazy idea and it's just too crazy...actually, it's trying to fit too much track in the space. And the more I look at this plan the more I like it. I hope you do too. Here it is with the requested modifications. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've been pulled more and more out into my garage as it becomes my workshop. The pencil and paper have been set down now for a while unless an urgent and compelling need to sketch arises.

    View attachment 34515

    As you can see, the areas for 20-22" radius curves have been marked. Adjusting these will take some tweaking, as you will see. I'm leaving that up to you and the software to determine where you will have to give and take in order to make this work. Also, the area over on the right will benefit from moving the spur to the mine further toward the double track 'main' and paralleling the existing track.

    Another possibility is one I alluded to earlier, of swapping the coal mine for the gravel pit. You'd need to start the turnout ladder before the track passes under itself to accomplish this. Consider changing the coal MINE into a coal PROCESSING PLANT. Loaded hoppers arrive and the coal is washed and oiled then replaced in the hoppers...not sure if they get cleaned as could be some fun research and could be a bit more plausible for your setting. May only need some minor kitbashing, and it would be a more unique industry, not commonly found on other layouts.


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  7. insinu8

    insinu8 Member

    this plan = going for it :)


    Thanks for sketching that out. I was trying to figure out the perspective you were talking about and just couldn't do it. I'll tweak it a bit and see how much extra room I can get for the aisles.

    I never knew coal got washed and oiled?! How funny! I'll have to look into that as it does sound interesting.

    I hope you are working on your trains in your workshop and not something else more mundane :thumb:

    I look forward to finalizing this layout and getting going with the benchwork. Of course, I will do my best to take pictures of this epic event to share :)

    Thanks again,

  8. Triplex

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    I know that coal-washing plants existed, but these days, isn't that mostly done at the mine itself before it ever gets into the hopper cars?

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