Model of the Month: Reaver Titan WIP

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ARMORMAN, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. greatmoose

    greatmoose New Member

    Seems pretty easy...

    Kidding! Awesome work
  2. NobodyUknow

    NobodyUknow Member

    Thank you for the welcome!

    I completely understand your preoccupation with other projects, I was saying "now do it again, but in half the time!" tongue-in-cheek, sadly the text doesn't carry the joking tone. :mrgreen:

    As to the upload you mentioned of the pattern(s), perhaps it was up at one time or removed at some point? I've combed the thread and I don't think I saw one, but if you still have the file(s) I'd be elated to see them. From the links I saw it was imagery, cutter devices, and so forth.

    Thanks in advance, and keep at it!


    Here's the link to the modded file. All files I added/changed are US Letter format. the unaltered ones are US Legal (possibly A4).

    You are correct, a lot of the detailing was hand cut or cutter devices (I spent a lot of time in the scrap booking isles looking for punches and cutters).
  4. NobodyUknow

    NobodyUknow Member

    Ahhh excellent, thank you very much for sharing that :mrgreen:

    I'll have to accelerate my plans to clone myself in order to have sufficient time to make all of these wonderful things.

    Thank you again, and yet again my compliments to you and your work.

    P.S. I see you mentioned cutters, I swear by my Silhouette SD, and just in the last week got a Silhouette Cameo (YAY!) but haven't taken it for a maiden voyage just yet... I intend for that to change SOON, but time must permit :mrgreen:

    I'll likely do something quick and simple, maybe those "Despicable Me" minions a friend of mine has been asking me to make, I think they are cute to, so perhaps two sets will be made, ideal repetitive work for a cutter!
  5. pechedelavarga

    pechedelavarga New Member

    wow i love this model good job


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