Model Of The Month: Daishi's Frost Dragon by DanBKing

Discussion in 'Gaming & Toys' started by DanBKing, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Thanks for the kind words, Rogerio.
    I will hopefully be completely finished with the head and neck by tonight or tomorrow! I will post pics when completed.
  2. johanvanacker

    johanvanacker Member

    Hi very nice job you are doing.

    This model is also on my to-do list, but I have not had the time yet to start it.
    I'm considering building it on a 140% scale (use A3). That should make the small parts a bit easier to make.
  3. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Hi Johan

    Thanks for the compliment.

    You are going to upscale it ?????? :eek:
    Do you realize how BIG it will be ???????
    Printed on A4 at normal size, the model stands 70cm high and 50cm wide!! You will need a heck of a lot of room to display it if you make it bigger!!!!!!:mrgreen:
  4. johanvanacker

    johanvanacker Member

    Wow, That's indeed very big.
    I hadn't realised your model is already going to be that size.
    Just looking at the pictures of the head, I would have thought it was smaller.
    The model I have comes in 6 pdo-files, and I hadn't done the math yet on the complete model.

    Well, I still have time to think about it, and look for a place to display it at that size ... :confused:
  5. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    If you look at each .pdo file, they are unfolded in average of 5 A4 sheets each. Including the rock, 30 sheets, 690 parts..........:eek: Each .pdo also gives you the general dimensions of each sub-assembly..... (The .pdf version is also available from Daishis site.
    Personally, if you make it up-scale, the reinforcment required to hold the whole thing together and upright, will be a task in itself.....

    I am probably gonna over compensate with the internal armature and spray foam, but I dont want this baby to sag on me ......sign1

    I built the tricky bits of the head and neck with 120 gsm paper, the 'structural' parts of the model I am going to do with 160 gsm, (with internal reinforcement.)

    At the scale you are thinking lots of pizzas and keep the packaging... :mrgreen::mrgreen:

  6. ShadowHawk141

    ShadowHawk141 Member

    I never realised the model was that big. 70cm high and 50cd wide.... my wife won't like it if I build it and put it up for display in the livingroom...big dragon standing there mocking everyone who comes visit us :)
    It's starting to look absolutely fantastic though!!
    That water shaping thing is something to remember when I make a deflectordish or something, I'm sure gonna try it.

    Oh and hey !!! It was your birthday last weekend, bit late but congratulations man bday2
    I hope you had a great weekend and I wish you and yours all the best for the comming year.

  7. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Thank you, Elko. I think by now I have recovered enough from the alcoholic celebrations to continue with the model. sign1

    I finished off the head and neck last night, and fitted the teeth.
    I just need to do another couple of coats of varnish and I will post some pics when it is dry.


  8. johanvanacker

    johanvanacker Member

    I'm afraid I don't like pizza's that much to be able to collect all the necessary cardbox ....
  9. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Let's call him: "Fang" !!

    I carefully cut out the teeth, taking note and reference to the contours of the attaching surface inside the mouth. I trimmed each cut edge so that the tooth stood at the correct angle. I glued all the teeth into position with ca glue. I realize the teeth are not the same as the original model, but call it artistic license :cool:, and besides, I think it gives the head are more menacing and vicious look.

    While the teeth were drying, I carefully went around the assembly and touched up any areas that needed colour, like mis-coloured join lines and folds where the print had cracked.
    Once I was happy with the touch ups and general appearance, I coated the whole assembly with 3 coats of acrylic matt varnish from an aerosol can. The first coat was only a light dust coat, without getting it too wet. The mist coat seals the print and creates a good bond for the next two coats. It is important to let each coat dry well before adding the next coat.
    I left this over night to harden, ready for the final touch.

    I used gloss acrylic floor wax (Future) to give the inside of the mouth and tongue a wet glisten. Only one coat was used and applied with a brush. I then moved on to the eyes. I used the tip of a tiny paintbrush lightly dipped in the floor wax and let one tiny drop onto the eyeball, being careful not to let any run out of the eye socket. I repeated the drop process about 10 times on each eye, waiting about 20 minutes between drops, until the eye had a smooth glazed finish. The photos don't show it as well as in the real.

    And that is it for the head and neck sub-assembly.

    I am VERY pleased with it! :oops::mrgreen::cool:

    So, here are the photos of the completed model, so far....







    I am still working out my plan of attack on the rest of the model. I am beginning to move away from the idea of making parts removable, as including that with making the internal support structure will cause all sorts of headaches. Besides, if I am going to move in the future or whatever, I will just make a transport crate for it. It is less hassle, I think.

    Will be back soon with the next installment, when I work out what that will be ....LOL

  10. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Size matters.....

    And for those not sure of the scale .........:mrgreen:



  11. Rogerio Silva

    Rogerio Silva Active Member

    It looks so...

    Please keep on posting these amazing photos of this great work!:thumb::thumb::thumb:
  12. daishi

    daishi Member

    Great Work! :thumb:
  13. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

  14. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    This project is coming along BEAUTIFULLY!!!
    Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!
  15. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

  16. Rogerio Silva

    Rogerio Silva Active Member

    Can't believe my eyes...

    THAT would be something you don't see everyday!sign1
  17. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Yep! As I said, I would never go for A0. A2 would be the limit. Imagine it sitting on the wall of a medieval castle. Think of the impact the models would have on everyone who sees it. However, the thought of being able to RIDE on that thing is somewhat intreaguing... :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


    Well, NO! :mrgreen::thumb::mrgreen:
  18. ShadowHawk141

    ShadowHawk141 Member

    Your dragon's head looks fantasic. The techniques you use are still way out of my league though, it shows clearly that your no beginner, great work !!

    That alien-queen looks sick, I wouldn't want it in my house if they payed me for it though :)
    My kids would have nightmares and my wife would probably move out (or I would have to go and take "that thing" with me) :eek:

  19. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Get your rocks off, Honey...!

    Firstly, thank you all, for the kind words and encouragment. Muchly appreciated! :mrgreen:

    I will not be able to get any modelling done this week, until at least Sunday, but I started on the rock last night. I am going to need to start putting the internal frame together and will need the rock for measurement. Also, as the rock will have a wooden base, I want to get the internal support structure of the rock modified to accept the internal frame of the dragon.
    Hopefully, the design that I have in my head, (and what I am making up as I go along,) will become clearer to you, (and me!) as the model progresses.:cool:

    With not much time on my hands last night, I only managed to get the top of the rock made up. I hope to at least finish it up this weekend. But, you know what they say about plans!!!:rolleyes:

    The bits....


    You can see the problem with glossy paper, but never mind, it will be sorted with a few coats of matt varnish.


    See you soon.

  20. Rogerio Silva

    Rogerio Silva Active Member

    Rock on!


    You're doing a fine job:thumb::thumb::cool:, and I'll make sure to use your thread as a guide when I feel comfortable enough to try and assemble it. But, as Master Yoda says, "DO OR DON'T. THERE IS NO TRY".:mrgreen:

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