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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by uhu02, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    THANK YOU uhu02 !!!!!!!! You are a Master Modeler!!

    Ekuth - . Seeing how uhu02 is taking such a great risk for us, might it not be a better idea to convert the 'keys to the car' so to speak, to an image?. At least then, only registered members will be able to view it and take it for a test drive. It seems a little exposed just sitting there out in the open for ANYONE to read and nut out. Its only a minor point I guess, although it will afford uhu an added bit of security. = Possibly raging paranoia, I'm just compelled to point it out.
  2. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    I tend to agree somewhat, as it would exclude passing strangers from exploiting the works. However, I'm fairly certain that a pirate would have a hard time tracking UHU's site down, tracking this website down, and then putting it all together, unless they're already a member here. Then again... I agree with UHU's security, as I admire his work highly and do not wish to see it pirated. Gearz's idea is worth considering, and it's quite clever...
  3. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Done, and done.

    An excellent idea. :thumb:
  4. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    AHH!!!! I know where to enter but I don't know how to enter! Can someone give me some hints with the id and pass? Please.

    EDIT: Never mind...solved. :)
    Thank you very much uhu! :thumb:
  5. Matty Jetman

    Matty Jetman New Member

    Thanks a lot UHU for giving us access to your amazing models :)

    I'm going to have lots of fun making them!

  6. Red

    Red Member

    Yes thank you Vary vary UHU02 :thumb:
    I would Like to ask what happened to Uhu02's time machine and Maria they look good but they are not to be found in his library :cry:
  7. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    You are a most generous man uhu02. Thank you!
  8. Teg35

    Teg35 New Member

    thank you uhu02 for your generosity and kindness!! you r the best!!:goldcup:
  9. oriod01

    oriod01 Member

    uhu02 has said he will look into returning those files to the library, as well as fixing the Max Rebo and Dekard Blaster files.
  10. uhu02

    uhu02 Active Member

    MaxRebo …Now fixed :wave:
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  11. tk1055

    tk1055 New Member

    Thank you very much! I am in awe over those models.
  12. Red

    Red Member

    Thank you :mrgreen::thumb::cool::wave:
  13. subtle54

    subtle54 New Member

    Domo arigato utu02-san. Thank you for your generosity in granting fellow zealots access to your card models. I admire your work on the 2001 Discovery 1 and EVA Pod card models. Your skill and craftsmanship are masterful!
  14. Bug

    Bug New Member

    A million thanks. Your models are absolutely amazing:thumb:
  15. antisubae

    antisubae New Member

    I didn't know what I was missing until I viewed the library. :eek:

    uhu02 - 本当にありがとうございます

    I hope Google's Japanese is better than mine!

    (edit) Holy crap, have I really never posted here before now? :lol:
  16. Darth Windius

    Darth Windius Member

    Konishiwa gosaimatsu Uhu-san,

    I fell in debth of gifts with you for your fantastic models.

    Except supporting you through posts, how can I ever help you or thank you?

    Again, many thanks and congrats!!!

    Domo aligato gosaimatsu Sensei.
  17. racc00n

    racc00n Member

    Thank You!

    Along with everyone else, I humbly thank you for being so kind as to share your skills with us mere mortals! I am truely in awe. Thank you.

    皆と共に、私は分け前に関してとても親切私達とのであることにあなたの技術卑しくただの人間感謝する! 私は偽りなく畏怖である。 ありがとう。
  18. gisteam27

    gisteam27 New Member

    Please help

    Sorry mates, as a dumb german I still have problems to solve the puzzle about the right pass. I tried almost all combinations of the words I think are the right ones. Maybe someone could be so kind to send me a private message. Thanks a lot!
  19. gisteam27

    gisteam27 New Member

    I am happy

    Sorry, I got it! In fact it is to easy to understand immediately...

  20. Fiver

    Fiver New Member

    I feel very stupid asking but I feel completely stupid clicking combination after combination... can someone PM me how to do this? Apologies and many thanks to one of the greatest designers in the genre!

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